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Analyze Instagram accounts and create full-scale Instagram analytics reports in real-time.

How to Get In-Depth Followers Analytics of Your Instagram Account

InsReports+ makes it simple to view insights on your followers’ engagement with your posts and stories in only two steps.

  • Step 1: Download and Install the App
  • Step 2: Get In-depth Analysis Report of Your Account

How Can InsReports+ Help You Get Instagram Followers Analysis Report?

InsReports+ is an Instagram analytics app designed by a dedicated professional team. It tracks your followers on Instagram and provides Instagram promotion ideas to improve your account's overall performance.

Track Instagram Followers

Track Instagram Followers

  • Track Followers’ Interaction

    InsReports+ analyzes the behavior of your followers in a comprehensive way and provides the precise statistics to find out the audience who likes and comments on your posts most.

  • Analyze Follower Growth Trend

    The change of followers quantity over a period of time can clearly indicate how your account performs. With InsReports+, the number of followers gained within 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months is at your hand.

Get Insights for Your Posts

Get Insights for Your Posts

  • Post Analysis

    The number of likes and comments the post gained are important. InsReports+ monitors your top-performing type of posts and helps generate ideas for creating new post content.

  • Engagement Analysis

    This Instagram insights app analyzes the engagement of all your posts and finds out the most liked and commented posts. You can easily understand the post trend in the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, and all time.

Analyze Story Views Trend

InsReports+ analyzes the trend of story views through four important aspects for making complete and effective strategies to achieve your goals.

  • My Top Viewers

    Check your following list to see who is interested in your stories most.

  • Viewers I Don’t Follow

    Find out the followers who keep an eye on your posted stories.

  • Most Viewed Stories

    Discover your most viewed stories for preparing new stories.

  • Least Viewed Stories

    Look into the stories that do not grab your audience’s attention.

Suggest Popular Hashtags

Adding hashtags is an important way to expand your Instagram audience and get more reach. When you use a hashtag, your post will appear on that hashtag page. Then using the right hashtag will effectively drive more traffic to your profile. InsReports+ analyzes the used hashtags which bring more engagement to your posts and also suggests the most popular hashtags that you can use to reach a wider audience.

Figure Out the Best Post Time

Thousands of posts are published on Instagram every minute. It’s important to get engagement within the first few hours of posting for reaching more of your audience. Then, if posting at the best time, your account will benefit from getting more exposure while also increasing click-through rates and more engagement. After doing research on the activities of your followers, InsReports+ recommends when is the best time for you to post.

Discover Real-Time Trends

The stats of Instagram followers, likes, posts, comments, and hashtags trends will be visualized for you to have a coherent idea of the account dynamics. You will quickly check how many followers, likes, and comments gained, which post is more attractive, what hashtags used to reach more audience in a specific period of time and adjust your strategy to boost performance at any time.

What Should I Do After Getting Instagram Followers Analysis Reports?

Detailed Instagram followers analysis helps to master your performance, make more effective strategy, and grow your audience.

Haven't got an Instagram followers report yet?

Grow Instagram Followers

InsReports+ helps track followers’ interaction and analyzes the growth trend. With the followers reports, it is better to keep a stable follower growth trend for expanding your follower base and getting popularity. InsReports+ provides an easy and safe way to get a number of real and engaged followers. You can choose to get Instant Followers or Daily Followers according to your own needs.

Get Instant Followers Get Daily Followers
Get Instant Followers

With the blazing-fast delivery, you can receive instant Instagram followers by InsReports+ nearly in a matter of seconds. Multiple follower plans are available for you to choose, like 200 Followers, 600 Followers, and even 2000 Followers etc. Take a break and let InsReports+ get 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes for you now.

Get Daily Followers

Daily followers ensure your account receives followers stably. This plan is more organic and similar to the natural process of getting followers on Instagram. The whole process would be riskless and gradual. Increase Instagram followers gradually with daily followers plan right away.

Get Likes To Your Dedicated Posts

InsReports+ allows you to clearly understand the likes gained by each dedicated post. Likes are considered as an important metric of Instagram engagements. Increasing likes on your published or upcoming posts are important to get more reach. Luckily, InsReports+ offers you a direct way to get likes instantly or on every single day.

