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9 Differences between Instagram Reels vs Story and How to Use

Learn the difference between Instagram Reels and Stories and how to use them. Read this guide to know everything about Instagram Reels vs Story.

Lane > Updated 2022-08-01

The Instagram engagement has grown virally since Instagram launched Reels in 2020. More and more people are using Reels to showcase their creativity and add a visual experience. Many people are confused between Instagram Reels and Story because they seem to be the same thing. But, there is a huge difference between them. So, here we will briefly discuss Instagram Reels vs Story with answers to the questions ‘what is the difference between Instagram Reels and Stories’. Besides, we will also discuss how you can use Instagram Reels and increase your views and following. So, let's get started.

Difference Between Instagram Story and Reel

9 Differences Between Instagram Story and Reel

There are many differences between Instagram Story and Reel, and some of the biggest reasons are:

Difference #1 Placement

One of the biggest differences between Instagram Reels vs Story is placement. With an Instagram Story, you can share photos or videos from your profile, including your posted pictures and videos. But, it will appear on a dedicated spot and not appear in feeds. On the other hand, Instagram Reel is a kind of short video that you post on your profile. It remains in the feeds forever, just like other photos or videos you post regularly.

Difference #2 Time Availability

There is another big difference between Instagram Story and Reel, which is its time availability. The Instagram Story will appear on your profile for only 24 hours unless you add it to the Story highlights. But, Reels are posted forever and will appear on your feeds just like any other picture or video you have posted.

Difference #3 Length

You can post different lengths of videos on your Instagram Stories and Reels. For Stories, Instagram allows you to post a video with a maximum length of 15 seconds. But on the other hand, you can post a Reel for up to 90 seconds on your Instagram profile.

Difference #4 Format

You can post pictures and videos on your Instagram Story, but Reels are only short videos. Reels can't be pictures or anything else. So, this is also a big difference in the form of format that differs between IG Story vs Reels.

Difference #5 Editing Tools

There are few tools available on the Instagram app to edit your Stories except add text and some similar smaller edits. But, you can do much more with Reels. Instagram allows you to slow down, speed up, split, trim, and do similar edits with your Reels' videos. So, this is a big difference between Instagram Reels vs Story.

Difference #6 Draft and Saves

You can't save anything in the draft to upload Stories later on Instagram. So, there is no draft feature for you to save multiple Stories and upload them later. But on the other hand, you save as many Reels as you want in Instagram's draft and publish them later. This is a big difference when it comes to IG Story vs Reels Instagram.

Difference #7 Caption, Hashtags, and Mention

You can't write any captions for the Story, but Instagram allows you to write captions on your Reels. This is also a big difference when it comes to Instagram Reels vs Story. Similarly, you can use hashtags and mentions on both Instagram Stories and Reels. You can write hashtags and mention as many people as you want in both Stories and Reels.

Difference #8 Reach

Stories are only shown to the people who follow you or your friends. But, Reels can be made public and reach as many people as Instagram want through explore tab. This means that only close people who follow you can see your Stories, but if you have a public account, your Reels will reach everywhere to people with similar interests.

Difference #9 Explore Page

Reels can be shared on the explore page, while Stories can't be shared on explore page of Instagram. Reels are only shared by the account owner to the people in their inbox, but if you want, you can share your Reels on explore page to show them to the public. This is the big difference when it comes to Instagram Reels vs Story.

All above is what is the difference between Instagram Reel and Story.

Which One Should You Use: Instagram Reels vs Story

When you are just starting out on Instagram, you may find it hard to know when to use Story or Reels on your Instagram account. Both Reels and Stories are a great way to share a part of your life on Instagram and keep followers engaged while they scroll through your feed. Instagram Reels vs Story, which one should you use?

If you have made a video showing your talent like dancing, singing, stunts, etc., then the video is suitable for Instagram Reels. The reason is that the video would be long and entertaining enough to share with all the people on Instagram.

But, if you are traveling somewhere or something happening in your life and want to inform your followers, then a short video or picture is suitable for Instagram Stories.

This means you can use Instagram Reels to showcase your talents, lifestyle, and anything like that. But, Instagram Stories are intended to inform the audience about real events in your life.

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The Bottom Line

So, this is the difference between Instagram Reels and Stories, and by reading through the article, you must have understood Instagram Reels vs Story. Besides, we have also discussed how to use Stories and Reels in order to get the maximum output from Instagram.

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