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Top 100 Hashtags to Increase Reels Views and Bonus Hack to Gain Instagram Reels Views

Do you need hashtags to increase reels views on Instagram ? Learn more about them and also check the Ins Followers app for more likes and followers.

Thea > Updated 2023-02-07

The building blocks of Instagram include posts, captions, stories, reels, and hashtags. The latter trends depend on the hot topics and that is why people will include more than 20 of them on a reel. You need hashtags to increase reels views but selecting the best ones is another trick altogether. Hashtags are known to make or break your brand and that is why you have to step into the game seriously.

Hashtags to Increase Reels Views

To gain more views for your reels, you need to accompany them with the right hashtags. Here, we will look at the benefits you get from reels hashtags for Instagram to get viral and which hashtags are trending in 2023. Want a quicker way to promote the reels? Keep reading.

What are the Benefits of Using Hashtags for Instagram Reels?

Hashtags come from different posts or stories posted. If they trend, associating your reels with them will earn you more views. That's why you need hashtags to increase views. Here is a breakdown of the benefits incurred when you add reels hashtags for Instagram to get viral.

Getting the Views

A relevant hashtag that's trending in your region or across the globe will allow those associating the hashtag with their products to also view your reels. So, it will appear on many people's feeds and that equals more likely Instagram reels views for you.

Get More Likes and Increase Engagement

The likes will also follow suit while a few trickle to your account for the following purposes. If you have hashtags to increase reels views, those finding your content useful or amusing will proceed to like, share and get to know your brand more.

Not all viewers will translate into likes and engagement but the exposure will help you get the few who will spread the word.

Promote the Brand Awareness

Whenever you have hashtags to increase views on reels, your name or brand's name is also on display. Those who dig in to find out more will know who you are and that's how your products and services get the recognition.

Businesses that have used hashtags to promote awareness stay at the top of the hashtag pages. So, those who still don't know you will have the first chance of knowing you better.

Grouping Content and Targeting Audience

The hashtags you use will make you appear on specific feeds. So, using the hashtags that relate to your niche will help you target those who need such services or products. That means you can use hashtags to promote a particular agenda and it will reach out to those who are actually interested.

Instagram Reels Hashtags Trending 2023

You want hashtags to increase reels views but do you know the ones that will actually give you the views you need? You need the Instagram reels hashtags trending in 2023 to stay relevant and you also need to deploy them based on what you are advertising.

Here are the 2023 trending hashtags based on HashTag Generator and other authoritative websites that generate the hashtags and analysis.

  • #instagramreels - 100%

  • #reels - 85%

  • #instagram - 79%

  • #instagood - 69%

  • #reelsinstagram - 59%

  • #trending - 44%

  • #love - 35%

  • #explorepage - 30%

  • #viral - 18%

  • #explore - 12%

Instagram Reels Hashtags Trending 2022

There are other similar hashtags for reels to get more views. Those closer to the one above have appeared on more posts as shown below:

Similar hashtags for reels

Appeared on posts


14,312 posts


13,493 posts


13,285 posts


12,263 posts

#taylorreels12,164 posts

9,692 posts


9,517 posts


9,259 posts


9,244 posts


9,035 posts

Top 100 Reels Hashtags for Instagram to Get Viral in 2023

We have seen what hashtags get the most views on Instagram this year. Those are the trendy ones but not all of them will fit in your niche. So, we are going to list 100 hashtags in groups of 20 focusing on most of the popular things that people do and post on Instagram.

Let's see the hashtags you need to increase IG reels view based on niches.

20 Best Travel Hashtags for Reels to Get More Views

  1. #nature

  2. #travel

  3. #love

  4. #photooftheday

  5. #photography

  6. #naturephotography

  7. #adventure

  8. #art

  9. #travelphotography

  10. #instagram

  11. #beautiful

  12. #photo

  13. #instagood

  14. #travelgram

  15. #summer

  16. #picoftheday

  17. #wanderlust

  18. #travelblogger

  19. #instatravel

  20. #landscape

20 Best Travel Hashtags for Reels to Get More Views

20 Best Fashion Hashtags to Increase Reels Views

  1. #fashion

  2. #instagood

  3. #like

  4. #photography

  5. #style

  6. #love

  7. #beautiful

  8. #picoftheday

  9. #model

  10. #art

  11. #beauty

  12. #photooftheday

  13. #follow

  14. #instagram

  15. #smile

  16. #ootd

  17. #followme

  18. #instadaily

  19. #me

  20. #likeforlikes

20 Best Funny Hashtags to Increase Reels Views

  1. #dailymeme

  2. #memes

  3. #relatablememes

  4. #spicymemes

  5. #joke

  6. #dankmemes

  7. #lol

  8. #funny

  9. #bestoftheday

  10. #dogsofinstagram

  11. #billiefan

  12. #puppylove

  13. #billie

  14. #bulldog

  15. #cute

  16. #smile

  17. #happy

  18. #wildwildwest

  19. #funpage

  20. #iconic

20 Best Fitness Hashtags to Increase Reels Views

  1. #instafit

  2. #motivation

  3. #fit

  4. #fitness

  5. #gymlife

  6. #pushpullgrind

  7. #envywear

  8. #PleaseForgiveMe

  9. #grindout

  10. #trainhard

  11. #flex

  12. #instafitness

  13. #gym

  14. #dedication

  15. #strength

  16. #ripped

  17. #fitnessgear

  18. #eatclean

  19. #grow

  20. #focus

20 Best Trending Hashtags for Reels to Get More Followers

  1. #love

  2. #instagood

  3. #fashion

  4. #photooftheday

  5. #beautiful

  6. #art

  7. #photography

  8. #happy

  9. #picoftheday

  10. #cute

  11. #follow

  12. #tbt

  13. #followme

  14. #nature

  15. #like4like

  16. #travel

  17. #instagram

  18. #style

  19. #repost

  20. #summer

20 Best Trending Hashtags for Reels to Get More Followers

How to Get More Instagram Reels Views & IG Followers

You are now familiar with hashtags to increase reels views. Depending on your niche you can choose the ones that suit your audience and those you are targeting. The question however still remains, are hashtags enough to bring more views to your reels?

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Steps to Quickly Increase IG Reels Views & IG Followers

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The Bottom Line

You can use hashtags to increase reels views among other aspects and watch your Instagram account grow to new heights. When comes to finding a faster way to boost engagement, then consider having the GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers, the best followers app get real Instagram followers for free. It will get you the Instagram followers and likes you need for your Instagram reels and account. Free yourself from the hashtag dilemma and leave it to the app, hack Instagram followers for increasing Instagram reel views and see how your Instagram reel views go viral. 

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