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Automatically Following on Instagram? You May Have Done These Things

For some reason you are automatically following on Instagram and the causes behind could be more severe than you think - the leakage of your password.

Gary > Updated 2022-04-29

The following to follower ratio is an important place to show if an account owner is influential or not. Basically, Instagram users despise those who have equal followers and followings, let alone those whose following accounts exceed the followers. Well, strict rules are adopted in tacit understanding, and any automatically following on Instagram will be intolerant. This passage will help you learn the reasons behind automatic followings. But also with the main point - easily eliminating them with free and professional tools.

Cover of Automatically Following on Instagram

How to Instantly Clean Automatically Following Accounts on Instagram for Free?

To quickly stop automatically recording and clean the auto-following accounts, we can first turn to a free Instagram follower tracker. Instagram follower tracker is a special type of tool that can give an overview of your account, indicating the ratio of real followers/to fake followers. Giving conclusions on whether the account has once interacted with your posts or not, etc.

  • InsReports+ - Detect the Unwanted Followings

InsReports+ is a dedicated analytic tool that is designed for Instagram influencers. With this brilliant assistant for Instagram promotion, you can track the performance of your posts, check the condition of your follower, and monitor the unfaithful Instagram users who never follow back. 

What’s more, you can also get clues on how many followers of yours are bot, how many followers you followed recently, etc. It is ideal to detect any auto-following actions on your account.

  • Mass Unfollow Tool

Now, considering that we have found out the target accounts that should be unfollowed at once, it is high time for us to choose a Mass Unfollow Tool to help us quickly liquidate the targets. 

But do bear one thing in mind this kind of tool will ask for your Instagram password and your Instagram account, so they can use the auto tool to inspect and remove the accounts that you are inclined to unfollow. That’s the thing - do choose a reliable one with no log policy or you will lose your precious Instagram account or get your account banned.

Click to see: How to Mass Unfollow with Instagram Followers Remover?

Why Automatically Following on Instagram? - You May Did These Things

Normally, Automatically following on Instagram is the result of password leaking. And reasons for password loss are multiple, mistrust the wrong Instagram service provider and they tamper with your account. Log in to insecure websites with your Instagram account & password. 

Here are some common behaviors that you may have done every day without paying attention, but they give away your private info for sure.

Automatically Following Renders IG Password Leakage

1. Mistrust the wrong Instagram promotion websites

It’s not a big secret that many Instagram users nowadays choose to entrust their accounts to 3-rd party Instagram promotion sites, with their password handed in for sure. But the truth is that many spamming IG growth websites claims to send free Instagram followers trial but ending up with making profits by tampering with their customers’ accounts and using the account to do follow-for-follow and then mass-unfollow. 

And the whole process looks exactly as if your account is automatically following on Instagram. 

2. The exposure of your IG password

Likewise, there are some other conditions in that you can have your password leaked. The cases can include malware App of all kinds. Instagram hashtag App, Instagram views App, Instagram caption App, Instagram bot follower App, etc. 

3. Click on redirects and login spam websites

Some free Instagram tools like username generator websites can comprise malicious advertisements, which will lead you to other harmful sites that plot for your private info. 

4. Unauthorized 3-rd party Instagram promotion Apps that ask you to log in

Instagram caption App, Instagram auto liker, Instagram content generator, etc. 

In the process of pursuing growth of Instagram followers, we can make mistakes and that’s the spam websites and Apps that should be blamed. Fully understand this factor and after an energy-taking search, there is a qualified Instagram followers App that is actually working. Let's jump right into it.

How to Automatically Get Followed on Instagram?

Now we have been through some cases of automatically following on Instagram. And clearly, the key is to avoid any Apps or Websites that ask for your password. Now, suppose we have cleaned the annoying accounts on our following list. It is time to get some free Instagram followers safely. 

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This passage explains why your account is automatically following on Instagram. The reasons could vary, but the root one is the leakage of your private info. Password leakage is the most common cause of auto-follow on users' accounts. And to prevent your followings from increasing again, you need to stay away from untrustworthy 3-rd party Apps, especially those that require your Instagram password. 

Luckily, Ins Followers is proven to be a qualified Instagram follower App, with which you can safely get free Instagram followers, 10-20 per day, without risks of exposing your account’s privacy. Please don’t hesitate to try this App and boost your account instantly.

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