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All You Want to Know About Instagram Engagement Groups

What are Instagram engagement groups? How to find and join them? Read the article to join IG engagement group and increase your engagement rate easily.

Cici > Updated 2023-05-11

It is not easy to be seen by a lot of people on Instagram. According to the Instagram algorithm, the more engagement you get on a post, the more visibility it will be, and your chances of being discovered by more people will increase. To increase Instagram engagement rate and reach more people, some IG users join Instagram engagement groups. By interacting with group members, you can achieve goals such as getting likes and comments, earning a good reputation, and increase Instagram followers.

However, you may have little knowledge of Instagram engagement groups, have no idea about how to join Instagram engagement groups, and don’t know what you should notice. This blog will explain details about Instagram engagement groups to increase Instagram engagement. Surprisingly, it also shows you a faster way to grow your IG account.  

Instagram Engagement Groups

What are Instagram Engagement Groups

Instagram engagement groups, also known as pods, are online spaces where people come together to help each other grow IG accounts. Usually, people in a Instagram engagement group are interested in the same topic. They will view, like, comment and reply to each other’s posts. By doing these, their engagement rate will increase. As a result, posts will rank higher based on the Instagram algorithm, and they will get more likes, comments and new Instagram followers. 

Types of Instagram Engagement Groups 

There are many different types of Instagram engagement groups, and these groups all have different purposes and rules. 

1. Depend on the preferred reaction

  • Only likes

  • Only comments

  • Both likes and comments

2. Depend on numbers of followers 

  • Follower-based: You are required to have at least a certain number of followers when you join these groups. 

  • Not follower-based: No matter how many followers you have, and whether you have followers or not, you can be accepted. 

3. Depend on the group specificity

  • Niche: These group members have common interests or common features like age, gender, occupation. Niche groups are smaller and more exclusive.

  • Broad: Group members are from diverse areas, and you will interact with each other in order to increase Instagram engagement rate. Such groups have a large number of members.

4. Depend on the rules of engagement

  • Drop groups: Such groups provide a list of accounts, and you must interact with these list accounts for a certain period of time. If you don't follow this rules, you will get warned or even kicked out of the group.

  • Rolling groups: You must first engage in a certain number of interactive posts, and then you can add your own posts. 

  • Undefined groups: There are no special rules and restrictions, you can free to add posts, and interact with each other depend on your needs.

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How to Find and Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Joining Instagram engagement groups can help you to increase your Instagram engagement rate and grow your IG account. If you have no idea about where to find and how to join Instagram engagement groups, keep reading and you will know some practical ways.

How to Find Instagram Engagement Groups

You can find Instagram engagement groups through the following platforms.

  • Instagram: Instagram DM groups. Instagram DM Groups tend to be a bit smaller due to Instagram’s limit for users in a group DM. Generally, there are 10-15 people in a DM group.

  • Telegram: This is a popular third-party networking platform to find Instagram engagement groups. Telegram pods choose their members primarily through referrals and invitations, so you should connect with people who are already in the group.

  • Facebook: Instagram engagement groups on Facebook are usually private and require a request or invitation to join. You will be verified to meet the group's criteria before you join.

  • Other third-party platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Quora. If you are interested in them, you can have a try.

How to Join Instagram Engagement Groups

It is not easy to join an Instagram engagement group. There are lots of Instagram engagement groups. Some of them are free to join, and some of them require payment. Different groups have different rules, and you have to follow the their rules. The following is an example to show you how to join an Instagram engagement group on Facebook. 

Step1. Create an account (or use an existing one) for a networking platform. 

How to Join Instagram Engagement Groups - Create an Account

Step2. Search based on the topic you are interested in and choose the groups. For instant, if you want to join Instagram followers groups to hack Instagram followers, you can search for “Instagram followers groups”.

Search for Instagram Engagement Groups

Step3. Click the "Join" button to join the group directly, or send a request to the group and wait for acceptance. 

Join Instagram Followers Groups

Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram Engagement Groups

Joining Instagram engagement groups is a double-edged sword that helps grow your account while also bringing you some trouble. As there are advantages and disadvantages of Instagram engagement groups, you should carefully choose Instagram engagement groups.

Advantages of Instagram Engagement Groups

  • Increase Instagram engagement

The primary advantage of Instagram engagement groups is to increase Instagram engagement. In Instagram engagement groups, members will like, comment, share your post and follow you. According to the Instagram algorithm, the higher the engagement you get in the post, the higher the post’s ranking will be. Your influence will grow, and you will gain likes on Instagram free on your post, and increase new Instagram followers. 

