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6 Instagram Likes with Coins Apps for Unlimited Free Likes - Best in 2023

6 Instagram likes with coins apps to increase 15 free Instagram likes or more, are listed inside this article. Check them to see a new way of increasing free IG likes. All Apple devices are supported.

Kevin > Updated 2023-03-10

Please notice the main keyword of this article - 6 Instagram likes App Store. It means that those apps that cannot be acquired from the Apple App Store will not appear here. Verification of Apple ensures the security of these apps and free from information leaks or Instagram account hacks/glitches. Apps like Turbo Like for Instagram that only offers a website version app for iOS users are blacklisted by this blog. 6 Instagram likes apps that are available on the official store will be presented to you and each has its outstanding point for users. Check the details of them in the content below:

Instagram Likes App Store

Comparison Table of 6 Instagram Likes App Store

For you to take a more clear look at these 6 free like Instagram app iOS, a comparison table of them is listed below for you. See if these apps can meet your requirements!

Free Likes



Last Time Update

GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers


69.3 MB

iOS 12 or later

Jun 6, 2021


37.9 MB

iOS 12 or later

Jan 6, 2022


35.8 MB

iOS 12 or later

Oct 1, 2021



27.9 MB

iOS 12.2 or later

Feb 24, 2022


3.8 MB

iOS 13 or later

May 18, 2022


23.6 MB

iOS 12.2 or later

May 24, 2022

You can clearly from the table above that Getinself and InsBottle offer free Instagram likes to you. So, let’s check these two apps first.

Getinself - Powerful Free Instagram Likes App for iPhone

This free Instagram likes with coins app store offers you free likes. You can use these coins for likes, followers, etc. First, the app will send you coins from the daily coins reward and the lucky box, then you can earn more coins by yourselves - completing tasks. If you prefer a task-free method to get like for free Instagram, using coins sent to you is also okay. Getinself allows you to add 5 Instagram accounts at the same time, which is good news for users who need to manage multiple accounts. 

Instagram Likes App Store - Getinself

The picture above shows how you can use coins to get like for free Instagram. 1000 likes only require you a few coins and you can earn them effortlessly. You can get this app by just tapping the button below which will take you to the app store and you can download this app here.

InsBottle - Easily Get Free Instagram Likes App Store

InsBottle appears here for its outstanding ability to get you free likes. Plans from 50 to 1000 are prepared for you and just choose one that you want will be all. One thing to mention, posts that are selected to increase likes not only can be your regular posts but your Reels videos. Receiving 5000 Reels likes for free is tried and true by using this app.

Acquire this app on the app store now!

GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers - Outstanding Instagram Likes App Store Services

Just like the apps mentioned above, this app offers Instagram likes and followers. What unlike the apps above is that this app doesn’t have free services. So, why could this app appear here? High-quality likes service and fast delivery are the answers. No-drop guarantee, 10 minutes delivering 1000 likes, etc. all these merits make GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers a great Instagram likes app store. Recently, this app puts forward new services like daily followers plan, buy followers with likes as a bonus, and a big sale that promoting 500 followers plus 100 likes. 

Instagram Likes App Store - Ins Followers App

The last thing, it also supports posts and Reels likes increase at the same time. This app is definitely a treasure for users who need likes to boost posts or Reels videos. Get it on the App Store Now!

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Analytics for Instagram Likes App Store: InsReports+

Likes you get can mean much more than just numbers, they can be important messages for you Instagram account: what kind of your content is the most popular with users, when would most followers like your post, etc. These information are the below part of the iceberg. And here is an Instagram likes app called InsReports+ could help with that. 

Instagram Likes App Store - InsReports+

Besides likes, post and comments analyses are also available in this app. Moreover, this app enables you to copy popular hashtags for likes in this app directly. So, what are waiting for? Get the app from the app store now!


Apps like Magic Liker have a thing that is disturbing for users that it always requires you to log in to Instagram to use its app. This is unacceptable for users who want to hack Instagram likes without password or verification. For users who do not care about that point, this app is still a helpful tool. This app offers stars for you to get free Instagram likes completing a like task can get a star. You can see the plans of “stars for likes” in the picture below:

Instagram Likes App Store - Magic Liker

This app doesn’t like the Getinself or InsBottle mentioned above would send coins to you automatically and you have to complete tasks.


Similar to the apps offering free likes, IGPool provides users with credits to get them. You can finish like or follow tasks to earn credits and exchange likes with them. This iOS app for Instagram likes has an advanced pool system that only allows real persons to join. Besides free likes, IGPool enables users to buy Instagram likes app store.

Instagram Likes App Store - IGPool

The Bottom Line

All the content about 6 Instagram likes app store has been presented to you. Among them, apps offer free likes, followers plus likes, coins, credits, stars, etc. are various. InsBottle, Getinself, and InstaBox stand out and devote to providing you the best likes service. Get the free Instagram likes with coins app for iPhone that attracts you most and increase unlimited likes now!

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