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Fbsub Net Reels Liker Instagram: Free IG Views, Free IG Followers & LIkes

What is fbsub net? Why so popular in SMM? How to get free IG views and free Instagram followers & likes with it? Here is the guide.

Tom > Updated 2022-04-01

Following TikTok, the most influential short video platform in the world, Instagram and YouTube also support videos of up to 60 seconds in 2021. For creators, it’s genuinely smart to cross-post content. So, this feature benefits Instagram creators who also have a following on TikTok.

And like the TikTok algorithm, the more eyes on Instagram Reels, the better. But is there any solution to win free views for both TikTok and Instagram? The answer lies on fbsub net. Through, you will get free IG views, free IG followers & likes, free TikTok views.

Fbsub Net Free IG Views

And one thing need to be noted is that, limited by India and America officials, TikTok has been affected in the local social media market, so, some TikTok users are migrating their position from TikTok to Instagram. Happening with that is how to get fast free IG views for Instagram reels to replace TikTok accounts. In the article, some alternatives of fbsub net are also offered to help you solve the issue.

How to Use Fbsub Net Reels Liker Instagram?

As the reels are the new feature of Instagram, the official gives more inclination to it. So, more reels views, including story views and video views, is beneficial for you to pin your post to the top. delivers story views and video views for free.

Fbsub Net Instagram Reels Views

Step 1: Enter the

Step 2: Click ‘Use’ under the IG column.

Step 3: Type Username, check its Terms of Service.

Fbsub Net Reels Liker Instagram

Step 4: Enter IG password and login.

Step 5: Confirm the Gmail verification code.

Step 6: Select the Story, Reels or Post, tap ‘Send Views’.

Fbsub Net Instagram

[Tested]: After a few seconds, within one minute, the story views grow from 1 to 702 views. More 200 free ig views than fbsub net announced 500 views.

After Fbsub Net Instagram Views

After the test, some pros and cons of reels liker need to be mentioned:


  • Fast free IG views

  • 500 views one time

  • Unlimited sent times

  • Single and multiple post can be selected


  • IG password is needed

  • The verification email is needed

  • 5 minutes waiting between each sent

It is worth mentioning that fbsub net helps you get TikTok fans and views for free, make your content transfer and cross post valuable and worth looking forward to in a short period.

Alternatives of Fbsub Net

For most Instagrammers, the reels views are not the only metric of IG value, Instagram likes and Instagram likes are important as well. In the following review list, some alternatives sites of fbsub net can offer IG both free INstagram likes, free Instagram likes and Instagram views and so on.


Igtok provides 5 free Instagram views plans, including free video view, free story view, free profile view, free Explore view, and free IGTV view. Besides, it also sends users free Instagram followers and free likes.

Igtok Instagram Views


  • Comprehensive Instagram service

  • 500 views sent each time

  • Easier to use than fbsub net service


  • The sent duration is 30 minutes

  • Sent failures are frequent


  1. Enter the IGtok site.

  2. Select the Free Instagram Likes

  3. Paste Post link and tap Submit

Igtok Instagram Reels Liker

Final: Click IGTok Git Link

[Tested] The free IG views and free IG likes are sent automatically, but a long time waiting is necessary.

2. fansreal net

Unlike fbsub net, fansreal net offers Send Follow, Send Story View and Send Video Views service. works by getting the IG account and following huge accounts. So, if you want to get free ig views, followers and likes, you need to give away your ownership. Fansreal net is more like a free IG hack api in this case.

Fansreal Net Free IG Views Liker


  • Followers, Likes, Story Views, Video Views and Photo Save are available


  • No English version

  • Email verification is needed (unlike the fbsub net)

  • Credits are needed

  • IG account robs


1. Enter the

2. Select ‘Send Story View’

3. Login in with IG account

Login in Fansreal Net

4. Verify the security code by email.

5. Type the story views snet number and tap ‘Send Views’

Send 10 Free IG Views by

[Tested] Without permission, Fansreal net will steal the IG account and follow 100+ users the next morning.

Fansreal Net Scam


Igpanel net, beyond thought, is an all-pervasive ig service carrier. The most charming feature, quantity, make sure that the users can get actual free Instagram followers, likes, views, and even more than fbsub net, Instagram poll votes and comment likes. The users can get an all-around opportunity to go viral.

IGpanel - Free IG Services


  • Free video views, story views and live views

  • Unlimited free send available

  • Telegram group is available

  • Extra quantity can be achieved by login and YouTube channel subscription

  • Safer than fbsub net


  • 2 minutes waiting between each sent

  • Only Turkish and American versions


1. Enter site

2. Choose Story Views

3. Paste story link

Paste Story Link - Igpanel Net

4. Type the free ig views quantity

Free Story Views  Igpanel Net

[Tested] The free mac quantity of igpanel net is 30, and an extra quantity will be obtained by logging into the site and subscribing to its YouTube channel.

Before and After Igpanel Free Views

Count in the fbsub net,, and are 4 viable sites to get free ig views, and the later 3 sites are able to send followers, likes for Instagram as well. However, the risk of account rob needs to be taken by the users. And the authenticity of their services are uncertain.

Alternative Apps of Fbsub Net

Compared with the free site to get free IG views, the free alternative apps of fbsub net can be more likely safe and real. The following part lists 3 substitutable inside and outside apps to improve the service quality.

1. GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers

GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers is one of the hack Instagram followers apps. Developed by the professional getinstafollowers team in 2018, it offers Instagram free likes, followers and views trial. Also, users can buy the services on it with PayPal. The following features of GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers beat fbsub net.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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  • Real: Undoubtedly, GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers’ free IG views are real.

  • Safe: No verification, no password, no email.

  • Free: Unlimited coins by voluntarily following and liking others support free Instagram views.

  • Drop Protection: GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers is able to refill the likes and followers gap whenever it occurs.

  • Android and iOS Available: Unlike only online fbsub net services, Google Play and App Store is available.


  • No site service is available.


Step 1: Download and install the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers.

Buy Followers

Step 2: Add your Instagram account to the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers.

Add Account

Step 3: Tap “Get Views Now”.

Get Instagram Views

In a few seconds, you will get the planned free ig views.

Free IG Views

2. Getinsta

As remarkable as GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, Getinsta is an expert in getting Instagram free followers and likes. Available on Pc and mobile, it accommodates a preeminent place to help you obtain free Instagram followers and likes in s short time. Users can add up to 5 IG accounts on it to make the business likes fbsub net.


  • Getinsta offers a real Instagrammer pool

  • Real IG followers, likes, and views

  • Free unlimited coins support unlimited services


  • No online site service

  • No TikTok service

Unachievable is TikTok services, Getinsta cannot allow users to transfer or cross-post TT content to IG, however, the authenticity of free IG views on Getinsta will definitely bring IG views and followers of high quality.

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3. Getinself

iOS only though, Getinself tries a lot on free Instagram services like fbsub, more than free followers and likes, it also gives users the comment growth service. Getinself allows users to earn coins by simple tasks, which will be helpful to get free IG views later. Besides, it also makes different category comments delivery possible, like art, boy, girl, cat and so on.


  • Multiple free IG followers and likes plans

  • Free Instagram comment


  • iOS only

  • Instagram only

Bottom Line

Since the world disturbs, everything in life is inclusive, fbsub net may down someday, like any part of the world, so only when prepared can one be free. Except for,,, and are all the best second choices. Besides the online services, mobile apps like GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, Getinsta, and Getinself can help a lot when necessary. Just prepare and never give up.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
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  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
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