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Instagram Tools for Followers - Best Helper Tools for Instagram 2023

Check out the best Instagram tools for followers that 100% work, to hack followers on Instagram, to track your follow and unfollow, and to analyze your Instagram.

Tom > Updated 2023-02-14

With hundreds of millions of active users, Instagram is undeniably the social media platform of choice for brands and influencers to increase visibility and reach out to a wide audience.

However, today growing and managing followers on Instagram can be a challenging task. That’s why you might want to use Instagram tools for followers to grow your profile and improve efficiency, to hack free Insatgram followers, track IG followers, send auto followers, and analyzes potential followers with the high-quality panel.

Instagram Tools for Followers

Want to get more followers and better manage your current followers list? You’ve landed on the right page. This article will introduce the helper tools for Instagram to help you hack free Instagram followers, track IG followers, send auto followers, and analyze potential followers. Don’t miss out!

Instagram Tools for Followers Growth

When it comes to the best tools to increase Instagram followers, there are so many options out there. Here we’ve collected the 2 best ones that can help you grow followers on Instagram successfully. Just check them out.

1. Instagram Tools Auto Followers - GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers (Android & iOS)

Want to get auto followers on Instagram? Try GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers, the most effective Instagram followers app that allows you to get Instagram followers for free. Just learn more with the main features below.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
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  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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Real & Active Followers: With millions of community members, GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers guarantees that all followers you get are 100% real and active. Fake followers are 100% prohibited here.

Unlimited Free Followers: GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers allows you to get Instagram followers free. Just collect coins by completing simple tasks such as following accounts, liking posts, etc and you can exchange coins for free followers unlimitedly.

Instant Followers & Auto Followers Send: With GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers, you can increase auto Instagram followers or instant followers as you see fit. Both can help you get more followers on Instagram efficiently.

How to Get Free IG Followers with GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers

Step 1: Free download and install the GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers.

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Step 2: Add your Instagram account to GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers with the username only.

Instagram Tools for Followers Growth Step 2

Step 3: Collect free coins by doing easy tasks.

Instagram Tools for Followers Ins Followers Do Tasks

Tips: You can get unlimited coins by follow, like, comment, share, daily bonus, lucky draw, and email verification. Also, you can buy coins for instant collection in its store.

Step 4: Choose a preferred plan and order free followers with coins, or buy unlimited followers in Store, with free Instagram likes as a bonus.

Instagram Tools for Followers Ins Followers Get Followers

That’s it. Your order will be processed within 24 hours and you can expect them to show up on your account within a few moments.

2. Instagram Followers Pods - Mutual Support Community (Social)

Alternatively, you can try Instagram pods, the online social groups/communities where members help each other for engagement. All you have to do is join these mutual support communities and be a positive follower. With the follow for follow mechanism, you can get people to follow you back easily.

Instagram Tools for Followers Instagram Pods

So where to find the Instagram followers pods? You can find them on most social media, for instance, Telegram, GitHub, WhatsApp, Reddit, Discord, Facebook, WhatsApp and Reddit. Simply type in the keyword such as “follow for follow; Instagram engagement” and you can locate the Instagram pods easily.

While Instagram pods are truly useful tools for follower growth, they have their limitations. Just check out the pros and cons as follows.


  • Real and active Instagram followers

  • Get IG followers for free

  • Increase engagement of all sorts


  • Have to stay active to get followers

  • Not ideal for steady growth

  • Can be slow sometimes 

Here you go, the 2 best Instagram tools to get followers. As you can see, GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is way more efficient as it allows you to get a lot of followers on Instagram fast, while Instagram pods require time and effort before seeing the results.

Instagram Tools for Followers Track

Once you have successfully gotten followers with the Instagram tools for growth, what’s next? Track your followers growth. Here we recommend InsExport, one of the best Instagram tools for followers tracking on Chrome.

InsExport - Get Instagram Following List (Chrome)

InsExport is a chrome extension designed for users who want to export Instagram followers and following into lists. With InsExport, you can export details like avatar URL, username, and more to a local CSV file. It’s an extremely helpful tool to track your followers/following and save important information for offline access.

Instagram Tools for Followers InsExport

InsExport is easy to use. Simply add the extension to your Chrome and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Enter your Instagram username.

Step 2. Select the export type(following or followers).

Step 3. Click the Export button and that’s it.

InsExport is one of the most private Instagram tools for followers tracking. All data is processed on your local computer without passing through the web servers. So everyone keeps the data private to themselves.


  • Easy to use

  • Get details of followers/following

  • Safe and private


  • Need to export lists from time to time

  • Hard to track followers changes over time

  • No engagement tracking

Despite its inability to track dynamic changes in followers growth, InsExport is still the best app for tracking Instagram followers and saving important information offline for free.

Instagram Tools for Followers Insights

While tracking Instagram followers is essential, you need a more advanced tool to make smarter decisions with in-depth insights. Here comes the InsReport+, a full-fledged Instagram followers insights app that can satisfy all your needs!

Helper Tools for Instagram Followers - InsReports+ (iOS)

As one of the most helpful Instagram tools for followers insights, InsReport+ not only offers smart insights into your account but can help you grow followers/likes successfully. Just have a look at the main features that make it the best Instagram followers app.

  • Track Instagram Followers: InsReport+ can track your followers over a certain period of time and offer detailed reports of followers growth.

  • Get Insights for Posts: You can have smart insights and make better plans by understanding the engagement of all sorts, such as the most like-posts, most commented videos, etc.

  • Analyze Story Views Trend: InsReport+ offers full Instagram story analytics, including stories with top views, least views, viewers who unfollow, and more.

  • Suggest Popular Hashtags: Want to increase visibility with hashtags but don’t know how? InsReport+ has the most complete and trendy hashtags to help you out.

  • Figure out the Best Posting Time: The best time to post matters. InsReports will track all your engagements and help you figure out that important time for boosting overall performance.

  • Grow Instagram Followers: While most Instagram tools for followers insights focus on analytics only, InsReport+ has more to offer. You can even grow real and active Instagram followers, instant and daily followers with its professional services.

  • Send Instagram Likes: InsReport+ is the most useful app to hack Instagram likes on iOS. You can choose to get Instagram likes in the auto or instant way.

Instagram Tools for Followers InsReports+

InsReport+ is simply the most powerful tool you’ve ever seen. It’s an all-in-one Instagram tool that helps you grow Instagram from all aspects while offering in-depth insights at the same time.


This article has introduced all kinds of Instagram tools for followers in terms of followers growth, tracking and insights. As you can see, growing followers on Instagram is always the top priority because a huge following base is the premise of everything. Without a large number of followers, trackers and insights are meaningless as there are no datasets to run.

Want to get real and active followers on Instagram effortlessly? Just try the best Instagram followers increase appGetinselfGetInstaIns Followers. It’s the most efficient way to grow real followers today. Meanwhile, don’t forget to use InsReport+ to optimize your account with smart insights!

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
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  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine
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