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Getting Less Likes Because of Instagram Hide Likes? Here Is What You Can Do

Instagram hide likes feature allows people to be less anxious about not getting enough likes, however, after hiding, you may experience likes drop. Here’s what you can do.

Colin > Updated 2022-01-20

A couple of month ago, Instagram has decided to hide likes - although it is optional where to hide or unhide through a new option Instagram hide likes to feature in around the app settings. After you have decided to hide likes on Instagram and activated this feature. This is what happens- you limit yourself from viewing likes on other people’s posts in your Instagram feed.

 Instagram Hide Likes.png

Although it’s entirely your decision to hide likes on Instagram. People have shown different reactions towards it. As a creator, you are still able to track the likes count normally-as it has been in the recent past. It does not matter whether you have publicly hidden the likes count from your followers and peers. 

If you decide to hide your likes, the dark side befalls your followers who will not be able to view and track the likes count. As a follower, do you think- the likes count did matter to you? Why did Instagram have to come to this conclusion? Do the public need this count or how badly do they need this like count? Okay, let’s sum it up by - why Instagram hide likes?

Reasons Why Instagram Let Users Decide to Hide Likes or Not?

The main concepts of eradicating and coming up with Instagram hide likes had been triggered by the growing rate of low-esteem among the younger Instagram users. They have been using Instagram likes count as a way to gauge and rate themselves from others.

If a young creator posted an image of themselves or something concerning them. Those who received high numbers of likes confirmed themselves as superior or “on top of the table” compared to those who gained fewer likes on Instagram. If a youngster created a thing or two a couple of times and failed to acquire more or at least an average number of likes compared to his/her peers, they ended up considering themselves as inferior leading to low self-esteem. 

Now, this caused stress to people who cared much on whether their post would gather enough likes as to term them popular. If the results did not meet the least expectations, the content creator's emotions were highly turned down leading to serious emotional challenges. Instagram hide likes feature was brought up to solve the embarrassment and anxiety surrounding content that someone posts on Instagram. With Instagram hide likes no one can view the number of Instagram likes accumulated on your post except yourself.

Nevertheless, as much as Instagram hide likes is doing justice to some, on the other hand - its level of injustice to the rest of us is a handful. Now let’s see how much Instagram likes count still matters to us.

Do Instagram Likes Still Matter to Us?

Not all people have agreed to the like removal on Instagram. At the back of their minds, they still ask – ‘why Instagram hide likes?’ This is because they had and still need these likes for a couple of reasons. But for now, let’s single out an argument based on creators and see.

The influencer community would be highly affected by Instagram hide likes – likes play a prevalent role as creators use this metric to determine the popularity of their brands and adverts through the likes. If an influencer don’t have a lot of likes, he/she will be hard to get 1k Instagram followers in 5 minutes. If a product has low likes, it directly means that the product will have lower earnings.

The arguments for or against Instagram hide likes are meaningful, that’s the reason hiding likes will per a personal choice. I insist that Instagram likes greatly matters to us so much. We need these likes to count in each of our posts. We need to gauge ourselves, discover our weaknesses, make better decisions and improve on them, therefore - tomorrow gain a high-quality number of likes - Thanks to Instagram likes counts. If all this can be attained, then, why hide likes on Instagram? 

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 How to Get More Likes After Instagram Hide Likes - Step 4.png

The Bottom Line

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