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4 Free Instagram Followers Analyzer to Get IG Followres Analytics

Want to get Instagram followers analytics easily? Free Instagram followers analyzer could help you track IG followers and get comprehensive analytics.

Grace > Updated 2022-10-11

Instagram followers make the most attribution to the likes, comments, engagement rate, and sales you’ve earned. No wonder you pay a close attention to your Instagram followers, such as how many new Instagram followers in a day or in a week, who don’t follow you back, who engage with you frequently? You can get these data easily with an Instagram followers analyzer, a kind of Instagram followers analytics tool. After using Instagram followers analyzer, you can view data about your Instagram followers with several taps. What is your ideal Instagram followers analyzer in the market? The article provides some free Instagram followers analyzer that works well. 

Instagram Followers Analyzer

What is Instagram Followers Analyzer

Instagram followers analyzer, generally speaking, is an Instagram tool that provides some necessary data about your Instagram followers: how many followers you’ve gained and lost, followers who engage with you frequently and who never like or comment on your post... Some advanced Instagram followers analyzer give more after paying for its features.

4 Best Free Instagram Followers Analyzer

There are various Instagram followers analyzers free or paid. How to choose an Instagram followers analyzer that suits you best to help get wanted analytics? The following are some best free Instagram followers analyzers in the market, with its own unique features. 

1. Insights - Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Insights - Followers Analyzer for Instagram is a great Instagram followers analytics free tool as well as an Instagram followers tracker. It helps you get insights into your Instagram followers at any time after logging into IG with your username and password. The number of new Instagram followers and lost IG followers are clear in the chart. Your secret admirers, top followers and ghost followers are reported. Most popular posts and least popular posts are shown by calculating their likes and comments. More analytics can be tracked with the IG followers analyzer: story viewers and story insights. It can be seen as an all-around Instagram followers analyzer from many aspects.

Insights - Follower Analyzer for Instagram


  • It is a relatively comprehensive Instagram followers analytics tool.

  • Story insights are available.


  • It is only available for Android

  • It has ads in the app at the bottom.

2. Followers Analyzer for Instagram

Followers Analyzer for Instagram has a wide audience as it can not only analyze your own Instagram account but also analyze those accounts you’re interested in. For your own accounts, it functions as an Instagram profile analyzer as it shows: total followers, gained and lost followers; total following, new and unfollowed. They are categorized into 3 parts according to their interaction with you: friends, fans and not-follow back. You know IG users who give the most likes and comments after tapping the Analyze button. Most and least viewed videos and liked/commented posts are here. When you tap the profile of an IG account you like, you’ll get this data as well. It is really useful for influencers and brand runners.

Followers Analyzer for Instagram


  • It can help you analyze an IG account of your own or others. 

  • It allows you to know the most-used hashtags and discover new hashtags.


  • It is compatible with Android only.

  • It is slow sometimes.

3. InsReport+: Best Instagram Followers Analyzer iOS

Want to give in-depth Instagram followers analytics of your account? InsReports+ is a top choice for iOS users. It analyze your IG account and offers full-scale insights about your profile: followers gained, post trends, new likes, comments, and hashtags used. Most like and commented posts can be found to help you create more ideas about upcoming posts. Story views trend analysis is also available related to top viewers, most and least viewed stories. InsReports also can be regarded as an Instagram followers app as it allows you to get Instagram followers instantly and likes. 

InsReports+.IG Followers Tracker


  • It tracks your Instagram followers and provides IG promotion ideas.

  • It offers IG followers and likes growth services.


  • It is only available for iOS devices.

  • It needs to pay to get services.

4. Analyzer Plus - Free IG Followers Analyzer

Analyzer Plus claims to be an Instagram followers analyzer for Instagram followers management. Indeed, it has less analytics than other apps. Even though, it has basic insights of your Instagram followers: gained and lost followers in the form of a line chart, who admire you based on the follower engagement data, unfollow people, followers who block you, and followers not following you back. Some story analytics is accessible like new story viewers. Average likes and comments are calculated in real-time.

Analyzer Plus - Free IG Followers Analyzer


  • It works on Android and iOS.

  • It can batch unfollow people.


  • Some services are not free.

  • It offers less data than other analyzer apps.

Why Do You Need Instagram Followers Analyzer

Why do you need an Instagram followers analyzer? Or in other words, what can you get after using an Instagram followers analyzer? There list some benefits of the IG followers analyzer.

Create UGC Content

You can generate good UGC ideas as you have a better understanding of your Instagram followers by uncoding the analysis you gained from an IG analyzer. Top liked posts and top commented posts are useful to help you create content that your IG followers are interested in. The more UGC ideas included in your posts, the more loyal followers on Instagram you gain.

Increase Engagement Rate

Increase Instagram engagement as well. Your secret admirers and fans are IG followers who pay a lot of attention to your Instagram. To find out them with an Instagram followers analyzer or Instagram profile analyzer and interact with them. They are much possible to give a response at once.

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All in all, Instagram followers analyzer is a convenient Instagram analysis tool for Instagram followers and stories. With it, you can get some important data to help you improve your content and engage with loyal IG followers effectively. The several IG followers analyzer free in the article have some common points and unique features. Choose one that suits you best. GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers could help you get more Instagram auto followers and get better performance of your IG account. Download it now!

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