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Use Free Instagram Views App for 10K Reels Views - Tried & True

An all-in-one app for views on Instagram is prepared for you inside. Check this blog for 10K free Instagram Reels views, stories views, live views, etc.

Kevin > Updated 2022-08-25

According to a post by @instagramforbusiness, “91% of recently surveyed active Instagram users say they watch videos on Instagram weekly”. Videos are the utterly important things for creators like you in 2022 and increasing video views also becomes a primary thing for you to do. This passage is going to focus on that and provide you with a perfect Instagram views app. Associated with this application, your creative work in the new year will be much easier. See details below~

 Free Instagram Views App

Introduction to the Free Instagram Views App

Instagram views can come to your content automatically. You just need a group of followers to view them, but what often the case is whether followers are inadequate or they are inactive. In this situation, you need to optimize your followers’ or viewers’ structure for more followers with more engagement. Where can you find a group of followers like that? Just in an Instagram views app called Ins Followers.

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Free Instagram Viewers

Followers, or in this article, viewers are free to get in the app. Viewers are got by virtual coins and coins are easy to acquire. Besides earning coins by doing common tasks, joining coins events like the lucky draw, lucky box, etc. are also ideal ways. Thousands of coins will be given to you within minutes. Just use coins you have to exchange for free viewers will be all.

Real and Active Audience

Your audience needs to be real and active. Or no matter how many followers you have, the views count will never increase. Viewers in the app are authentic Instagram users and enthusiastic about video content. Once you start to receive followers, Instagram Reels views count also commend to increase.

Increase Views from 50 to 2000

Ins Followers app provides you with viewers from 50 to 2000. Therefore you can choose an appropriate plan for yourself depending on how many views you want. One more thing to mention, the Ins followers app gives you extra likes for Reels, posts, or any other videos when delivering your followers.  

 Free Instagram Views App - Get Views

How to Use This App for Instagram Views?

To use Ins Followers app for views, you just need to follow 3 steps.

Step 1. Download Ins Followers app.

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Step 2. Open the app and claim coins.

 Free Instagram Views App - Get Coins

Step 3. Use coins for free viewers and wait for them to arrive at your account.

The whole process will only take you a few minutes, but thousands of followers and free Reels views will come to your account instantly.

How to Increase Views Constantly?

To increase Instagram views constantly, you need to make your content keep reaching new followers. But how? Besides using the method appeared in the above part. A successful account manager will never sit and wait for follower increase, they will try also methods listed below:

Try Reels, Stories, Live, etc.

Experienced Instagram creators will never be limited to the format of their content. No matter regular Instagram posts, Reels, Live, or Stories, all could be your source of views. Especially when short videos like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels are so popular with people nowadays. Still haven’t tried Reels yet? Post your first Instagram Reels Now!

Recently, Instagram brought the Instagram Reels Remix feature which only enables you to make Reels on reacting to an existing Reels before, to all the Instagram videos. Using this popular feature could bring more audience and views too.

Besides Reels, Instagram Story polls, quizzes, links as well as stickers are also useful. Use them to entertain followers, engage with them and learn more about them.

 Free Instagram Views App - Try Reels, Stories, Live

Let More Followers Find You

This is a comprehensive way for there are so many ways for you to let followers find you. Common ways like add hashtags, share posts to Explore, link Instagram with FaceBook, etc. are useful and tried by many other people. In this blog, some new ways to promote yourself are available.

  • Share Reels to Explore

Reels can be shared to Explore too. This is an excellent option for more Instagram users to find you.

  • Connect Instagram with YouTube

This is a common way to promote Instagram used by many Instagrammers and also YouTubers. So do you can have a try~

  • Add Location Tag

This tip is for your content to reach Instagram users around you. Followers in your town might be more familiar with the content you create and become interested in your environment because you all share the same geological location. Local Instagram followers are beneficial for your account’s authenticity too.

Keep Up With the Trend

What is happening on the Instagram? Which Instagram account is the most popular posting Reels? Which Reels or Post have receive 10k likes in a few minutes? These information is vital for your creation. No matter you have used a trending song, joined a hashtag event or any challenge, all these activities can bring you in front of a crowd of people. So, use the Explore feature, follow @instagram on Instagram and Twitter, and the most important, those celebrities in your filed.


This is the end of this blog. A free Instagram views app and 3 methods to increase views constantly have been presented to you, how do you like them? Hope this Ins Followers app and methods listed above can help you. Get the app to your device and try these tricks out now

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