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All You Need to Know About How to Start an Instagram Account and Get Followers

Getting a good number of followers is always the wish of everyone. In this article, I have analyzed everything you need to know on how to start an Instagram account and get followers instantly.

Colin > Updated 2022-03-11

Among the most popular social media platforms, Instagram has been rated the best. This makes this platform a nice place to invest your time but growing a large audience base is never easy. 

The platform is very diverse; it has more than 1 billion users worldwide. With the rapid modernization, it has been estimated that 71% of businesses in the USA use social media platforms. Even though Facebook is the oldest, there is that adrenaline that everyone gets while using Instagram compared to Facebook. 

Therefore it has been reported that Instagram generates more than four times the number of interactions compared to Facebook. This makes it the best platform for aspirant entrepreneurs and content creators. 

How to Start an Instagram Account and Get Followers

When googling how to start an Instagram account and get followers, it is easy to come across many tips. However, most tips and tricks only work on bigger accounts and never for users struggling with a hundred followers. Many people never pay much attention to the small accounts, and thus it makes it hard to reach the first 1000 followers. 

Therefore the following tips will help you start an Instagram account and get 1000 followers.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Skyrocket Growth

Creating an Instagram is one of the simplest procedures, and the best thing is that it can be done through your mobile phone in the comfort of your sitting room. Therefore below is the procedure.

1. Navigate through your mobile phone, and to the android users go to the google play store, and apple users go to App store. Search for Instagram, then download and install

2. Once the application has been installed, tap it to open

3. Since you are a first-time user, tap on the signup with an email address or a phone number. This is an option for android users. To the iPhone user, click on create a new account, fill in your credentials, and tap next. Also, there is an alternative to logging in with a Facebook account.

4. After registering with your email address or phone number, create a username and password, fill in your profile, and tap on the next to be redirected to the homepage.

Make a Good First Impression With Your Instagram Bio

Having a solid bio shows your understanding of what you are doing, and you are determined to take it to greater heights. The Instagram bio is the business card, portfolio, and website home page, all compressed into one. 

Therefore customizing it to make a great first impression is one of the best techniques to convert Instagram visitors into followers. A perfect Instagram bio should be customized to attract attention, define the nature of your business, and provide an easy platform to your audience on ways of conducting you. 

Creating an eye-catching bio is an art that requires special skills to get all the information concisely consequently, it is an excellent option to highlight what you do and if you are on Instagram for business ventures or just for personal matters.

Then it would be best if you wrapped it up with photos, words, emoji, and font styles to define what you do. Then choose your name and the handle you intend to use wisely by ensuring they match.

Create a Unique Instagram Aesthetic that Fits Your Brand

The aesthetic used on your Instagram is the first thing that your potential customers will notice after checking your brand's profile. The colors used, layout, tone, and overall feeling are a whole package that contributes to making an aesthetic that will help you gain more followers on Instagram. 

While creating a unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic, it should convey the brand's voice personality to make your followers recognize your content with a lot of ease. To establish your brand, define your targeted audience and the core values of your business. 

Even though it looks like something, small color has a greater influence in creating a unique Instagram aesthetic for your brand. According to some research, consumer buying decisions are greatly influenced by color, so having a greater taste of color the more you impact your business bottom line.

Posting Consistently Matters on Social Media

Whenever one decides to venture into social media marketing, one should understand that consistency is the key. One needs to be consistent to be recognized since it helps grow audience engagement and reach. 

This requires a whole package of skills since you need to use your Instagram insights to determine which time your targeted audience is most active. This will help you post the right content at the right time, increasing your chances of engaging with your audience. 

Also, Allow your audience to know you better since the more they engage with your content, the higher it will appear on their feeds which is ideal in expanding your reach and thus will enable you to get Instagram followers instantly

Scheduling your content is also a great way of building a solid portfolio since it will give you peace of mind in that you will not post anything on the days that you are lacking inspiration.

See What Is Trending and Adapt It to Your Content Creation

Trends in the market keep on changing within a short duration and, therefore, one needs to adapt to the realities of times. Even though many of the changes are subtle, some are entirely new ways that might drive success into your business by reaching more of your targeted audience. 

In contrast, the content marketing strategy depends on the nature of your industry, business goals, core values and mission and vision statements, the product type or services. 

Seeing what's trending will help you know where you will put more emphasis and manipulate effectively to have many Instagram followers hacks, increasing your targeted audience. Therefore you should spare more time looking at the trends in the market and analyzing them. Never ignore anything since any information gathered is beneficial.

Engage with Your Instagram Followers

Engaging with your existing followers is the best way of gaining more followers. This can be done by writing an open-ended question and then using a poll to spark the conversation. You should use every comment as an opportunity to gain new followers or to maintain the existing ones. Be friends with your followers, and it will be worth your while.

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In Conclusion

creating a professional-looking and enticing Instagram bio is an art that can be mastered if one keeps on perfecting it every time. Still, sometimes it can be very overwhelming, especially for people who want things done quickly. Therefore, our mobile application will help you start an Instagram account and get many followers with little effort. 

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