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Top 5 Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers 2021

Tracking the growth of an Instagram account is usually a tedious task. Fortunately, here are the 5 best apps for tracking Instagram followers to make it easier.

Tom > Updated 2021-08-24

On Instagram, you can access the official Insights (Creator Studio) to track your post performance and your audience. Instagram insights provide lots of features including insights of interactions, reaches and impressions, distribution of age, gender, country, and even municipality.

Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers

Some features, however, such as unfollow data and further interaction detail are missing, while some best apps for tracking Instagram followers, also called Instagram Tracker, can help you a lot.

How Does App for Tracking Instagram Followers Work?

Basically, the app for tracking Instagram followers is a kind of IG follower tracker, which can help track your followers and analyze their activities.

The Instagram Insights mentioned above is one of the IG follower trackers, but it is only for starters. So, find the best app for tracking Instagram followers for your account is necessary.

There are different purposes that different Instagram follower trackers serve, but the main benefits are tracking users who unfollow you, dig out accounts that you follow don’t follow you back, as well as analyzing your follower count trends and what accounts follow you.

So, the app for tracking Instagram followers works by keeping tabs on related accounts, new followers, mutual followers, unfollowers who you follow, ghost followers, users who have unfollowed you, and follower analytics.

Top 5 Best Apps for Tracking Instagram Followers

Since the app for tracking followers on Instagram can be an alternative to Instagram Insights and more than that, now, find the best app for tracking Instagram followers is the priority among priorities.

Top 1: FollowMeter - Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram (Android & iOS)

FollowMeter is a mobile application for Android and iOS. It provides an easy way to check the number of your Instagram followers and the popularity of your Instagram account.

FollowMeter - Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers

Main Features:

  • Track the unfollowers you have followed.

  • Monitor the frequent stories viewers.

  • Analyze who is not your followers among the story viewers.

  • Dig your top likers.

  • Show you the admirers (stalkers).

  • Discover the ghost followers.

  • Find out the people who blocked you.

  • Represent the engagement rate of your post.

  • Promote your IG account.

Top 2: Insights - Followers Analyzer for Instagram (Android)

Followers Analyzer for Instagram displays the follower growth in a simple format. Tap the "popularity" icon, you can see the number of followers and the average number of likes you have received.

Insights - Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers

You can also use the app to find users who have unfollowed you and users who might have blocked you, which will be used to implement the strategy to recapture those users. The application can be used for multiple accounts, which can be helpful when running large campaigns.

Like most free trackers, Followers Analyzer for Instagram displays a lot of ads. Users can purchase pro versions to block the ads, but some reviews pointed out that this version may interfere with the app’s ability to display follower information.

Top 3: Followers & Unfollowers (Android)

Followers & Unfollowers applies a detailed dashboard to display a lot of useful information. In addition to the total number of followers, you will also see how much your follower has increased or decreased in the past few weeks or months.

Followers & Unfollowers - Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers

The application is also very suitable for batch followers and accounts management. It allows you to:

  • Mass tracking

  • Unfollow in bulk

  • Follow the users your follower follows

  • Like multiple posts

  • Show your mutual followers

  • Show those who don’t follow you back

Top 4: InsTrack for Instagram (iOS)

Instrack is one of the best apps for tracking Instagram that has been serving the Instagram community since 2012. It offers powerful insights that empower brands to understand their community and grow on Instagram the right way. As one of the best apps for tracking Instagram followers, Instrack is perfectly suited for small businesses, influencers, celebrities, solopreneurs, marketers, and serious Instagrammers.

InsTrack for Instagram - Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers

Main Features:

  • Login with Facebook

  • Weekly engagement ranks

  • Giveaway random winner picker

  • Export comments as CSV file

  • Smart scheduler

  • Multiple Instagram accounts

  • Comments manager

  • Pro Subscription Premium Features:

  • Daily Audit

  • Goals Tracker

  • Stories Ranks

  • Post Habits

  • Engagement Analysis

  • Audience Analysis

  • Competitors Tracking and Comparison

  • Hashtags Tracking

  • Custom Feeds

Top 5: IG Master- Ins Tracker and IG Analyzer Pro (iOS)

IG Master is an Instagram tracker specifically for Apple users. The app can show your best followers based on their engagement. The manufacturer even claims to use smart algorithms to find potential followers.

One of the great advantages of IG Master is that you can use it to manage your followers in batches. You can unfollow multiple accounts with one click. It also shows users who unfollowed you and users who have not followed you.

One problem with this app is that you cannot access certain follower metrics unless you pay. Its price is slightly higher, which may not be attractive to some users. Reviewers also reported that after upgrading to the pro version, the app sometimes did not work properly.

IG Master - Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers

Main Features:

  • Find out who recently followed and unfollowed you

  • Show you who is tracking your profile

  • Analyze potential unfollowers

  • Who is your admirer

  • Who likes your photos

  • Who views your story

  • Which users are addicted to your story (popular viewers)

  • Follow/unfollow multiple users in one-click

  • Analyze your best day to post

  • Analyze how many likes did your recent posts get/how do they perform

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