Get Instant Likes Get Auto Likes
Get Instant Likes

Instant Instagram likes by InsReports+ are of high quality, eternity, and safety. Several like plans are offered for different needs: 150 Likes, 500 Likes, and 1000 Likes. When your post receives more likes, organic reach would increase too, even Instagram users you never reached before can see it now. Make more hot posts for your account and use InsReports+ to get Instant Likes now!

Get Auto Likes

Auto Instagram likes will be delivered to your upcoming posts automatically . A set number of likes will be automatically delivered to your upcoming 10, 20,or 30 new posts. This stable increase of likes could make your posts appear in the Explore and gain more organic reach too. Free yourself from getting Instagram likes and just leave it to InsReports+.

Explore Potential Followers Among Viewers

InsReports+ can easily find out followers that view your stories most and the viewers that you do not follow back. In this way, you can discover the most influential new followers among them and follow back to actively interact with them for a higher engagement rate. You will not miss any chance to explore potential followers.

Publish Posts with Right Hashtags

InsReports+ analyzes and displays the used hashtags which bring more engagement to your posts and stories. Then you can use the right hashtags for your own account when publishing a post to make your followers active and even reach a larger audience.

Post at the Best Time

InsReports+ tracks the activities of your followers and suggests the best time for you to post. By posting at the best time, accounts will benefit from more exposure and click-through rate. Prepare the well-liked content, post it at the best time with the right hashtags for hacking Instagram followers. Achieving more with less at work is possible.

Adjust Strategies with Real-Time Trends

The change of Instagram followers, likes, and comments over a period of time can clearly reflect how your promotion strategy performs. The Instagram engagement calculator InsReports+ analyzes the trends of Instagram followers, likes, and comments. You can use the analysis results to get insights into your account management strategy's weaknesses and strengths and adjust strategies to increase the engagement rate for your account effectively.

What Our Customers Think About InsReports+?

Adriana Monroe

I am an Instagram influencer and YouTuber. Having larger amounts of Instagram followers is of vital importance for my job. Thanks to the InsReports+, which provides me with detailed Instagram followers analysis and available suggestions to improve my performance on Instagram, so as to increase my followers.

John Adam

I am a college student with part-time work on Instagram influencer. My stories and posts mostly point to makeup, but I am confused why my followers grow slowly. InsReports+ helps me analyze what kinds of content is well-liked among my followers and offers me an effective report. After I adjust my posts' contents in a short term, my followers start to increase continually.

Rechard James

It works well, I especially love the part of analyzing popular hashtags. InsReports+ suggests the most popular hashtags to me, helping me use them to reach a wider audience when I publish a post. As such, more visitors come to my Instagram page, some of them become my followers.

Mary Riverside

I have used several Instagram analysis tools and apps, no one of which can be compared with InsReports+. I prefer to use InsReports+ because it offers Instagram engagement suggestions as well as tracks my Instagram followers. I will use it to find a suitable way to gain more followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is InsReports+?

InsReports+ is the best Instagram analytics app as well as the best app to get free real Instagram followers. It can analyze your Instagram account and get in-depth followers analytics in real time so as to give you some promotion suggestions, and also increase real Instagram followers and likes in an instant or daily way.

How does InsReports+ work?

Step 1: Download and Install InsReports+ app.

Step 2: Enter your Instagram username.

Step 3: Get the detailed analysis of your followers, posts, stories etc. instantly.

What can I get from the Instagram followers analytics on InsReports+?

InsReports+ keeps track of your Instagram followers and provides insights on your posts, as well as analyzes your hashtags and recommends the optimal time to post. By these ways, your Instagram followers will increase, and it will help you create better content and improve the engagement rate.

Can Instagram InsReport+ help me grow followers on Instagram?

Certainly! You can use the results of the analysis to measure your Instagram account’s performance. You will get insights into your account management strategy's weaknesses and strengths. It will help you to improve your profile and boost followers.

Download InsReports+ to Get Instagram Analytics Reports Now

Be actively to track Instagram followers and know how your account performs with this best analytics app for Instagram.