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Instagram Video, IGTV, Story, and Reels 10K Views Free & Auto Get in 2022

What are Instagram Video, IGTV, Story, and Reels views? What are IG reels views? How to get Instagram Reels 10K views free and auto? Here is the guide.

Tom > Updated 2022-02-07

With the Omicron pandemic rolling in, 2022 will turn to be another unusual year, in which the Instagram reels, stories, IGTV will occupy most of your daily life again, killing your spare time stuck in the room.

Instagram Reels 10K Views Free

Also, this painful period will turn to be an opportunity to win Instagram reels 10K views free and auto for your IG account. More than reels, also the IGTV, Story views. 

What are Instagram Reels/Stories/IGTV Views?

Before stepping into the guide on how to get Instagram reels 10k views free, you need to know the scheme behind the IG views of Reels, Stories, and IGTV.

3 is the magic number.

On Instagram, when a client sees your video for over three seconds then it will consider it a view and your video will get one count as a view. So when you want to get a view for your Instagram video - your video has to attract your audience for more than 3 seconds

As you probably are aware, Instagram gives a great deal of significance to client commitment than Instagram likes and shares, so more than 3 seconds = engagement. If the user scrolls past your video after one second than it assumes, the user is not interested in the content

The same measurement is on Instagram stories and reels. More than 3 seconds = 1 engagement view. It’s some kind of easy, isn’t it? But it’s difficult to drag one who is not interested in yours.

Besides, if you like a post multiple times (actually, you can't) - the video view only counts once. It’s more difficult to get a view from the audience.

How to Get Instagram Reels 10K Views Free and Instant?

As an Instagram followers increase app you can find on the IG SMM, developed by the expert IG team, also, GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers offers the optimal Instagram reels 10k views free services on your mobile, sending IGTV views, Story views, and Reels views free 10k views within 24 hours.

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Follow the steps to get Instagram reels 10k views on GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers

Step 1: Download and install GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers.

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Step 2: Add your IG accounts to it. You can add up to 5 IG accounts on it.

Instagram Reels 10K Views Free - Add Accounts

Step 3: Follow and like others’ profiles to get free coins. (The lucky draw and daily rewards are available as well, hacking more coins for you for free.)

Instagram Reels 10K Views Free - Credits

Step 4: Using the coins you get to get Instagram reels 10k views free.

Instagram Reels 10K Views Free - Task List

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Follow the steps to get Instagram reels 10k views FREE TRIAL on InstaGrowing

Step 1: Enter the InstaGrowing Free Instagram Views Trial site.

Step 2: Type your IG username and email address.

Instagram Reels 10K Views Free Trial

Step 3: Select your Reel and tao Done to continue.

Select Reel

Step 4: Verify your email link and 100 Instagram reels 100 views free will be sent soon.

Instagram Reels 100 Views Free Will Be Sent

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How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels/Stories/IGTV?

You have known the tool to hack free Instagram followers for your Instagram reels 10k views free from the previous part, now it’s time to know how to maintain your Instagram reels 10k views, as well as IGTV and Story.

#1 - How to Get Instagram Reels 10K Views Free on IG Stories

  • Create Various Types Of Content

  • Use Stickers to Engage with the Audience

  • Publish Pools and Announce Results

  • Q&A In the Stories

  • Create Limited Time Deals

#2 - How to Get Instagram Reels 10K Views Free on IG Videos

  • Focus On Instagram Video Market Promotion

  • Use The Right Sizes For Your Instagram Video

         The size of the dimensions are:

            1. Vertical - 1080*1920 proportion and 9:16 aspect ratio

            2. Landscape - 1280*720 proportion and 16:9 aspect ratio

            3. Square - 1080*1080 proportion and 1:1 aspect ratio

  • Find The Best Time to Post Videos

  • According to research, the best time for posting IG videos is 10 AM to 5 PM.

  • Use Relevant Hashtags, Avoiding Banned Hashtags

#3 - How to Get Instagram Reels 10K Views Free on IG IGTV

  • Share Your IGTV Videos On Your Stories

  • Ask for Views In Your Live

  • Use a Catchy Thumbnail

  • Stay Up to Date with the Field Trends

Final Words

On Instagram reels 10k views free, you can get 10k views on reels, on IGTV, and on Story with Instagram growing, where you can also get 100 free Instagram followers trial and 100 Instagram views trial. Besides, you can get Instagram followers instantly on GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, helping your Instagram reels views frow auto and organic.

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