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5 Secrets to Add Instagram Followers Without A Penny - 100% Real & Safe

Looking for effective ways to add Instagram followers? Here are 5 secrets to get Instagram followers without a penny for you to choose with ease.

Admin > Updated 2022-08-10

Instagram, providing instant chat and sharing services, has been vastly welcomed by many mobile phone users. As the most popular social media platform worldwide, it offers a handy and reliable service for users to share their daily life. Once you upload your post, you can attract users to be your Instagram followers by reviewing your original post. Simultaneously, the number of Instagram followers and posts likes has become the embodiment of influence. Therefore, people begin to find ways to add Instagram followers as soon as possible.

 Add Instagram Followers

Why We Need to Add Instagram Followers?

Just as mentioned above, the number of Instagram followers and likes can directly showcase the social influence. Therefore, when some brands look for business partners, they rely on these statistics to make a selection for the ideal social influencer. Under such circumstances, how to get more Instagram followers becomes important for an influencer, who want to make a living through cooperation.

However, finding effective ways to increase Instagram follower seems to be very urgent according to the “Hide Like” accident happened on March 3rd, 2021. Many users found that they couldn’t directly see the likes of a Feed post as before, which caused a panic among the public. Although the Instagram Official explained this as an unintentional bug, a great number of people are still worrying about this upcoming situation- Instagram will ban the like-seeing function sooner or later. It is noteworthy that many countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan as well as New Zealand have been implemented these policies.

Cover of Instagram

No one can know the deadline of this worldwide policy, but many Instagram users are trying to find ways to mitigate the impact of this move. It’s certainly to say that the number of Instagram followers will be the most important aspect to judge one influencer’s value. You may struggle to significantly increase Instagram followers. No worries! This article offers 5 workable ways to add Instagram followers, and you can pick the most suitable one you like.

4 Common Ways to Add Instagram Followers

Below we will give four conventional methods for you to increase Instagram followers without a penny. We will discuss them one by one and list reasonable explanations.

 1. Use Proper Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags used to appear on blogs but it no longer more since it has been applied to social media. You must have the experience that when you add a hashtag to your post, you can see relevant top post recommendations. That’s the reason why we choose this method to add Instagram followers. When your upload a post with some hashtags, more relevant and targeted followers will be sent to you via the hashtags in your post. Moreover, Instagram supports this function and allows users to add up to 30 hashtags per one post, so you can select hashtags as many as you like. One thing to mention is that do not use the same hashtags every time. Try different hashtags that can extend your exposure. Use Hashtages to Add Instagram Followers

2. Launch Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a new feature launched by the Instagram group in August 2017. Similar to Instagram Stories, Instagram users can demonstrate posts in a video form to extend engagement. Tutorials, interviewing, Q&As, and chatting are mainstreaming Instagram Live types you can apply. When you broadcast an Instagram live, viewers can share your platforms to attract more potential fans. It’s reported that 80% of audiences would like to watch an Instagram Live than directly read a blog post. Therefore, this is a great way to add Instagram followers with no doubt.

 Launch Instagram Live to Add Instagram Followers

3. Know Your Targeted Followers Better

There is an old saying: Customer is the God but here it can be explained to targeted followers is the God. Knowing your targeted follower is the principal step to get loyal Instagram followers. On this basis, you can create corresponding content, design your Instagram profile and find your style to attract more potential Instagram followers. Try to be distinguishable and then leave a deep impression on viewer's minds, then you’re more likely to get considerable Instagram followers.

 4. Increase Instagram Account Exposure

Many people are not running on social media platforms these days. Expose your Instagram username on your rest of the social applications like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok channel, YouTube as long as you like. This helps you share all the platform's resources and use them to the extreme. Simultaneously, if you create all the usernames as the same one, there is more possibility for people to find you. Unconsciously, this approach helps you add Instagram followers.

Magic Method - Applying Instagram Followers Adder

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 How to Add Instagram Followers with GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers?

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The Bottom Line

Choose the most suitable one for you to add Instagram followers. If you want to get massive Instagram followers in a short, don’t miss this best app to get free real Instagram followers - GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers. Hope you can have a better Instagram community life after applying these methods to increase followers.

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