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Top 10 Instagram Followers Increase Apps & Fake Followers Apps [Updated]

Meet the top 10 free Instagram followers increase apps. You will also find fake followers apps to identify accounts from your following list. Instant & real growth!

Hedy > Updated 2023-05-10

Getting and increasing followers on Instagram, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms can be challenging. With more than one billion users, you have to try very hard to stand out from competitors. Luckily, various Instagram real and even fake followers apps are designed to place you on top of the table. Powered by advanced growth algorithms, such apps help get instant Instagram followers and likes on IG pages.

Fake Followers App & Instagram Followers Increase App

Instagram is slowly transforming into a business app. Doors to sponsorship deals and earning per post open once you clock 10,000 followers. Here, your account gets verified on Instagram and you can averagely earn $88 per post. The deal becomes sweeter when you hit 100k and 1,000,000 followers. Just think of $200 and $100,000 per post with this insane follower count! How to reach such growth? An Instagram followers increase app will help you save many efforts, so this article highlights the top 10 apps to increase followers on Instagram.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Instagram Followers Increase Apps

The following are the top 10 Instagram followers increase apps. Choose your most suitable app to increase Instagram followers faster. Keep reading, and you will also find popular fake follower apps.

No. IG followers appPricingCompatibilityReal or Not
1GetinselfGetInstaIns FollowersFreeiOS and AndroidYes
FreeiOS, Android, PCYes
3GetInsmartaFreeiOS, AndroidYes
5Getins+Free/PaidiOS and AndroidYes
8NewCamFreeAndroidLess Active
9InsproFreeAndroidLess Active
10Fast Followers & Likes Pro XFree/PaidAndroidLess Active

The Best 10 Instagram Followers Increase Apps for Real Growth

The following are the 10 apps to grow real and active Instagram followers. Besides follower count increase, you will also see higher engagement, which is how you can reach organic and efficient growth on Instagram.

1. GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers – Best Instagram Followers Increase App to Increase Followers

GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is one of the best 2023 Instagram real followers increase apps that take your Instagram followers count to another level. GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is developed to organically give you real free Instagram followers no trial to boost your threshold. It allows you to interact with real IG users by following and liking each other's posts. No risk to be doubted as fake followers on Instagram App, this tool sends only real followers. 

What’s more, you can earn free coins by following and liking people's posts, they can be used to increase your free followers on Instagram.

Unlimited Coins for Free Instagram Followers & Likes

Tap the button below to get coins for unlimited free Instagram followers, likes, views and comments now!

Join the Lucky Draw


Daily Check in


Follow Other Users
Comment on Other Posts


Like Other Posts

GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers supports various packages of Instagram followers organically, ensuring your account stays unsuspicious and safe. Moreover, it allows instant delivery of your followers and features on-time customer support.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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  • The app is designed by experienced tech teams.

  • Never log your private info in any way.

  • GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is the best free followers app. It also allows you to increase your followers and likes with coins. You earn coins by following and liking people’s posts.

  • Delivers followers instantly, increasing your Instagram follower count within a short time.

  • GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers gives real and active followers.

  • It is available on iOS and Android as two different apps with the same features. 

  • Does not include ads.


  • Earning coins for 10K Instagram followers and more may take a while. However, this measure keeps your account safe.

How to Use GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers to Increase Instagram Followers

Step 1: Download this Instagram increase followers app by clicking the button below.

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Step 2: Open GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers and create an account > Add one or more Instagram usernames. Earn coins by following Instagram users and liking Instagram posts.

 Best App to Increase Instagram Followers

Step 3: After getting enough coins, use the coins you earned to get free Instagram followers.

 Best Instagram Followers Increase App

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2. GetInsita - Instagram Followers Increase App with Increasing Popularity

GetInsita, from, will give your toal different experience than a fake followers app does. As the best increase followers on Instagram App for iOS users, it is designed to help you earn Instagram followers and likes within a short time. The app also provides a platform for following and liking each other's posts. Besides instant followers, this App also supports you to gain daily followers of 50, 150, and 200. 

The instant follower plan attaches likes bouns, which make a significant contribution in boosting your follower count and likes. More interestingly, it delivers free 1000 coins instantly after downloading and signing up. Android users will also find this app useful since the same developer has launched an Android version called GetInsita. 


  • GetInsita guarantees real followers and likes for free.

  • It quickly delivers organic followers and likes.

  • The app boasts tons of crucial features that can increase your followers and like.

