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#2021 Top 5 Apps to Increase Instagram Followers [100% Free & Real]

Looking for apps to increase Instagram followers? Check this guide and you’ll get 5 perfect Instagram followers increase apps!

Hedy > Updated 2021-08-24

Getting and increasing followers on Instagram, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms can be challenging. With more than one billion users, this app might still knock you out of business. However, apps to increase Instagram followers are designed to place you on top of the table. They use computer algorithms to link you with other Instagram users that need followers and likes.

 App to Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram is slowly transforming into a business app. Doors to sponsorship deals and earning per post open once you clock 10,000 followers. Here, your account gets an Instagram verification, earning $88 per post. The deal becomes sweeter when you hit 100k and 1,000,000 followers. Brands will be on your door asking for partnerships that might change your financial position. However, think of $ 200 and $ 100,000 per post with this insane follower count. This article highlights the top 5 apps to get followers on Instagram

Comparison Table of Top 5 Apps to Increase IG Followers 

No. IG followers appPricingCompatibilityRating (5 Stars) 
1{GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers appFreeiOS and Android4.8
3Followers GalleryFreeiOS and Android4.7

1. {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app – Best App to Increase Instagram Followers

{GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is one of the reliable 2021 apps that can take your Instagram followers count to another level. The app is designed to organically give you free real followers to boost your threshold. {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app allows you to interact with real users by following and liking each other's posts.  More interestingly, you earn free coins after following and liking peoples' posts. The coins you earn can be used to increasing free followers or exploring vital features of the app. {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app gives a reasonable amount of followers, ensuring your account stays unsuspicious and safe. Moreover, it allows instant delivery of your followers and on-time customer support.

Insfollowers app: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine


  • The app is designed by experts.

  • Ensures no one else accesses your private information.

  • {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is 100% free. It also allows you to increase your followers and likes with coins .you earn after following and liking people’s posts.

  • Delivers followers instantly, increasing your Instagram follower count within a short time.

  • {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app gives real and active followers.

  • It is compatible with iPhones, Android.

  • Does not include Ads.


  • The apps allow earning cons to a certain limit. However, this a measure that keeps your account safe.

How to use {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app to increase Instagram Followers

1: Download this app from Android Play Store and Apple Store. 

2: Open {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app and create an account > Add one or more Instagram usernames. Earn coins by following Instagram users and liking Instagram posts.

 Best App to Increase Instagram Followers

3: After getting enough coins, use the coins you earned to get free Instagram followers.

 Apps to Get Followers on Instagram

2. InstaBox - Instagram Followers Increase App

InstaBox, from, is the best app to get followers on Instagram if you are an iOS lover. It is designed to help you increase Instagram followers and likes within a short time. The app also provides a platform for following and liking each other's posts. InstaBox packs crucial features, including sticker maker, popular symbol, and line breaker. These features can have a significant contribution in boosting your follower count and likes. More interestingly, it delivers free 1000 coins instantly after downloading and signing up.


  • InstaBox Guarantees real followers and likes.

  • It quickly delivers organic followers and likes.

  • The app boasts tons of crucial features that can increase your followers and like.

  • It includes in-app purchases.

  • It is easy to use.


  • InstaBox’s certain features are expensive.

3. Followers Gallery – Best App to Get Followers on Instagram 

Follower Gallery creates a platform where you can interact with people you follow. Interacting means following and liking each other's posts. The app is designed by a veteran team, ensuring assuring your safety and real followers. Followers Gallery is not compatible with fake accounts. With that in mind, it delivers real followers that boost the engagement rate in your account.  Moreover, it works both on iOS and Android devices. Follower Gallery is a free app that delivers free likes and followers simultaneously. The “coin for follower” system allows you to increase followers and likes for your posts. One earns these coins by following and liking posts. 


  • Protects user’s privacy.

  • It allows you to get started with a username and password.

  • The app delivers free real followers every day to increase your social presence.

  • The amount of free followers given is directly proportional to the likes you get on your latest posts.

  • The shows accurate followers count thanks to its Instagram Followers Count. To put it in simple words, you may not need to log in to your account to check followers.

  • The app can support 5 accounts on the same device.

  • It delivers real free Instagram followers and likes instantly. 


  • Followers Gallery works with public Instagram accounts alone.

4. Crowdfire – App to Get More Instagram Followers

The app is designed by professionals to help you get followers on Instagram. Also, it helps you create relevant content to feed your thirsty niche. Moreover, you can use the app to run multiple social medial accounts, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Linkedln. Crowdfire automatically pre-schedules posts and posts them at the ideal time for more likes.  The app's ability to customize social profiles can save you time and effort.


  • It works with more than one social media account.

  • The app suggests articles and image that suit your niche.

  • It allows you to share web pages to your social media accounts.

  • It pre-schedules posts automatically.


  • The app is only compatible with Android devices.

  • It contains ads.

5. NewCam – App to Get Instagram Followers for Free

NewCam is among the top apps that allow you to get Instagram followers without spending a penny. It is a free Android app that automatically boosts Instagram followers and likes. Moreover, NewCam is easy to download and install on your Android device. The app boasts a vintage camera effect that allows you to create must-see photos. Also, its special editing enhances quality photos that can increase your follower count.


  • It has a vintage camera that enhance eye-catching photos

  • The app allows you to share its features for improved social presence

  • NewCam has editing tools that help you design attractive photos

  • The app is easy to use and protects your Instagram account

  • It occupies less storage on your Android device 


  • NewCam is compatible with mobile phones boasting Android versions 4.4 and above.


Apps to increase Instagram followers are designed by professionals to help increase your revenue.  These apps allow you to easily get real likes and followers on Instagram. Instagram followers increase app are easy to download and use. Moreover, they work on various devices, including Android phones, PC and iPhones. The apps to increase Instagram followers are proven to be effective. Therefore, you can trust them for instant delivery of free likes and followers. Download the Instagram followers increase apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Insfollowers app: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine


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