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18 Best Instagram Followers Apps for IG Overall Growth

Using an Instagram followers app is a good way to get Instagram followers free and fast. Read the list of the 18 Instagram apps to get IG's overall growth.

Rena > Updated 2023-10-10

With more than 1.318 billion users around the world in January 2023, Instagram has climbed up to become the best social media platform. Many people are striving for success on this platform, beginning with the goal of increasing Instagram followers. While there are various Instagram followers strategies, and Instagram followers apps have been used by more and more people as a time-saver.

18 Best Instagram Followers Apps 2022

The best followers app can achieve real & organic growth and is free to use. Where to find such tools that meet these metrics at once? This curated list of 18 top Instagram followers apps will get your demands covered. Read on and learn about the features and highlights of each option. Let’s pick your best Instagram free followers app now!

1. GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers - Best App to Get Instagram Followers for Free 2023

GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is among the best apps to get Instagram followers for free 2023. It is totally free to use and lets you increase Instagram followers fast and organically. It's a safe app that lets you increase Instagram followers and get likes. You only need to easily earn coins and use the same coins to get Instagram followers or likes. 

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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Once a free Follower task gets completed, you will see a rapid follower count increase and get free Instagram followers instantly.


  • GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is for users to get 100% free Instagram followers and likes.

  • This generate Instagram followers app is totally safe and private.

  • Instant delivery to your Instagram when the task is on.


  • This app is 100% free and legit.

  • All the followers are real users so they are active.

  • Get free Instagram followers using a username only.

  • Friendly interface.


  • You can't keep earning coins nonstop.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

Step 1. Get this Instagram followers free app download 2023 to your phone. (both Android and iPhone are supported)

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Step 2. Add your Instagram username and you will receive some coins to get free instant followers or daily followers.

Get Free Instagram Followers

Step 3The free Instagram followers task is already on your list and you will get the followers in no time.

Get Instagram Followers Before After


It takes some hours to send all the free Instagram followers to your account because all the followers are from real Instagram users. It is organic and natural to come.

You may need: How to Get 1K Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes Free: Getinsfollowers Hack >>

2. Turbo Followers - Best Free Followers Instagram App with Fast Delivery

Turbo Followers for Instagram is another app to increase followers that works both on iOS and Android. You can start by Setting up a “Coins Account” and “Followers Account” respectively. Then you can earn coins through your coins account and use these coins to add free IG followers for another Instagram account. Try it and earn Instagram followers!

Instagram Followers Free App


  • The free Instagram followers app is easy to use and nicely designed.

  • You can use hashtags recommended by the app to boost your reach.

  • There are different features available to increase followers.


  • This app is available for mobile phones and computers. Just log in.

  • 100% free and legit.

  • Followers will be active and real.


  • The top features of the apps aren't free.

  • You need 2 Instagram accounts at least, one for coins earning, and one for Instagram followers increase.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. View other people and follow them to get some free coins.

2. With the coins, users can get free Instagram followers from real users.

3. View real-time status reports for your orders for followers.

3. GetInsita - Best Instagram Free Followers App for Android, iOS, and PC

GetInsita is one of the best Instagram growth apps offering free and real Instagram followers. GetInsita has made its reputation by keeping its high-quality service to global users. This app is also totally free to use and now available on both iOS and Android. It is an app you can never miss if you want to get daily Instagram followers free.

Best App To Get Real Free Instagram Followers


  • GetInsita is a 100% safe and legit Instagram followers best app developed by an experienced and professional Instagram marketing research team.

  • All the followers will be real and active.

  • Target free Instagram followers no trial from different countries.

  • Support for Android, iOS, and PC.


  • The best app to get Instagram followers for free with a high-quality source guaranteed.

  • It is a safe and secure app. No password, no human verification, and no survey.

  • 24 x 7 support.


  • Sometimes the followers might drop but their support will make up for it.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. Download GetInsita from Google Play or App Store.