  • It includes in-app purchases.


  • GetInsita doesn't support free followers on the iOS app. 

You can directly download the increased Instagram followers app by clicking the button below.

3. GetInsmarta – Best Instagram Followers Increase App for Free

GetInsmarta creates a platform where you can interact with people you follow. Interacting means following and liking each other's posts. The Instagram increase followers app is designed by a veteran team, ensuring your safety and real followers. Unlike fake Instagram followers app, Followers Gallery does not endorse fake accounts. With that in mind, it delivers real followers that boost the engagement rate in your account.  

Moreover, it is the best Instagram followers app for iOS and Android devices. Follower Gallery is a free followers increase app for Instagram that delivers free likes and followers simultaneously. The “coin for follower” system for increasing Instagram followers and likes for your posts highlights high-quality sources. Just earn these coins by following and liking posts to invite people to follow you on Instagram


  • Protects users’ privacy.

  • It allows you to get started with a username and password.

  • The app delivers free real followers every day to increase your social presence.

  • The amount of free followers given is directly proportional to the likes you get on your latest posts.

  • The shows accurate followers count thanks to its Instagram Followers Count. To put it in simple words, you may not need to log in to your account to check followers.

  • The app can support 5 accounts on the same device.

  • It helps you get free Instagram followers instantly and also boosts IG likes.  


  • Followers Gallery works with public Instagram accounts alone.

Click to download the follower increase app for Instagram now:

4. Getinself - Top Instagram Followers Increase App to Increase Followers and Likes

Getinself is another app to hack Instagram followers and likes. It is totally safe and clean, with no password required, you will get unlimited instant & daily followers and instant & auto likes to grow your IG. You can get free and unlimited coins, with which you can get followers and likes for free.


  • Both Instagram followers and likes services are free on Getinself.

  • It offers both instant and auto Instagram followers & likes.

  • You can get coins by sharing, opening a lucky draw, getting the daily bonus, and following & liking others.

  • You can buy followers & likes with coins or money. 

  • Up to 5 IG accounts you can add to Getinself.


  • Remove your account from it needs 24 hours.

Quick download this app and grow your IG account in no time!

5. Getins+ - Top Brand-New Instagram Followers Increase App

Getins+ is one of the well-reputed followers increase apps. We cannot say that it is a fake followers on Instagram App for it does send real followers. It is devoted to exposing your IG profiles to more potential Insta users and it is also specialized in increasing Instagram followers & likes directly. So if you want to grow your Instagram account fast, Getins+ is a deserved followers increase app that you shouldn't miss. 


  • Getins+ is available for iOS. It also has (Getinsita+) Android version. 

  • It enables you to get one-time Instagram followers within 24 hours.

  • It offers big discounts on holidays.


  • It is unable to split likes onto different posts.

Quick download this app and grow your IG account in no time! 

6. Crowdfire – Instagram Followers Increase App for Extra Features

The app is designed by professionals to help you get followers on Instagram. Also, it helps you create relevant content to feed your thirsty niche. Moreover, you can use the app to run multiple social medial accounts, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Linkedln. Crowdfire automatically pre-schedules posts and posts them at the ideal time for more likes.  The app's ability to customize social profiles can save you time and effort.


  • It works with more than one social media account.

  • The Instagram followers gain app suggests articles and images that suit your niche.

  • It allows you to share web pages to your social media accounts.

  • It pre-schedules posts automatically.


  • The app is only compatible with Android devices.

  • It contains ads.

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7. InsReports+ - IG Followers Tracker That Ticks All the Boxes

This Instagram followers tool provides paid follower growth services but that's not the point. As a matter of fact, InsReports+ serves more like an Instagram analyzer, with which you can easily control the condition of your account - Who's followed by you but not following back, a new follower that is actually a bot one, what's the best timing for posting, etc. And you can easily monitor the performance of your proud posts - are they consistently bringing you traffic? Because of this feature, InsReports+ is also an Instagram fake followers app for checking.


  • Daily followers & auto likes

  • Track the comments, hashtags, likes, followers on your account

  • Analyze the performance of your traffic


  • No Free Instagram followers services

How to increase followers on Instagram apps? Most processes involve similar steps as GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers does. Usually, you only need to do tasks to get virtual coins for free Instagram followers. There is one exception, however, Crowdfire. It more relies on common strategies like hashtags to help increase followers. 

