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Hack Instagram Followers 10K 50K Free Apps 2022: Get Followers Hack Now

Here are 9 safety-guaranteed hack Instagram followers 10k 50k free apps, and 4 assistant strategies are prepared for Instagram followers hacking, too.

Dale > Updated 2022-07-04

It is a long and tedious process to gain followers naturally on Instagram, but buying followers from some unfamiliar websites is so expensive and risky that doesn’t make the deal cost-efficient. So, you may need to consider using hack Instagram followers 10k free apps. Here are 9 safety-guaranteed hack Instagram followers apps that allow users on Instagram hack unlimited followers free and fast. With their help, you can even hack Instagram followers 10k/50k free within just one day! 

Hack Instagram Followers

Furthermore, 4 practical tips to get Instagram followers hack 2022 are listed additionally. Come and read this article, and bring new vitality to your Instagram account! Check the main points of this passage here with the content table first:

Overview of 9 Hack Instagram Followers 10K Free Apps

The average number of Instagram followers for a personal account is 150, while this number could surge to 1k, 10k or even more if it’s an Influencer or brand account. How much are you behind? Luckily, the following are 9 hack Instagram followers apps. Before looking at these hack Instagram followers 10k free apps in detail, let's take a quick look at their features.

AppsDeviceReal followersIG password
INSTABOXGetInstaIns FollowersAndroid, iOS, PC×
Followers GalleryiOS×
Insta Followers Pro
Get Real FollowersAndroidNot sure
LikulatorAndroidNot sure

After checking the overview of the 9 hack Instagram followers 10k free apps, let’s see the details of each in the following section. To save time, you can switch to the tool that matches your devices directly.

INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers - Best Instagram Followers Hack 50K Free App

Ins Followers is a reliable hack Instagram followers 10k free app developed by a professional team to help people on Instagram hack unlimited followers free. It not only help Android and iOS users but also makes it possible to hack instagram followers 10k free pc. Coins here can be earned easily through easy daily tasks like the daily bonus, lucky box, lucky draw, and so on. By the way, hacking Instagram likes are super easy with it, too. Since there are so many ways to get unlimited coins including with cash directly, you can easily hack Instagram followers 10k free of charge.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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There are 4 significant features of this Instagram hacking apps for followers & likes:

  • Free & unlimited: It’s not 50 or 100 free trial but unlimited free Instagram follower no trial given. Coins here can be hacked easily here with unlimited easy tasks, and followers can be hacked easily with the unlimited coins you earned. Users on Instagram can earn Instagram followers free with it.

  • All real & active followers: As mentioned above, all the users of Ins Followers are real and active Instagram users who are voluntarily following your account or like your posts. And your followers’ engagement rate will be guaranteed as well.

  • Totally safe & 100% private: Unless you choose to follow or like others to earn coins, this Instagram followers generator app will never ask for your IG password. Besides, it uses the top security system, and all the information in this app will only be kept for you.

  • Reach global & borderless followers: Each continent on the planet has groups of Ins Followers users. They are separated by oceans but share one Internet homeland. You can hack Instagram followers 10k free from all over the world.

And the steps to use this Instagram followers hack app are quite easy, just follow the following 3 steps, and your Instagram followers will grow easily within minutes.

Step 1. Download it to your phone and register with your email.

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Step 2. Log in and add 1 to 5 IG usernames to receive unlimited coins.

Hack Instagram Followers 10k Free - Step 2

Step 3. Hack Instagram followers 10k free!

Instagram Hack Unlimited Followers

The above are steps for Ins Followers app, and with the same steps to do the Instagram followers hack, the following apps can't be better as your choice. All of these are the best free Instagram follower likes tools, you can download anyone to be the only one, or you can get everyone to hack what you want.

Guide of 4 iOS Apps Help Instagram Hack Unlimited Followers

Except for Ins Followers, here are 4 Instagram followers hack 50k free apps that work on iOS devices.

Followers Gallery

Most people can understand what it is at the first sight when seeing its name “Followers Gallery”. Followers Gallery is an iOS supported app that helps Instagram followers free hack. However, there may be a misunderstanding that it is only able to hack Instagram followers free, as a matter of fact, it also enables users to gain free Instagram likes hack packages instantly. With it, you can grow your IG account fast & successfully. Quickly download the iOS version (GetInself):


Although being named similarly to the app above, this one is another different Instagram service provider in social media marketing. this Getinself app provides iOS users with instant and daily Instagram followers, as well as instant and auto Instagram likes for free. All real & high-quality Instagram free followers and likes on Getinself are generated by active IG users. No password, no survey, 100% secure and private, you can get guarantees of safe Instagram followers likes hack tool.


