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How to Say Follow Us on Instagram in DM/Caption/Social Media – Tips & Examples

Saying follow us on Instagram is one way to get Instagram followers. Read the tips and examples to say follow us on Instagram in DM/Caption/Social Media.

Lane > Updated 2022-06-29

There are many ways to capture people’s attention on Instagram and trigger the following. One of them is saying ‘follow us on Instagram’ for more views of what you are advertising and engagements. 

How to Say Follow Us on Instagram

The problem is that people still don’t know how to say follow us on Instagram the right way. You can try out a few moves like asking someone to follow you, saying it directly on your caption, or writing something convincing that will lead to more followers. If you have no idea after brainstorming, this guide will provide three tips on how to write follow us on Instagram in DM, caption, and other social media. 

We also have a way to get free Instagram followers on your account without struggling much. So, keep reading because we have the goodies you need. 

How to Say Follow Me on Instagram in DM

Back in the day, sending people DMs via Instagram was impossible if the other user had not initiated a conversation. Now, there are various ways to crack that, and you can also use the available methods to learn how to say follow us on Instagram via direct messages

If you have a few people who can send messages directly, you can start using the manual way. You can copy-paste the personalized messages and send them to your followers. It’s a time-consuming method, but it’s one of the ways to say follow us on Instagram to double your Instagram followers. As you do so, remember to write personalized messages that will trigger an action instead of looking like a scam. 

If you don’t want copy-pasting, you can use the full Instagram app to run an ad campaign via the account management tab. All you need to do is go to the said tab and select the option to run a campaign via the account module. You can search the followers you would like to send the messages to, and there is a range to specify. Write the "Follow us on Instagram" messages in rows to personalize the messages for each receiver. After that, you can send them immediately or schedule the time to send them. 

Here are a few examples of how you can write personal messages. As you use the examples, you can add more words depending on the person you are addressing and the information you would like to convey:

  • Join me for more discoveries by following me on Instagram 

  • I appreciate the time you take to view my posts. Follow my Instagram account to see more like this. 

  • I would like to collaborate with you in the future for such services. Follow me on Instagram for more inspiration. 

  • Follow my Instagram account to see what I’m talking about, among other offers. 

  • Stay up-to-date with me by following me on Instagram. 

How to Ask to Follow Us on Instagram in Caption

If you can’t go the DM way, you can check how to say follow us on Instagram on the caption. People have found it tricky to entice people to follow via captions. If you have a message that will stop people from scrolling, you can use that as the bait. Your caption will say more about the post and the brand, so you must be careful as you type it. As you write the caption, you can include how to say follow me on Instagram as the last statement after conveying the information. 

Before you get to the part where you call on the followers, you need a few tips to construct a message that will have the targeted audience reading, liking, and following, among other engagement ways. 

First, you need to write a heading that will stop people from scrolling. After that, ask a question or place a statement to make the target audience feel that you would like to address their problem. After that, you can include a body explaining the solution and all the right hashtags. In the end, you can have a statement looking like the examples below to entice the viewers for more following: 

  • Would you like to see more of these photos? Follow me on Instagram

  • There are more traveling and scene ideas to view. Join me on Instagram for more discoveries. 

  • Follow us on Instagram for more laughter. 

  • Stay updated by following my Instagram account 

  • Follow us on Instagram for more photos and information about our exclusive offers. 

How to Write Follow Us on Instagram in Social Media

These days, we have cross-promotion. This means you can post something on Instagram and share it on other social platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. After sharing, you should check out how to say follow us on Instagram while on other social platforms

How you write it will make all the difference since other platforms have different advertising algorithms and unwritten rules on how to do things. Twitter is the hardest platform to crack, but people have done it already. So, there is hope for you. The message you want to convey should be the same as you cross-promote. If you can integrate your Instagram account with other platforms (especially Facebook), that’s much better. 

How to Write Follow Us on Instagram in Social Media.png

If you cannot integrate, ensure you have a way to include your Instagram profile link. After writing your message and following all the rules you need for optimization, here is how to say follow us on Instagram on other social accounts: 

  • Find us on Instagram, where we help businesses like yours post engaging content and connect with the right customers 

  • Join our Instagram account for more videos, photos, and tips. 

  • There is more about this where this came from on my Instagram account. Follow us there to stay updated on our next course of action. 

  • Would you like to know what else we do? Follow us on Instagram and explore more capabilities. 

  • Let’s connect on Instagram for more interesting tips and views on the best strategies.

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The Bottom Line 

There is nothing difficult when learning how to say follow us on Instagram as long as you have the right techniques. You can combine the organic strategies we have highlighted with the power of the INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers app. 

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