2. Sign-in in the app and you will get some coins to get free Instagram followers.

3. Choose a task that you like and send followers there.

Get Free Instagram Followers App in Three Steps

4. InsEnGage - Best Instagram Followers App with Hashtag Options

Those who are new to Instagram and want to become popular know how much time it takes to increase fan following base. However, you won't have to wait for a long time with an app like InsEnGage. This app can be downloaded from the Play Store and Apple App Store. You don't have to buy followers while using this application; this app will guide you to acquire 5K followers for free.

Best App To Get Real Free Instagram Followers


  • You can get unlimited Instagram followers and likes for free.

  • The fast follow app recommends hashtags based on the content to engage users better.

  • You can use this app to schedule your posts.


  • Growing followers is quite easy.

  • The app is ready to use on most of the top devices.

  • Safe and secure.


  • Meant only for Instagram users.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

InsEnGage will not only help users to get free followers for Instagram by using Hashtags but also will help you schedule and post, it did a lot of research and it points out the positive outcome of when users post a lot, the more popularity you engage.

5. GetInsmarta - Best App to Get Instagram Followers for Free Daily

GetInsmarta is a comprehensive and best app to get Instagram followers for free in 2022/2023. It offers an instant way to give you massive high-quality likes and 100% real and active followers in no time, free and easy. What’s more? It offers various Instagram followers free trials to send users Instagram followers daily.


  • Instant delivery in 24 hours.

  • Get unlimited followers and likes.

  • You can use this app to schedule your posts or get followers daily.


  • Safe to use and protect your privacy throughout the whole process.

  • 100 free Instagram followers trial, 500 free trial, 1,000 free trial, and even 5,000 free trials at your disposal. 

  • 24 X 7 support.


  • Ads do pop up.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. Get this app download by clicking the button below.

2. Add your username once you are in the app to get started to get coins by doing tasks.

3. Spend coins to get free Instagram followers instantly.

6. Getinself - Best Instagram Followers App Free for iOS

Getinself's grow-up mechanism is built on the basis of users following each other. With Getinself, your post can get more likes and have more real and active followers. It offers lots of channels, lucky draw, daily bonuses, follow & like, and share, to help you get unlimited coins, which can be used to get free real Instagram followers. And with the monitor feature of likes and followers, you can track the followers & likes trends after your followers & likes sending begins.

Best App to Get Instagram Followers for Free – Getinself


  • Free Instagram Followers Likes: All followers and likes you can get from Getinself are free and real.

  • Auto and instant likes: Getinself offers both automatic likes delivery for your upcoming 10, 20, and 30 posts and instant likes for your chosen post.

  • Instant and daily followers: Not only the instant followers' service, but daily 50, 100, 150, and 200 followers can be your extra plan on Getinself.

  • Multiple free channels to get coins - you can get coins by sharing the app, opening daily bonuses and lucky draw, liking and following others.


  • iOS only - By now, Getinself is only available on iOS devices.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. Click the download button below.

2. Install it on your iOS device and register it.

3. Gain coins to exchange for Instagram followers and likes for free.

7. Social Scan - Best Instagram Followers App for 2023

As the best app to get Instagram followers for free in 2022-23, Social Scan is no less than the apps mentioned above. Besides offering advanced services to help IG users gain real and active free Instagram followers in 2023, it establishes a safe and efficient ecosystem in its app, attracting authentic Instagram profiles to interact with each other without login and password required.

Social Scan


  • Get unlimited, riskless, and promised real Instagram followers and likes.

  • Offer effective tips on its official blog page.

  • Provide professional team support all the time.


  • Auto deliver likes and followers with this app 2023

  • Best-in-class protection for every user’s privacy data

  • No extra surveys or Recaptcha when registering


  • Do not support sending 1000 followers in one minute

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. Click the download button below.

2. Install it on your device and register it with no hesitation.

3. Gain coins in the Store to exchange for Instagram followers and likes instantly.

8. Crowdfire - Best Instagram Followers Free App with Extra Features

Crowdfire is the best app to get Instagram followers for free in 2023. It is a good and reliable option to get free real Instagram followers instantly. This app makes it work for multiple social media accounts. You can pre-schedule your posts and let Crowdfire post them at the right time, or else choose to do it manually. This app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Best App to Get Instagram Followers for Free


  • Very easy-to-use and friendly application.