  • Safe

Since all of the group members that you interact with are real people, the engagement rate obtained through Instagram engagement groups is considered natural by Instagram and your account will not be blocked.

Disadvantages of Instagram Engagement Groups

  • Short-term approach

Since IG engagement group members have a strong purpose to interact with you, it is difficult to gain loyal followers. And once you exit the group or you don't interact with group members, they may unfollow you. As a result, it will reduce your engagement rate and is not a long-term approach.

  • Time-consuming

After joining engagement group on Instagram, you must interact with other group members, such as giving others' posts likes, comments, reposts, etc. The process of interacting with others is very time-consuming. And this may exceed the daily limit of Instagram.

  • Many strict rules

All Instagram engagement groups have rules that you must follow, and you can see rules in group information when you join a group. For example, you can’t post URL links in your post. If you break the rules, you will be removed from the group. So you have to be careful and follow the rules strictly.

Faster Ways to Grow IG Account Except for Instagram Engagement Groups

Increasing Instagram engagement rate through Instagram engagement groups has a lot of limitations, and it's a long-term process. In addition to joining Instagram engagement groups, you can also use faster ways to grow your IG account. The following are 2 Instagram apps, and both of them are useful for increasing IG engagement.  

1. Getinsup

Getinsup is a powerful app that helps you get free Instagram comments, likes and followers by interacting with other users. But unlike Instagram engagement groups, you don’t need to apply to join the groups. You just need to download the app and log in. It even enables you to get 100 followers every 24 hours. No password, no survey, and 100% safe. These are the advantages of Getinsup.

  • 100% free comments & likes

You can earn unlimited free coins by doing some easy tasks, such as daily plan, lucky draw, lucky box. And using these coins to get unlimited free Instagram comments and likes.

  • High quality followers

Are free Instagram followers real? Of course yes! All users are exactly real Instagram users, not robots. The followers, likes and comments you get are from only active & real Instagram accounts. And when your followers increase, likes also increase at the same time. No risk of being banned or punished.

  • VIP system

Surprisingly, it has a VIP system. VIPs can earn double coins when you doing tasks. And you enjoy an exclusive discount price for coins.

3 Easy Steps to Use Getinsup

Step 1. Download the app for free.

Step 2. Sign up, log in, and get free coins. You can add up to 5 accounts, and all the accounts share the same coins.

How to Use Getinsup - Log in with IG Username

Step 3. You can select a plan and use free coins to get a certain number of comments, likes, or followers. 

Get Free IG Comments & Likes & Followers

2. GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers

GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is designed for those who want to get Instagram followers & likes. It works similar to Instagram engagement groups, which builds an organic community where people like and follow each other. The following are the main features of it.

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  • Fast and reasonable

You can use GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers to get Instagram followers & likes instantly. Choosing the number of followers & likes you want to get and placing the order, and then you will see a noticeable growth of your IG account. To protect your IG account, all of your followers and likes will increase at a reasonable speed.

  • Unlimited free

For both Android and iOS users, it provides you easy tasks to get free coins. Free coins are unlimited, and you can use these coins to get unlimited free Instagram followers and likes. When you have more followers and likes, you will be more attractive, and your Instagram engagement will increase.

  • Easy-to-use

After you download the app and sign in, you can easily get Instagram followers and likes. You just need to choose what you need and get it. There are no annoying requests, no complex rules, and all your actions are voluntary without mandatory requirements. 

How to Use GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers 

Step 1. Free download the app.

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Step 2. Log in with your Instagram username. 

Step 3. Earn free coins by doing some easy tasks, and then choose a package and use coins to get unlimited free Instagram followers and likes.

Getinsup has a comment function, but only supports Android. GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers supports both iOS and Android, but it doesn’t support comments. You can choose one app depend on your needs.


In conclusion, Instagram engagement groups are not totally good. They do help you increase your Instagram engagement, but at the same time, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. Joining Instagram engagement groups 2022 is easy, but finding reliable groups requires you to identify them carefully. Some paid groups may be scams and you need to be vigilant. If you want a faster and easier way to grow your IG account, Getinsup and GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers are great options. You can try one best app to get Instagram followers for free according to your own needs. 

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