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9 Steps to Get Real Instagram Followers for Free 1000+ Monthly [Fast & Effective]

After reading this article, you’ll get real Instagram followers for free from 0 to over 1000 in a month fast and safe. 9 practical steps and detailed explanations offer you an overall strategy.

Ann > Updated 2022-01-20

It seems hard to get Instagram Followers real free to some extent, but it’s not out of the question. Though you can barely catch all benefits and pay for nothing depended on common sense, what would happen with the assistant of an Instagram followers tool? Get real Instagram followers free? It’s not kidding anymore. 

Get Real IG Followers for Free

But how to make it possible? This article will share the details. It lists a reliable Instagram followers tool and 6 effective steps to help you hack Instagram followers more than 1000+ in a month. Considering that people tend to use different digital devices, the free tool recommended below has good compatibility, whether you’d like to use Instagram on Android and iOS, anytime and anywhere. 

How to Get Real Instagram Followers Free on Android?

As mentioned in the former part, though it’s not enough to gain a flow of Instagram followers real free on your own, with the help of this tested tool named GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, it becomes easy to reach over 1K followers in a month. How to make it?Let’s come to the straight point. 

How to Get Real Instagram Followers Free?

GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC, however, we’ll only walk you through the steps of using the Android version. With the iOS version, the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers is unable to support coin tasks but you can still exchange coins for followers or you can buy a followers plan.

3 steps to acquire real Instagram followers on Android.

Step 1: Download the latest GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers and create an account on it. Up to five Instagram accounts can be added to each account.

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Step 2: Click the “Coins” icon to get coins by liking posts and following others. 

 Get Real Instagram Followers Free on Android

Step 3: Then go to the “Coins Market” to exchange coins for likes or followers. 

 How to Get Real Instagram Followers on Android

If you want to gain likes or followers faster, you can tap “Store” to pay for a plan.

Why You Can Get Instagram Followers Real Free on the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers

You must be eager to wonder how can you be sure that the followers you acquired are real. First of all, you need to figure what a real Instagram follower means. In short, A normal user who post creations, like, comment, and follow others as a daily thing on Instagram, so we can call him a real active Instagram account.

As for why you can get Instagram followers real free, that’s all because the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers provides a natural environment with a large scope users base and a highly engaged approach - Coin Task, which helps you get real Instagram followers free organically. You follow people to gain coins, so you are exactly the active real followers and then you exchange coins for followers, which is totally free. 

Except for this, the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers also supports likes others post to get coins which is exactly an amazing way to get loyal followers free. Think in this way. You are fond of traveling in your spare time, and when you do coin tasks, landscape photography full of mysterious feelings appeared where you have never been before. Would you have the impulsion to like and comment where it is by instinct? Maybe you are planning out for it the next holiday when you come back from imagination.

Next, there is no doubt that following the account must be your basic desire to keep an eye on more wonderful traveling spots recommendations. Put yourself in the shoes of those who post this landscape photo, how could it’s impossible to get Instagram followers real free on the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers?

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6 Steps to Gain Free Instagram Followers Real 2021

Compared with the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, these steps need you to make a lot of effort in practice on the way to get 1000+ Instagram followers in a month, and two things can be sure that all followers you got are completely real and free.

Target What Your Instagram About 

Whether you use Instagram for social, for earning money, or for boosting your brand awareness. You have to be clear that what your Instagram is about. That means you need to find a theme for your Ins account, it can be daily life sharing, traveling spots recommendations, or your products, and so on. Then design your profile for it, not only the content but also the appearance.

In the Instagram profile, the profile photo and the Bio mattered the most and the next is contact information. Profile photo and Bio will be shown to all who click on your account while contact information is usually for business collaboration.

An eye-catching Instagram Bio and profile impress the viewers at the first time. Therefore, a representative profile photo and a heart-attached Bio are needed, furthermore, they both have to be content-related to your future posts. When writing the Bio, a powerful sentence or several keywords is better than a description with a long, long but boring story. Try to replace the default font with special Instagram fonts for Bio, separating your Bio from the pack.

That is the first step to filter your targeted audience and to attract them naturally.

What in Your Post and How to Show it

Once you target what your Instagram theme about, you’ll get a general idea of what to post. If you are still not clear about it, you can search your theme hashtags to find out what content the popular posts are making. Imitate and add your own creativeness, you’ll generate new stuff from a spark of inspiration. 

Next, you need to choose a more acceptable method to convey your post ideas via text, picture, IGTV, Instagram Stories, or live streaming. As a matter of fact, video is more visual and vivid, but the power of words also cannot be ignored. Make your selection due to the content. For instance, an account is all about love quotes, text may be a more suitable choice.

When you posting with corresponding hashtags and keeping output content, more and more targeted audiences will find you through your posts.

Organize Your Posting Schedule

It’s not the time to relax your vigilance even people are following you for your fantastic creations. The moment you stop posting something new, they’ll go. So you need to force yourself to post regularly just like submitting homework by making a posting schedule. Indicate the time and topic, also leave some space for the next stage. Be patient in filling the schedule and post on time, maybe your loyal followers are waiting. 

IG Posting Schedule Get IG Followers

Monitor Statistics and Adjust Content

In the upper paragraph, you’ve made a sheet for regular posting, then you can add the statistics of view, like, comment, share, and save to pick out the most popular posts. Analyze its topic, publish time, and all different points from other posts, then make adjustments to your future content. That’s a crucial step to get more Instagram followers real free naturally.

Do not forget to interact with your audience. You can do it by leaving a question like asking them about their experiences or opinions. Take “Love Quotes” for example, you can ask your viewers to @ the person who they want to share the quote. 

Connect with Influencers

This can be divided into 3 aspects. One is that you can tag related influencers. The “Love Quotes” again. You can tag “Motivation Quotes” or “Words About Marriage”. We can call this a collaboration for extending each other’s followers group. Since the followers of both parties like such inspiring or touching words, so they are more stable.

The second way is to type down the story of a famous person whose experience can be concluded with the love quotes you posted. And the final one is the literal meaning that connecting with Instagram Influencers if you are familiar with some of them, or you can be familiar with them in the future. Apparently, you’ll get more opportunities to cooperate with them to boost your followers' scale.

Follow the Newest Trend

The last but not the least step happens to be the center of leading achieving the above steps, following the newest trend must be the base to get Instagram followers real free. Pay close attention to hot topics, fashion popularity, technical improvements, real-time news, and all stuff people care about most currently. Connect them with your Instagram theme, and create content on them, then update posts with related hot hashtags. 

That’s a common approach to attract traffic, not illegal and not immoral. 


Conclude the above points, you’ll realize that the article compiles 9 steps including the 3 operations in the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers to get Instagram followers real free, and the other 6 steps are to win a steady stream of followers under your hardworking. Both of them help you get real Instagram followers free, but applying the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers takes a shorter time period to reach your aim of 1000+ Instagram followers in a month. 

Anyway, it deserves your try and you have nothing to lose anyhow. Because it guarantees users privacy safety and protects them from unknown risks. If you are interested in it, get free Instagram followers real next second.  

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