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How to Remove Followers with 3 Instagram Ghost Followers Apps?

If you are looking for the most effective ways to clean your Instagram account of ghost followers, you can use an Instagram ghost followers app given here.

Gary > Updated 2022-02-24

Ghost followers on Instagram are problematic for everyone. They are followers who don’t interact with your posts at all. Although they might boost the number of followers you have, they don’t add any additional value to your content or your account. Instead, they decrease the overall ambiance and outlook of your account and may get your account in trouble.

It is necessary to remove such followers who are inactive towards your posts. For this purpose, you can use an Instagram ghost followers app that can remove them instantly. This guide will not only help you remove ghost followers from your Instagram but will also introduce you to ways to replace ghost followers with a huge number of real and active Instagram followers.

Instagram Ghost Followers App

Instagram Ghost Followers Are Harmful

Ghost followers are harmful to your Instagram activity and you need to use an Instagram ghost followers app to remove them. But first, let us understand why ghost followers are bad.

Here are the reasons why it is necessary to remove ghost Instagram followers and get real Instagram followers instantly.

1. They decrease your credibility

Ghost followers don’t do anything and that’s the main problem. They don’t interact with your posts and certainly don’t like and comment. If you are an influencer, such followers may decrease the credibility of your account. This is because brands and bigger companies cross-check your account for these followers before hiring you.

2. Lowered engagement rate

If you have a lot of followers and most of them are ghost followers, your engagement rate will be lowered. Although you will have a thousand or even more followers, your posts will only get 50 or 100 likes. That’s bad for the subsequent algorithm work and would hinder you from getting quality raw traffic. (You may also be interested in: Instagram Followers Hack to Increase Your Engagement Rate)

3. Less Instagram reach

As ghost followers don’t like your posts, they will certainly not share them. In this case, your posts will only be visible to a few people. As real followers increase, your post will be shown to many others who are not your followers.

These are the exact reasons why it is vitally important to remove ghost followers using an Instagram ghost followers remover app.

Manually Remove Ghost followers Is Slow but the Most Secure Way

Although removing Instagram ghost Instagram followers is necessary, you need to be careful. According to the statistics, Instagram algorithms are alerted when you remove more than 30 followers in an hour. To eliminate that, you need to do an Instagram fake followers check and then manually remove them.

  • How to Manually Remove Ghost Followers? - Safe Steps

Here is how to remove ghost followers on Instagram safely.

Step 1. Identify ghost followers

The first step is to identify and single out ghost Instagram followers. You can do that by checking who liked your posts. People who have not liked the last 60 of your posts are most likely ghost followers.

Instagram Ghost Followers App to Identify Ghost Followers Manually

Step 2. Make a list

Make a list of all the ghost followers and compare them using a scrapping program if you have one. After that, it is time to manually remove such followers.

Step 3. Force unfollow

You can force ghost followers to unfollow you using the following steps.

  1. Go to the profile page of ghost followers

  2. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of their profile

  3. Select the “ Remove Follower” option

  4. After that, remove the follower by tapping on the “remove” option.

 Instagram Ghost Followers App to Remove Ghost Followers Manually

You don’t need an Instagram ghost followers app to manually remove such followers. Be sure not to remove more than 30 per hour to avoid any unnecessary problems.

3 Best Instagram Ghost Followers Apps to Do A Mass Unfollow

The manual removal of ghost followers might be tiring to you. If you ever bought bad services from fake Instagram promotion websites and are more than eager to clean your ghost followers massively, using an Instagram ghost followers app might be the best option for you. Here are the best 3 options that are safe and easy to use.

#1. Reports+

Reports+ is a very efficient Instagram analytics tool that lets you manage your account easily. The platform provides the users with an intuitive interface that makes it easier for them to mass unfollow ghost followers. Apart from unfollowing ghost followers, you have many other impressive features at your disposal. You can detect your Instagram stalkers and engagement rates using the Reports+ app. Identifying and eliminating ghost followers is very easy. The only drawback of this app is that you have to pay money for certain services and tools that are more advanced.

#2. Follower Insight

If you want to manage your Instagram easily then Followers Insight is another Instagram ghost followers app that can make that easy for you. It is designed to work automatically and detect different activities of your profile. The app is built mainly for Android users. Soon as you log in with your Instagram account, the app starts tracking your activity. It provides you with a list of ghost followers. This makes the process of mass unfollowing very easy and time-saving for you.

#3. Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram

The Ghost Unfollowers For Instagram is the third one in the list of best ghost followers apps. This app works by running an analysis on the last 100 of your posts. During this, the app detects followers who have been constantly interacting with your posts. It singles out and later cleans out those who have been inactive throughout the process. 

Although the above three apps are quite effective, they pose potential threats to your Instagram account. Followers Insight app is only for Android users which makes it necessary to find an alternative. So, instead of using an Instagram ghost followers app, you should focus on obtaining real IG followers to enhance your engagement rates.

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  • How to get 1k real Instagram followers for free?

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Step 2. Sign up and earn coins

After launching the app, you are prompted to sign up for GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers. After logging in, you will get coins which you can also earn by completing missions.

Signup Ins Followers of Instagram Ghost Followers App

Step 3. Buy followers with coins for free

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Get Followers with Ins Followers of Instagram Ghost Followers App

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So, in the end, ghost followers threaten the viability of your Instagram account and your reputation on the platform. Such followers who are inactive need to be removed instantly. An Instagram ghost followers app can help you detect and remove ghost followers. Although the above apps can be of help, they come with their potential threats which makes it necessary for you to find an alternative.

Removing ghost followers manually is a better option. This gives you better control of your Instagram account. The problem with the manual removal method is that the process takes a lot of time and you cannot unfollow more than 30 ghost followers. To eliminate this problem, you need to use the best Instagram followers App to replace ghost followers with real followers for free.

So, download and install the GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers on your iOS and Android phone now and start getting unlimited followers for free.

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