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How to Be Followed on Instagram with 3 Practical Methods

Want to know the latest tricks to get followers within the ever-changing Instagram? Check out this article to learn how to be followed on Instagram in 2021.

Gary > Updated 2022-01-20

With the iteration of Instagram algorithms, the only thing remain unchanged is the massive follower base. With the decent number of followers, your can effortlessly prompt your Brand, drawing more audience & views, and eventually reach a broader exposure. In another word, the larger follower base you have, the higher benefits and transformation you are about to see. 

How to Be Followed on Instagram with 3 Practical Methods

There are multiple ways to help you grow Instagram followers for sure, but in this article, you will be introduced 3 most particle methods in 2021, which tells you how to be followed on Instagram. Let’s keep reading!

How to Be Followed on Instagram – Follow for Follow

The “Follow for Follow” is an age-old strategy that still works for acquiring Instagram followers today. The practice requires you to be a positive follower, and follow as many Instagram accounts as possible. You need to engage with these accounts regularly. The more Instagram accounts you follow and engage with, the more likely they follow back. It’s a useful method if you want to increase Instagram followers without any app.

The mechanism seems so simple, if you want to know how to get Instagram followers instantly, check out the steps down below.

Step 1. Identify the topic/niche related to your Instagram.

Step 2. Search for a popular hashtag related to your topic. Choose a hashtag between the range of 1 million and 50 million posts.

How to Be Followed on Instagram with Follow for Follow

Step 3. Navigate to the result page and locate the top 9 posts. Follow the accounts of these posts.

Then you may have to rinse and repeat until Instagram suspends your following actions. The “Follow for Follow'' strategy can be great for growing followers and brand awareness but there are challenges, too. Just check out the Pros and Cons down below.


- Good for building a relationship on Instagram

- Free and engaged Instagram followers

- You may find followers in your niche


- Followers growth can’t be guaranteed 

- It’s an incredibly time-consuming practice

- Restricted by Instagram daily action limit 

- Inefficient and hectic process 

Apart from the “Follow for Follow, there are some traditional ways to help you grow your Instagram, read on.

How to Be Followed on Instagram – Traditional Tricks

The “Follow for Follow” is a simple and cost-effective method to get engaged Instagram followers, but there’s more you can do. Some traditional methods can be employed for followers acquisition. Want to know how to be followed on Instagram in traditional ways? Check out 4 tricks down below.

  • Trick 1. Build Up Your Bio to Attract Real Followers.

Do you know you can simply get followed by Instagram bio? Get the most out of the 150 characters and make a killer impression with your Instagram potential followers. Try to polish your profile photo to catch people’s attention and create a brief and interesting bio with a touch of your personality, so people know the highlights of who you are and what you do. (You may also like: how to hack instagram followers in 2 minutes)

How to Be Followed on Instagram with Bio Building

  • Trick 2. Post engaging videos to Get Exposed to Followers

Video simply works better than pictures, because it captures longer attention. Try to post engaging videos more often than images. According to the Instagram algorithm, the more your video is viewed, the more likely it appears on the Explore page and is exposed to more people. Viral video is the most effective way to get new Instagram followers. (You may also like: How to Get Instagram Followers without Posting)

  • Trick 3. Use Hashtags to Get Discovered by Followers

While there are tons of similar content stuffed on Instagram, using hashtags wisely can help you get discovered by potential followers and stand out from the crowd. You can find out the performance of the hashtags, and build a more effective strategy based on analytics. Meanwhile, try to use hashtags that are unique and highly relevant to your target audience. 

How to Be Followed on Instagram with Optimizing Hashtags

Want to double your Instagram followers? Try business partnerships with other Influencers. The trick is a win-win solution for both parties. The collaboration allows you to grow followers effectively by getting more views on your content and increasing your reach to a broader audience. 

While traditional remains long-term tactics, check out the following to learn how to be followed on Instagram quickly!

Compared with Traditional Tricks Above, 3 Quick Steps to Gain Real Followers

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  • How to Be Followed on Instagram in 3 Clicks? [1K Quickly]

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How to Be Followed on Instagram with Insfollowers Get Coins

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How to Be Followed on Instagram with Insfollowers App

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How to be followed on Instagram? You can go with the “Follow for Follow” strategy but please mind that it’s a time-consuming and hectic process. If you want to build your audience quickly, try GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, the best app to increase Instagram followers efficiently. While the Instagram algorithm keeps changing, the only way to stay on top of the trend is to get as many followers as you can. Your followers count is still one of the significant metrics to help you gain a competitive edge in the increasingly fierce Instagram game. At the same time, don’t forget to focus on creating valuable content and maximize organic reach with traditional tricks!

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