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Ultimate Answer to How Much Does It Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

This post tells how much does it cost to buy Instagram followers with 4 options, along with the best site to buy Instagram followers cheap, real, fast, and safe.

Grace > Updated 2023-05-06

Instagram is more than just a social media platform; it is also used by a lot of influencers, celebrities, and business owners to grow their businesses. Whether you want to grow your business or develop a personal account on Instagram, the key is to have a large number of Instagram followers. To save time and effort to gain followers, buying Instagram followers is a great option. So, how much does it cost to buy Instagram followers? How to buy Instagram followers at a cheap price? Is it worth it to buy followers on Instagram? This passage answers all your doubts and chooses the best site for you to buy Instagram followers at a cheap price.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Instagram Followers with Best Site

There are many sites to buy Instagram followers, and for each site the price varies. We find 4 representative and high-quality sites from a large number of websites. Here is the table of these 4 sites and their prices to show you how much does it cost to buy Instagram followers. By comparing the prices of these 4 sites, you can get a general idea of how much does it cost for Instagram followers and which is the best site you should choose. Let’s take a look!














Mr. Insta















According to the table above, buying Instagram followers is not expensive for those who have a budget. The above 4 sites are all very good sites to buy Instagram followers. You can choose one site to buy IG followers according to your own needs. has the lowest pricing of the 4 sites in the table, averaging only $0.018 to $0.032 per follower. The more IG followers you purchase, the more cost-effective it becomes. So if you want to buy high-quality Instagram followers at the cheapest price, is the best choice. 

What Else Can You Get from Best Site

As mentioned above, is considered the best of the 4 representative sites. In fact, it is also the most cost-effective website. You'll get much more than the cheapest price. Continue reading to learn its advantages.

  • Discounts and Gifts

It is always running a sale. You can get up to a 70% discount. Purchasing 2000 Instagram followers is the best deal, with an average cost of $0.018 per follower. Furthermore, you will receive more Instagram followers than you paid for because it will offer you additional free Instagram followers. For example, buying 1000 to get 500 free followers, 2000 to get 1000 free followers, and 3000 to get 2000 free followers.  

  • Unlimited Real IG Followers

It is developed by a professional and experienced team to helps users on Instagram hack unlimited followers. Countless users gather in this community and interact with each other. So all Instagram followers you buy are 100% authentic and active Instagram users, not robots.  

  • Instant Followers and Daily Followers

It gives you two options based on your needs: instant IG followers and daily IG followers. If you want to watch a huge number of followers grow quickly, you can choose Instant Followers. If you want to see your IG followers grow every day but it's a hassle to buy every day, a daily plan can help you easily get more than 100 Instagram followers every 24 hours.

  • Fast Delivery

It allows you get Instagram followers instantly. Whether you choose to buy instant followers or daily followers, you can see significant changes on your Instagram account within 24 hours.

  • 100% Safe & Private

It helps you buy real Instagram followers by following Instagram rules and algorithms to achieve organic growth, so your account is totally safe. And there’s no virus, no leak, and no password.

How to Buy Instagram Followers on Best Site 

Step 1. Go to the official store. Choose to buy Instant Followers or Daily Followers.

Buy Instagram Followers Offer

Step 2. Make sure how many followers you want to buy and select the package. Enter your Instagram username and click OK. 

Step 3. Click “Buy Now” button to complete the purchase with credit card or PayPal.

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How Much Does It Cost to Buy Instagram Followers - Is It Worth?

The above part tells you how much does it cost to buy Instagram followers. You may wonder is it worth, or evaluate what you can get after paying for Instagram followers, even though buying Instagram followers is so cheap and easy. Keep reading and know why is it worth to buy Instagram followers on the best site.    

More Time to Focus on Content

Unlike traditional methods, buying Instagram followers with a good site offers high-quality followers is the most effortless and fastest way. You don't need to spend a lot of time to grow your IG followers. Hence you have more time to focus on your content to create more amazing and popular posts.

Boost Instagram Growth

When you buy a large amount of Instagram followers, the Instagram algorithm will recommend your account to others. And this undoubtedly brings in new audiences. You get more Instagram likes, comments, and even more free Instagram followers. This is the most sustainable technique to grow your IG account!

Increase Your Popularity and Influence

When you buy 100k Instagram followers, your Instagram followers increase, and more people will see your posts and profile, and you gain a lot of popularity. People will be more convinced of accounts with a large number of followers and be more likely to interact with such accounts. This steadily increase your influence and attract additional users to become your followers.

Attract Traffic and Earn More Money

As mentioned above, when you increase your popularity and influence by buying Instagram followers, you get a lot of traffic. Next you can convert traffic into money, which is called traffic monetization. More IG followers make your products more credible if you sell them on Instagram. People will buy your products, thus increasing your sales.

Purchasing directly through the website is a good way. But if you have a long-term demand for buying Instagram followers and want to buy Instagram followers more conveniently, you can use the best app - GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers. You may wonder how much does it cost to buy followers on this app. Don’t worry. The price of the app is the same as the official website. There are also discounts and gifts.


That’s all about how much does it cost to buy Instagram followers and how to buy Instagram followers at a cheap price. In a word, buying Instagram followers is not expensive but well worth it, which is a fast and easy way to grow your account. It is highly recommended that you use the best site - to buy Instagram followers at a cheap price. If you use the best Instagram followers app - GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers, you can even get free IG followers. Although you need to spend some time earning coins to get free Instagram followers.  

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