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Tips for Creating Unique Usernames for Instagram

When you’re ready to join Instagram, you might find it hard to come up with a username or find one that’s available. New users will have to brainstorm a few different Instagram username ideas so that they can show their identity with creative usernames. Check out these tips below for creating your own unique Instagram usernames.

1. Begin with your name
You can begin by using your own name or the name of your company. First, check if these names are available. In case they aren’t, you can make some adjustments.
2. Make a different version of your name
It may not be possible to create an IG handle that is simply your name. It may be a better idea to vary your name a little bit instead. You can change the order of the names, add a middle initial, or use a nickname.
3. Feel free to add your favorite things
Make your username memorable by including something you love. For instance, you can add your favorite color, movie, sports, music, etc. Make your perfect username include one of these items.
4. Create a name based on your passion or hobby
Why not create a username that showcases your interest or hobby rather than using your own name? Any of these hobbies, whether you enjoy shopping, hiking, or traveling, can spark a creative username. You may also choose words like CookingMel or RunningNathan that combine your first name and hobby.

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100+ Examples of Instagram Username Ideas

Additionally, we have provided some suggestions for usernames based on different interests:

Aesthetic username ideas for girls
  • @MoonBabe
  • @TheCasualLady
  • @LimitlessWoman
  • @SocialButterfly
  • @YellowDaisy
  • @DancinginRain
  • @PrincessButterCastle
  • @Smoke&Fire
  • @CookieMonster
  • @SeaofCereal
  • @CocoMelon
  • @PeachyPrincess
  • @SharkTales
  • @RedSalsa
  • @WinterIceChild
  • @CuteLikePuppy
  • @DelightfullyYours
  • @FloralBeauty
Best Instagram username ideas for boys
  • @PastaPins
  • @LondonLions
  • @LuckyLad
  • @Programer
  • @Swagyboy
  • @GhostRider
  • @BruceBanner
  • @NightShift
  • @SacredPlace
  • @InspireYou
  • @ThinkBig
  • @TheTravelTime
  • @Roundglobe
  • @HumanityInside
  • @LuckyPoint
  • @Mankind
  • @NatureCare
  • @ListMist
  • @BrokenPaws
  • @BoardonRoad
  • @LuckyLad
  • @NintyNun
  • @BeaconBoss
  • @SurfingScooter
  • @ManhattanMan
  • @LondonLions
  • @GlobalTummy
Innovative Instagram usernames for business
  • @SweetsCreative
  • @FineTuneCreatives
  • @TrufflesBonanza
  • @OrganicScents
  • @TheArtistPad
  • @PhotographedByJed
  • @BakedToPerfection
  • @BakedGoods
  • @BakingPerfectionist
  • @GrowingLlamas
  • @TheGoldenMama
  • @DoingYourLaundry
  • @TheCookieCrust
  • @TheTravellingCouple
  • @ExecutiveGlamTeam
  • @WardrobeEssentials
  • @TheStylishYou
  • @FashionRunway
  • @ClothesForTheCoolOnes
  • @TooCoolForFashion
  • @StraightOutOfTheRunway
  • @RunwayDivas
  • @InstaFashion
  • @Ashley’sSecretAngels
  • @InstantCharger
Cool Instagram usernames for artists
  • @Mindartist
  • @ArtAmour
  • @SpiralNotebook
  • @OneOfAKindArts
  • @InsideJoy
  • @DrawingDudes
  • @DecorativeArt
  • @PrettyHand
  • @UpstartArt
  • @ArtCave
  • @RetroFit
  • @Colourart
  • @UrbanDust
  • @PhantomArts
  • @TheThrillingArts
  • @CustomExpress
  • @HotArt
  • @PurpleCow

Don’t forget to try out our username generator if you haven’t found a unique Instagram username!

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Benefits of Using the Instagram Username Generator

Instagram usernames serve as visual representations of your identity and describe your content to others who visit your profile. Therefore, it’s essential to create a unique Instagram handle. The free Instagram username generator is here to make it easier.

Other than words, you can choose to add underscore and period to your username. If you’re stuck on an Instagram username, this tool will generate a ton of random username suggestions for you to pick from. Check below to see what benefits the username generator can bring to you.

1. Easy to use
The Instagram Username Generator offers a straightforward way to generate different interesting Instagram usernames at once. You can get a list of creative Instagram usernames by just clicking the “Generate” button.
2. Various options to choose
For generated Instagram usernames, the Instagram Username Generator offers more possibilities than just plain text to increase availability. You are able to alter the name’s length or add a number, period, underscore, or other characters. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of categories to generate Instagram usernames relevant to your industry, such as travel, sports, and more.
3. Fast Results
The Instagram Username Generator provides fast results for the generated usernames. As soon as you press the Generate button after completing all customizations, the results will be presented immediately.
4. Instant Instagram Availability Check
It is difficult to tell whether the random Instagram username is original. The Instagram Username Generator has a quick availability checker to ensure the name you picked is entirely available and unique.

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How to Promote Your Instagram Account

Step 1 Create an attractive profile
Since you’re already here, I believe that you’ve known the importance of creating a unique and interesting name to describe your content. You can easily pick a perfect Instagram username by using the Instagram Username Generator.
Other than a username, you also need to fill in some information about yourself, like website, interests, etc. A blank profile is easy to be considered a fake account. Your profile greatly influences whether users follow you or not. Filling out the profile is the first step to promoting and succeeding on Instagram.
Step 2 Get more followers and increase the engagement
Gaining your first 1,000 Instagram followers may sound like a difficult task when you just create your profile and have only a few followers. But there’re some ways to get started with it and make it easier.

Here’re some tips for organic growth :

Create high-quality content

Even though it might seem obvious, it’s crucial when trying to get Instagram followers. When new users visit your profile, the content should make them want to see more (and follow you).

Post regularly

Your followers followed you because of your content. To keep interacting with your followers, you should post regularly and consistently. As a result of these engagements, your reach will also increase.

Make use of Instagram hashtags

Use relevant hashtags to make your content more discoverable. Instagram users can follow hashtags, which means people who aren’t following your account may see your hashtagged content.

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Apart from the traditional ways to gain organic followers, there’s a shortcut that provides the fastest way to get more followers - by purchasing from websites. It costs you a little money for a number of active Instagram followers, authentic Instagram likes, or real Instagram comments.

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