  • Recommends images and articles that you might be interested in.

  • Pre-schedule your posts.


  • Free to use.

  • Safe and secure.

  • Different ways are available to increase followers.


  • Ads do pop up.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. Once you are logged in Crowdfire, you begin by setting up your social apps.

2. Crowdfire focuses on ensuring that you make your posts at the optimal times for your audience, so you won’t generally think about precise posting time as you make your scheduled posts.

3. Crowdfire puts content curation at its fore (and that is the first item in the top menu).

9. Getins+ - Get Instagram Followers App Real

Getins+ is a promising new IG followers app in the catalog. Designed as a direct Instagram likes app and followers increaser, Getins+ supplies an immediate option of getting Instagram free followers. This is an optimized way to add real Instagram followers. Better yet, all its services are available for free.

Best App To Get Real Free Instagram Followers - Getins+


  • Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views features.

  • Get free and real Instagram followers.

  • iOS and Android support.


  • Safe to use.

  • Friendly interface.

  • Fast delivery.


  • A fairly new app in this market

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. Download Getins+ on the official website.

2. Sign up and add your Instagram username.

3. Get free Instagram followers.

The 9 free followers Instagram apps above serve free services via app coins. How to get unlimited coins to exchange followers on Instagram? Here are the best options:

Unlimited Coins for Free Instagram Followers & Likes

Tap the button below to get coins for unlimited free Instagram followers, likes, views and comments now!

Join the Lucky Draw


Daily Check in


Follow Other Users
Comment on Other Posts


Like Other Posts

Besides apps for auto Instagram followers, some Instagram followers generator apps focus on tracking Instagram metrics or dimensions for Instagram growth. If used properly, these tools can be a great aid to Instagram follower growth. Here are some worthy applications.

10. InsReports+ - New Best App to Get Instagram Followers for Free

InsReports+ is ideal for those who want to track their Instagram insights while growing stardom on Instagram quickly and organically. As one of the best apps to get free Instagram followers, InsReports+ is an all-around Instagram tracker & booster. With the aim of helping you to productively grow IG followers, InsReports+ provides in-depth Instagram performance reports. With these details at your fingertips, you will grow Instagram followers in a breeze. 



  • Support multiple Instagram metrics (followers, likes, comments, views, and hashtags).

  • Dynamical analysis of top-performing posts, most-viewed videos, most active followers, etc.

  • Recommendation of best hashtags and time to post your content.

  • Overall and easy-to-understand Instagram insights.

  • Support for Instant followers and likes.


  • User-friendly and sleek interface.

  • The best way to get target Instagram followers.

  • A good tool to help build the finest Instagram growth strategies.


  • A subscription is necessary.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. Download the app.

2. Add your Instagram account to create your Instagram reports.

3. Optimize your content and you will experience quicker Instagram follower growth soon.

Tips: You can also take advantage of its instant Follower and Likes services.

11. Followers & Unfollowers - Instagram Followers App for Followers Track

Followers & Unfollowers is an Android-based Instagram tracker app. It provides access to your Instagram insight regarding followers. You can use it to find out your mutual followers, followers you don’t follow back, your recent unfollowers, etc. There is also a batch unfollowing function. With Followers & Unfollowers, you can improve your Instagram followers and the following list more efficiently.

Followers & Unfollowers Instagram App


  • Find out people who don’t follow you back and recent unfollowers.

  • Know your mutual Instagram followers, people you follow or don’t follow back.

  • Massive unfollow up to 50 followers at once.

  • Multiple Instagram accounts support.


  • A smart follow & unfollow tracker.

  • User-generated interface design.


  • Some options aren’t responsive.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

1. Install it on Google Play.

2. Create an account and log in.

3. Use your desired feature.

12. Followers Pro for Instagram - Instagram Followers Free App & Tracker

Known as a social media analytics tool, Followers Pro for Instagram enables users to go into Instagram trends as Followers & Unfollowers does. And this Instagram followers free app includes extra features of top-performing posts and the people who’re most interested in your content. Tools like Followers Pro for Instagram are assistants if you adopt Follow for Follow approach to increase Instagram followers for free, by which you can know who you should follow back or unfollow.