8. NewCam – Nice Instagram Fake Followers App

NewCam is among the top free Instagram followers grow apps. It is a free Android app that automatically boosts Instagram followers and likes. Moreover, NewCam is easy to download and install on your Android device. The app boasts a vintage camera effect that allows you to create must-see photos. Also, its special editing enhances quality photos that can increase your follower count.

Top Fake Followers App - NewCam


  • It has a vintage camera that enhances eye-catching photos

  • The app allows you to share its features for improved social presence

  • NewCam has editing tools that help you design attractive photos

  • The app is easy to use and protects your Instagram account

  • It occupies less storage on your Android device 


  • NewCam is compatible with mobile phones boasting Android versions 4.4 and above.

  • This app is hinted to be a fake followers Instagram App.

9. Inspro - Free Instagram Followers Increase App & Bot

Inspro gains huge popularity among people who want to increase more Instagram followers and likes for free. It is designed as an free Instagram bot to grow your follower count automatically. There are free and advanced plans for different demands. Currently. Inspro is only available across Android mobile phones.

Top Instagram Fake Followers App


  • Intuitive user interface design

  • No requirement of personal information

  • Fast delivery


  • Followed by inactive profiles

  • Crashes on some Android versions

10. Fast Followers & Likes Pro X - Rapid Increase Fake Followers App

Fast Followers & Likes Pro X underlines super-fast performance. With this fake followers Instagram app, one can reach exponential growth of Instagram followers in a short time. Also serving as an Instagram likes app, it helps boost Instagram content greatly. As most people take a high follower count as an important reflection of a successful profile, people flock to this app to increase their follower metric. However, if you expect obvious engagement growth on your profile, you may get disappointed.

Fake Followers App to Increase Instagram Followers


  • Fast way to increase Instagram follower count

  • Get followers and likes with coins on Instagram

  • Direct process

  • Cons

  • Faster drop in follower count

Need an Instagram fake followers app to check, analyze, and even remove fake followers on Instagram? If you want to give your follower list a spring clean, move to the next part.

Other 2 Popular Instagram Fake Followers Apps

Fake followers Instagram apps can grow your follower count rapidly yet for high reliability and engagement, you’d better use one providing real followers. Have no idea whether an Instagram followers increase can bring real followers as it claims? Here are 2 fake followers on Instagram apps that can find and clean fake followers.

FakeFind - Clean Fake Follower App

FakeFinder is a tool to find out the suspected accounts in your list. You will find it helpful if you get Instagram followers on an unverified platform. It will send a notification when you get followed by a fake account. Then, you can analyze the profile and decide whether to remove the person from your follower list.

App to Check Instagram Fake Followers


  • Clean fake followers with one click

  • Easy follower analytics


  • No free version

Modash - Instagram Fake Follower Auditing Tool

Modash provides complete solutions to analyze Instagram profiles, including follower count, fake followers, engagement rate, and other metrics. It is primarily for the profile analytics of Instagram influencers. If you’re running a creator account and want to go into the profile, Modash is a good bet. This tool allows users to check the fake follower rate for free. To get updated data, an upgraded account is essential.

Fake Follower Check Instagram Free


  • Powerful analytics tool with various options

  • Accurate and overall data report

  • Ease of use


  • Expensive for a basic feature set

  • Overkill for personal account

FAQ: Instagram Fake Followers App vs Instagram Followers Increase App

Are fake followers Apps harmful to my Instagram account? Are Instagram increase followers Apps all real? 

Well, it is not a secret that Instagram followers increase Apps are mixed in quality. And not all of them are able to provide all real followers, otherwise, why do we need to pay for the real followers services. The only factor is whether an app is capable of sending followers, be they real or fake. 

Instagram fake followers Apps are not always harmful. Sometimes they send real followers and sometimes fake ones. But once your Instagram followers are boosted for once, there is a possible bright future for you. 

The list above involves 7 real followers increase apps and 3 Insta fake followers apps, 10 in total, all very powerful in distributing authentic number of followers. Now you can get them to carry out faster growth!


Apps to increase Instagram followers and Instagram fake followers apps for checking above are designed by reliable agencies. These options are efficient Instagram followers hacks. When allowing you to easily get followers and likes on Instagram, these Instagram followers increase apps are easy to download and use, and most of them are not Insta fake followers app.

What needs to point out is that the GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers app works on various devices, including Android phones, PC, and iPhones. GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers to increase Instagram followers are proven to be effective. Therefore, you can trust it for instant delivery of free likes and followers. Download the Instagram followers increase app - GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers or try the top pick now.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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