By combining Instagram tracker and follower service into one body, InsReports+ is an ultimate solution to hack unlimited followers. Besides offering instant followers, this AI-based Instagram growth app can create accurate engagement insights based on metrics that affect Instagram growth. You will also find out the best hashtags and times to post content with it. If you want to quickly target the right audience and hack Instagram followers to the next level, it is highly advisable that you give this tool a try.


InsBottle is a totally free iOS app for Instagram followers hack. It helps people on Instagram hack unlimited followers high-quality without a penny. Both instant and daily packages of followers are offered here with InsBottle, which means, you can get 10k free Instagram followers at the frequency you want.

Guide of 4 Android Instagram Followers Free Hack 50K Apps

Except for the hack Instagram followers 10k free apps above, there are 4 other Instagram followers hack apps that work on Android. Let's have a look at them one by one.


GetInsita is a completely free IG app for Android, iOS, and PC users to get Instagram followers hack. Because it has high compatibility, it can reach more real people on Instagram. And that means you are able to invite people to follow you on Instagram and hack Instagram followers likes unlimitedly from a larger group of Instagrammers for free.

Insta Followers Pro

Insta Followers Pro is popular Instagram followers hack app. it allows users to get instagram followers/likes hack free with links. There’s no iOS version of it and both your IG username and password are needed.  

Hack Instagram Followers 10K Free App - Insta Followers Pro

Get Real Followers

Get Real Followers is another hack Instagram followers 10k free app. You can gain free followers on Instagram with it and you can also buy followers and likes with cash here. But this app is not so well developed, the page jumps are not very smooth, and sometimes you’ll be stuck out, you need to be patient when using it. Besides, an IG password is needed to log in to this app.

Hack Instagram Followers 10K Free


Likulator is a free Instagram followers increaser that can be used only on your Android devices. You can buy coins here with tasks and cashes both. Likulator makes it possible for users to hack Instagram followers 10k free here. It is helpful but comparatively expensive since coins earned with tasks are limited and the price to buy them is relatively high. Like Get Real Followers mentioned above, your IG password is needed here.

Instagram Hack Followers and Likes APK

It’s not hard to see that among the 9 apps, INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers is relatively well developed, it has abundant followers and likes package including daily plans, and it’s easier to gain coins here compared with the others. Whatever you’re trying to hack followers for, hack it with the best app to get Instagram followers for free and real! Get this app from the Instagram followers hack free link button below!

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Instagram Followers Hack Maintenance with 4 Proven Methods 

Hacking Instagram followers is not something that can be completed once for all. Hack Instagram followers 10k free is not your destination, unlimited growth is what you should fight for. So, to keep attracting new friends as well as maintain the number now, you need some marketing strategies.

Optimize your account

The optimization here includes both your profile and your posts. For your profile, no matter whether you are a brand or an Influencer, make it professional. As for your posts, use hashtags wisely and follow every Instagram new trend to keep your posts up-to-date and interesting!

Looking for cooperators

If you are a brand, finding Influencers for your business can help you hack Instagram unlimited followers fast. Since every Influencer has a large number of followers who trust him or her, cooperating with them not only will prove the awareness of your brand but also the sales of your products.

While if you are or you want to become an Influencer, you need cooperators too. You can find other Influencers who have similar social influence as you do to Live together, they will surely help add your Instagram followers quickly.

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Holding Instagram giveaways

Everybody loves a freebie. So, holding giveaways from time to time under some conditions like following your account and tagging 3 friends can help you hack Instagram followers 10k free or even more at an extremely fast speed.

Holding Instagram Challenges

Holding Instagram challenges related to your brand is a great way to communicate with your followers. They can express their preferences through your challenges more freely and you can get to know them better, so as to manage your account better. But for the common users of Instagram hacking unlimited followers is the first step.

Final Words

That’s all the information you need to hack Instagram followers 10k or even more. Among them, the quickest and most direct way to do so is to use IG tools like Ins Followers. You can hack Instagram followers in 2 minutes with this kind of tool. They are safe and effective, you don't have to worry about your Instagram followers count anymore after using them. Then, there are 4 helpful strategies given to help you reach the goal of hacking Instagram followers 10k free, they are some daily operations you can consider using in your account management. Last but not least, don’t forget to interact with your followers frequently in case they choose to unfollow you one day!
Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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