Best App to Get Instagram Followers for Free by Tracking


  • Overviews of people you’re following back and who is ghost following you.

  • Shows you the post that performs the best.

  • Top interactor on your pages.


  • You can use it to sort out people who don’t follow back if you use the follow-for-follow method.

  • Lightweight application.


  • The Basic Instagram insight options may be insufficient for experienced users.

How to Use Followers Pro for Instagram?

1. Make sure to download the latest version on the likes of Softonic.

2. Sign up and connect to your Instagram account.

3. Analyze your Instagram account now.

13. FollowMeter for Instagram - Instagram Followers App for the Entry-Level

Here is another simple Instagram follower analytics tool, FollowerMeter. It functions similarly to the most basic Instagram tracker apps in this field. You can use FollowerMeter to check your Instagram Stories viewers, unfollowers, ghost followers, etc. Use it to organize your account in a breeze!

FollowMeter for Instagram Followers App


  • Track your ghost followers, people who blocked you or don’t follow you back.

  • Report of your top-performing posts.

  • Know your secret admirer and top likers.

  • Discover your most viewed Instagram Stories.


  • Enough for basics Instagram analysis demands.

  • Highly feasible


  • Some features are paid, such as ghost followers, top Likers, top commenters, and secret admirers.

How to Use FollowMeter for Instagram?

1. Download this app on App Store or Google Play.

2. Create your FollowMeter for your Instagram account.

3. Add your Instagram ID and start tracking your following trends.

14. Followers - Tracker Insight - Instagram Follower Analysis App for Instagram

You can simply know how it works through the name. Yes, an Insta app for follower insight. You can use it as an alternative to other Instagram followers free apps in the same space. Followers - Tracker Insight boosts fast and accurate Instagram followers analysis and it fulfills this promise mostly.

Followers - Tracker Insight App for Instagram


  • Track your follower and unfollower trends.

  • Detect your ghost followers.

  • Find out people who don’t follow you back.

  • Get the list of your Instagram Stories viewers immediately.


  • Well-known Instagram follower tracker.

  • Responsive user interface design.


  • Limited range of measurable metrics, as similar applications.

How to Use Followers - Tracker Insight?

1. It is an app for iOS only. Please download it on App Store.

2. You need to sign up first. Then log in and connect your Instagram account with this app.

3. Now you can monitor your followers and unfollowers change.

15. Iconosquare - Best App to Get Instagram Followers for Free (Management & Analytics)

If you think a basic Instagram followers track app isn’t enough for you to get insight into your profiles, here comes the exclusive and powerful social media analytics solution, Iconosquare. Iconosquare is a preferred choice for Instagram business accounts. It is an expert in analyzing the most valued metrics for users, helping them to set up efficient Instagram growth strategies driven by accurate data.

Iconosquare Get Instagram Followers Analysis App


  • An advanced analytics tool for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Multi-profile management from one user dashboard.

  • A smart Instagram post scheduler.

  • Supports tracking Instagram metrics of selected competitors.

  • Built-in key metric sharing.


  • An Intelligible social media analysis tool.

  • Exclusive metrics that other tools don’t include.

  • Various posting schedule options for locating the right audiences.


  • Less affordable.

How to Use Iconosquare?

1. It is suggested that you use the 14-day free trial for a taste.

2. Download the Iconosquare app on your mobile phone or use it on the web.

3. Follow its instruction to set up your Instagram insights & analytics.

16. Buffer - Instagram Followers App to Build Audiences Organically

Buffer is an all-inclusive social marketing tool, intending to help users grow organic and real audiences. Buffer fundamentally launches three features: Buffer Publishing, Buffer Analytics, and Buffer Engagement. These three features cover the whole process one should care for running successful marketing. Managing your Instagram account with Buffer boosts your Instagram like and follower growth if you want to up the growth to the next level.

Buffer All-round Follower App


  • Build a fully customizable schedule.

  • Schedule Retweets to share at the best time.

