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10 Insta Liker Apps to Get Free Instant IG Liker for Android & iOS

Improve the influence of your Instagram account via Instagram liker app? Check 10 Insta liker apps to boost 50 likes auto liker Instagram and more instantly.

Ann > Updated 2022-09-08

If you are not an influencer or celebrity like Ronaldo, you have to stop dreaming of getting millions of Instagram likes with one post organically. It is becoming less and less effective to grow IG likes with old techniques like adding hashtags or captions on your post, so you need to seek a new way, for example, Insta liker apps. As its name implies, it is an Instagram liker app specialized in assisting you with surge likes on Instagram. 

Insta Liker App

With the help of this type of tool, you can easily get free and fast Insta likes & followers, with no need to waste extra time and money. And in this article, we’ll share with you 10 Insta liker apps for your multiple choices.

5 Insta Liker Apps Help Gain Likes on Instagram Instantly in 2022

The following content will illustrate the practical use of how Insta liker increases post likes on Instagram. One thing that needs to be clear is that post likes contain the likes for pictures, videos, Instagram Story, reels, and so on.

GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers

GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers is the first recommendation among all Insta liker apps. People may ignore its ability to gain Instagram likes because its name has nothing to do with likes. But the truth is GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers is a powerful Instagram auto liker, good at screening out IG likes from registered Instagrammers from a specific field and sending them to your pictures and videos. So it is popular among businesses, brands, and sponsored users.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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Take a glance at its main features.

  • GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers offers both Insta liker free trial and paid plans at a cheap price.

  • It is a high-compatible Instagram liker app that can be used on Android and iOS phones. 

  • With it, you can get a reward of 5000 Instagram likes while gaining a 5000 free Instagram followers trial.

How to apply this Insta liker app into practice?

Step 1. Download it and create a new account with an email. It won’t ask for your IG password.

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Step 2. To get Insta liker free trial, you need to do several easy tasks. Then, you’ll gain coins from them.

Step 3. Click the “Get Likes” button and slide to pick the posts on your profile. Next, confirm to exchange coins for likes, after that, you can add 100, 200, 500 and even more IG likes to the chosen post.

Get Insta Likes with the Best Insta Liker

Except for doing simple tasks with this Insta liker to increase Instagram likes, there are a lot of hidden surprises/;p prepared for you to gain coins at one click.


The second recommended Insta liker app is named GetInsta, which is a well-known Instagram tool among the groups to strengthen IG influence with Instagram likes and followers. Insta liker is a necessary and effective existence for all sizes of businesses and brands to enhance their online performance and exposure. GetInsta is such an assistant for you to achieve your goal by getting high-quality Insta likes from a 20 free Instagram likes trial to 100 Insta likes trial day by day. Besides, GetInsta is also praised for its high compatibility that it can be used on Android, iOS phones, and PC as well.

Followers Gallery

As a matter of fact, Instagram likes and followers are mutually reinforcing. Though Followers Gallery is majored in gaining Instagram followers instantly, it offers Insta likes as well. Therefore, it is also a kind of Instagram liker app. You can get free likes by finishing several simple tasks or buy Instagram likes directly with this Insta liker. Moreover, you can go to its blog page to find hundreds of tips on increasing your IG account, such as “how to hack Instagram followers in 2 minutes”. With enough Insta followers, you’ll get more Insta likes on your pictures, videos, stories, and reels too. 


Different from the above 3 rated choices, InsBottle is an Insta liker that is special for iOS users. So if you are using Instagram on an iPhone, you can download InsBottle to get Instagram likes iOS easily. With the help of InsBottle, you are able to gain fast Insta likes without worries about private data leaking. Because it applies best-in-class encryption to the whole process of gaining Instagram likes and followers. Furthermore, its in-app purchase plans enable you to buy real Insta likes from authentic IG users instantly. 


Like4Like is an Instagram bot liker that can be used on Android, PC, and Chrome Extension. Compared to the former recommendations of Insta liker, Like4Like is totally free to get Instagram auto likes as long as you keep it running on your device. As time passed, the free likes you can get will increase, but at the same time, it will make your profile like others’ posts automatically. Because you need to log into it to gain free likes. In this way, you get unlimited Insta likes free and you are exposed to the dangers either. 

Get Insta Likes with Insta Liker Apps

5 More Practical Alternatives for Insta Liker Apps to Get Instagram Likes

Except for the above 5 Insta liker apps that can get you unlimited free Instagram likes, the following 5 alternatives for Insta liker apps can also do well in growing your IG profile with increasingly likes.

Magic Liker

Magic Liker is developed by Punicasoft, and it is an Instagram auto liker only for Android users. This Insta liker app will help you easily become popular on Instagram via totally free likes. It means that Instagram Magic Liker has no in-app purchase. However, there is a hidden risk. That is you are not able to use it too much often or your IG profile will be monitored by the Instagram official. So you can use it for a one-time free trial, not a long-time Instagram growth tool.

Get Insta Likes with Magic Liker

Turbo Like for Instagram;

Turbo Like for Instagram is a free Insta liker app for every registered Instagram user to get thousands of free likes quickly. Whether you are using Android phones or iOS phones, Turbo Like for Instagram is available for you to get Instagram likes from genuine users who are interested in the same fields. These likes perform much better than the Insta likes from Instagram bot liker. However, there is also a limitation that you have to view or like others’ pictures and videos first, and then get credits to exchange for free likes back.

Get Insta Likes with Turbo Like for Instagram

Get Instant Likes

Get Instant Likes is an Android APK, developed by a team named SfSthetik. It is not the same as its name implies, an Insta Liker to get instant likes only. Get Instant Likes is capable to promote your IG growth with instant likes, views, comments, and followers on Instagram.

Except for offering a free Instagram likes offer, this Insta liker app also provides top trending hashtags widening from fashion to food. So you can not only get a one-time free trial of Insta likes but also a huge source of Instagram like hashtags.

Get Insta Likes with Get Instant Likes

Likes Plus;

This is the last recommended Insta liker for you to gain more and more Instagram likes. The highlight point of this Instagram liker app is that it uses technology to show your Ig profile to more people, and the people who enjoy your posts will like you automatically. Though it takes a longer time than those Insta auto likers, you’ll be assured to get real Instagram users.

Get Insta Likes with Likes Plus

The Final Thought

When choosing a service or product, what we are concerned about mostly is its cost performance, not except for Instagram liker apps. In this article, we make a detailed introduction to 10 Insta liker apps. This is offered for GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers is the top 1 choice among the suggested list of the Instagram auto likers. Because it offers a 100 free Instagram followers trial and unlimited free Instagram likes. So if you have the demand of increasing followers or likes on Instagram, the choices displayed here can be useful references. Download now! 

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