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How to Stop Random Instagram Followers & How to Get Real Followers

Random Instagram followers are beneficial to some degree but overall hurtful to an Instagram account. Read to know the reasons and how to stop random followers on Instagram.

Tom > Updated 2022-01-20

Many users suddenly find that their accounts have unknown followers. These followers usually follow for a while and then unfollow them. Then when they click into those unidentified accounts, only to find that some accounts have not even posted one single post.

Therefore, they want to know why they have these random Instagram followers, how to stop being followed by these seem-to-be fake accounts, and how to hack Instagram followers in 2 minutes to grow their Instagram profiles organically. 

Why Are You Getting Random Follower on Instagram

This article will answer all your questions. Let's start with why you are getting random Instagram followers.

Why Am I Getting Random Followers on Instagram?

It is beneficial, to some extent, to have some random Instagram followers if you have just started your business, or you are managing a personal account. Having some fake accounts mixed in the real followers will increase the number of followers on Instagram and make your account look more attractive, inspiring consistent success in the future.

However, these accounts might be inactive or fake. They won't interact with your content at all. Eventually, your Instagram engagement rate drops, and, even worse, your account might be banned by Instagram for manipulating the number of followers. 

Random Followers on Instagram

Why are you getting random followers on Instagram? We list the 5 most possible reasons.

1. Instagram Algorithms

Believe it or not, Instagram itself will send you random followers. If you are a new user on Instagram and keep active, Instagram believes you are very interested and it will give you a few random followers as an encouragement, hoping you stick with this platform. These unknown followers won't hurt your account.

2. Bot Activities

Staying active on Instagram and getting consistent growth in followers is very time-consuming, so some people might set up an Instagram API bot to like and follow certain posts and accounts automatically to cut down the cost of manpower. If you ever liked or commented on a post with a specific hashtag, or followed a popular influencer, your account might become the target of these Instagram bots.

3. Reposted Content

Another reason why you are getting many random Instagram followers is that your pictures or videos were reposted and shared with a wider variety of people. Some of them got interested in the original content creator, so they follow your Instagram account.

4. Follow for Follow Strategy

Many users will follow other accounts randomly in the hope of getting followers back for their own Instagram accounts. They usually pick followers from influencers and brands. If you have many random followers on Instagram, they are using the follow-for-follow strategy and waiting for you to follow them back.

5. Random Instagram Followers Picker

If you ever used a random Instagram follower picker to pick winners from your comments, likes, reposts, or followers, you probably will get many unidentified followers on your Instagram account after giveaways or ads.

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How to Get Real and Safe Instagram Followers?

You can't trust random Instagram followers to increase the number of followers on your account and interact with your content because most of these new followers are suspicious or IG bots.

Then how to get real and safe Instagram followers and grow your Instagram profile organically and quickly? Use a professional Instagram follower increaser.

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Is It Safe to Let Strangers Follow You on Instagram?

It is definitely harmful to be followed by many spam accounts because these accounts offer no engagement on your Instagram videos and pictures at all. The worst scenario could be that your account will be restricted or even banned for suspicious followers.

It is also not beneficial to be followed by accounts that are not interested in your content. Most of them may be attracted to follow you by a giveaway contest and chosen by a random Instagram follower picker. They don't like, comment, or repost your content ever since and it gradually hurts your Instagram interaction rate and campaign conversion rate down the road. 

How to Stop Random Instagram Followers?

Since these inactive followers are such a nuisance, how can you get rid of them and stop random strangers from following you?

1. Make Account Private

A public account can be easily accessed by search and some followers can be added to your follower's list without your consent. Switching to a private account can make your profile invisible for IG search and your approval is a must for every follower.

2. Disapprove Fake Accounts

Review your follow requests carefully and check the profiles of these accounts first. It is easy to identify fake accounts because they usually have no interaction with others and have few posts or followers on their IG pages.

3. Report Spam Users

If you already have many unwanted IG followers and find them spammy, do not hesitate to report them to Instagram. Their IP address will be blacklisted by Instagram for creating new accounts.

4. Block Random Instagram Followers

Some strangers will keep sending follow requests and being added to your profile. You can stop random Instagram followers by blocking these accounts to prevent harassment. Then they will no longer bother you.

5. Turn Off "Similar Account Suggestion" Feature

Instagram suggests you follow similar accounts you are following and it does the same to other people. If you don't want to switch to a private account, turning off a similar account suggestion will stop random followers on Instagram from following you.


Fake and random Instagram followers might boost your exposure for a short period of time, but these non-targeted followers will be of no use and reduce the engagement rate on your IG account dramatically in the long run. Therefore, you have to take some actions to stop suspicious and spam accounts from following you.

To have organic growth in Instagram followers is very vital especially for business accounts. Use an Instagram follower increaser like INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers to get free, real, and consistent followers. 

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