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Latest Insta Followers Pro iOS & APK Free Apps: 5 Brilliant Ones

Want to gain Instagram followers with the Insta followers pro iOS or APK? Check this passage for 5 helpful Insta followers pro apps and gain your followers fast!

Dale > Updated 2021-09-13

Instagram followers pro is an app as well as a website that offers free followers and post likes for your Instagram account. It gets very popular these days, which leads more people to download it and have a try. However, things turned disappointing that the Insta followers pro iOS doesn’t exist. But don’t worry, in this passage, you’ll have in-depth knowledge about the app to see that if it deserves to wait for the Insta followers pro iOS version, or, try the alternatives introduced in this article.

Insta Followers Pro iOS

Plus the Insta followers pro apk, this passage will provide a total of 5 apps for your reference, including the Android version, iOS version, and products supported by both models.

Overview of the 5 Insta Followers Pro iOS & Android Apps

The table below gives you an overall knowledge of the 5 Insta followers pro apps. To save your time, check the version that matches your devices directly.

Devices   Services
Real Followers
Insta followers pro Android 
Followers & Likes 
Not sure 
{GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app Android, iOS & Windows 
Followers & Likes 
Real Fasn Android 
Followers & Likes 
Not sure 
Followers Gallery Android, iOS & Windows 
Followers & Likes 
Turbo followers for  Instagram Windows, Mac, iOS & Android 

From the table, you can see that 3 of the 5 support iOS devices, and among the 3, {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app gets the highest score. Let’s have a close look at them.

Introduction of the 5 Insta Followers Pro Apps

Here is the information about the 5 Insta followers pro apps. Since there’s no Insta followers pro for iOS, if that’s what you want, there will be more detailed information for the best alternative listed in the second place.

  • Insta followers pro

Insta followers pro is a platform that offers both free and paid packages of Instagram followers and likes. You can find the Android app on the official website. No iOS version yet and both your IG username and password are needed here. 

Insta Followers Pro APK

Here are the steps of using it:

Step 1. Go to the official website of the Insta followers pro.

Step 2. Download the Android app to your phone.

Step 3. Sign in and link your Instagram account with your IG username and password.

Step 4. Follow and like others to earn coins.

Step 5. Buy followers with the coins you have. And you need to copy your IG post link to get likes from the Insta followers pro.

Here are some pros and cons summarized by users:


√ Free Instagram followers and likes are available.


× No Insta followers pro for iOS.

× IG password is needed even you choose to buy followers and likes with money.

× To get IG likes, you need to copy a link for your post to here instead of just picking it out inside the app.

  • {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app

{GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is a platform for real and active Instagram users to follow and like each other. It supports both Android and iOS devices. The best thing about {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is that free followers and likes can be hacked not only through follow back, but multiple easy tasks inside.

Insfollowers app: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine

There are 3 significant features of it:

Insta followers forever free

Not a 50 or 100 free Instagram followers trial, but a truly forever free. People use coins in this app to get followers or likes for their Instagram account. 100 coins can be earned through following a person and a like equals 20 coins. Except for that, there are many other easy tasks to earn unlimited free coins. Free followers and likes are available all the time.

Insta followers high-quality

All the users of {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app are real and active Instagram users just like you. Besides, when people doing tasks, people have the right to skip the ones that they don’t like. Which means, all the followers you get here are active Instagram users and follow or like your posts out of pure appreciation to you. You don’t have to worry about people who don’t follow you back on Instagram anymore.

Insta followers safe and reliable

{GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is so professional in sending IG followers, all their delivery is at a carefully calculated speed that would never be deactivated by Instagram. This app works in a way to expand the exposure of your profile and your posts, which totally reach organic growth.

Here are 3 easy steps to use it:

Step 1. Download {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app.

Step 2. Earn free coins through following people or liking posts, or gain coins with the multiple tasks inside.

Insta Followers Pro iOS - Step 2

Step 3. Buy Instagram followers or likes with the coins you have.

Insta Followers Pro iOS - Step 3


√ Support Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

√ All real & active Instagram followers and likes.

√ Permanently free Instagram followers and likes.

√ Buying Instagram followers and likes without an IG password is possible here.


× There’s no Mac version of it.

× There are giveaway packages of likes when you buy followers, while no giveaway packages when buying likes.

Except for the two Insta followers pro apps, here are 3 other helpful apps for your reference. Two of them support iOS devices, let’s have a look.

  • Real Fasn

Real Fasn is a paid Insta followers pro APK. It does have ways to earn free coins like the daily check and rate 5 stars, but the number of coins you can hack through them is poorly small. But if you are willing to spend money on it, it could be a nice helper for your Instagram.

Insta Followers Pro APK - Real Fasn

  • Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery is a platform that provides professional Instagram-related services. You can get 100% free and active Instagram followers here safely. Both Android and iOS devices are supported here. You can hack Instagram followers 10k free here quickly.

Insta Followers Pro App

  • Turbo followers for Instagram

Turbo followers for Instagram is an Insta followers pro app for getting more real followers on Instagram. With this magical app, you can earn Instagram followers on a follow-for-follow mode here.

Insta Followers Pro Free

The Bottom Line

That’s all the information you need to know about the Insta followers pro iOS. Since there’s only Insta followers pro APK so far, if you are desperate for an iOS app, you can choose the other recommendations. Among these other Insta followers pro apps, {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is more recommended for its professional performance. This hack Instagram followers 10k free app can bring you followers and likes safe and fast. 

Insfollowers app: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine

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