  • Measure your Instagram performance within a selected period.

  • Track top-performing Instagram content.

  • Integration with supported marketing tools.


  • Well-orginzed UI design.

  • Various custom options.

  • Overall Instagram management tools.


  • Multiple subscriptions are required to unblock all priced features.

How to Use Buffer?

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Tie it to your Instagram account.

3. Use features from its toolkit based on your demands.

17. HootSuite - Most Popular Instagram Followers Management Tool

With over +18 million users worldwide, HootSuite is the leading social media management platform. It covers almost every use case for social marketers, including but not limited to post-scheduling, monitoring, analytics, and prospect building. As for Instagram followers growth, HootSuite is fully competent to extend your base thanks to its automatic and instructive features.

Insta Followers App for Management HootSuite


  • Post Creation and scheduling.

  • Manage multiple social media channels in one place.

  • Analyze your Instagram performance and results.


  • Integration with multiple social media networks.

  • A perfect option for small teams, businesses, and Instagram creators.

  • Complete social media management solutions.


  • The price is beyond the average.

How to Use HootSuite?

1. Set Up HootSuite firstly by logging in, adding an Instagram username, etc.

2. Use Hootsuite to enhance your marketing.

18. InShot - Best Instagram Editing App to Attract More Free Instagram Followers

Admittedly, creative and quality content is king for a high engagement rate and good results. When increasing your Instagram followers with apps above, you should put the same emphasis on your content. To produce competing videos and photos on Instagram, you need a good video & photo editing application. Inshot is a superb tool to fine-tune your creations. With it, you can create professional-looking Instagram content as Instagram influencers do!

Instagram Followers Free App - InShot


  • Video editing tools include a trimmer, merger, splitter, and speed adjuster.

  • A wide selection of filters and effects.

  • Support customized tune and vlog music from the library.

  • Animated stickers and texts.


  • Simple and tidy user interface.

  • Have mostly all the basic video & audio editing tools you need.

  • HD quality outputs.

  • Free to use.


  • Only one track is supported for one video.

How to Use InShot?

1. Download this app on App Store or Google Play based on your device.

2. Import your video or image file.

3. Do editing in the way you expect, then choose a resolution.

4. Save and share the file.

Comparison of 18 Best Instagram Followers Apps 2023

Here is a comparison of all the 18 best apps to get free Instagram followers. We have differentiated each one of them properly.

Update: The top followers apps in 2023 have been added to the list.

GetinselfGetInstaIns FollowersFreeYesAndroid, iOSInstant
Turbo Followers for InstagramFreeYesAndroid, iOS24 - 48 Hours
GetInsitaFreeYesAndroid, iOS, PCIn 24 Hours
FreeNoAndroid, iOS24 - 48 Hours
GetInsmartaFreeYesiOSEvery 24 Hours
GetinselfFreeYesiOSIn 24 Hours
Social ScanFreeYesiOSIn 24 Hours
CrowdfireFree & PaidNoAndroid, iOS, PC24 - 48 Hours
Getins+Free & PaidYesAndroid, iOSIn 24 Hours
InsReports+Free & Paid YesiOS In 24 Hours
Followers & UnfollowersFreeYesAndroidUncertain
Followers ProFree & PaidYesAndroidUncertain
FollowMeterFree & PaidYesAndroid & iOSUncertain
Followers Tracker InsightPaidYesiOSUncertain
IconosquarePaidYesAndroid, iOS WebUncertain
BufferFree & PaidYesAndroid, iOS WebUncertain
HootSuitePaidYesAndroid, iOS WebUncertain
InshotPaidYesAndroid, iOSUncertain

Now that you know about the basic features and detailed reviews of the 18 Instagram free followers apps.  It's time to choose your best bet to get Instagram followers free and real.

The Bottom Line

This article has collected 18 of the best apps to get Instagram followers for free in 2023. Out of all, it’s highly recommended that you use GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers because it lets you acquire more Instagram followers for free and the followers are 100% active and real. GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is safe to use for both Android and iOS users. Now download the app to increase Instagram followers and fast make your profile famous on Instagram.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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