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Grow Free Instagram Followers with Top Follow Mod APK Unlimited Coins

Want free Instagram followers? Just read this page and learn about the best top follow mod APK with unlimited coins to get free followers.

Crystal > Updated 2021-08-19

Want to get free Instagram followers quickly? Up to now, Instagram has swiped over the world and owns more than 1 billion users. The number of users even grows continuously, which is an unstopped trend. It gets harder to stand out on Instagram. If you want to gain followers, you need to do the right thing. For example, using a top follow mod APK is one kind of feasible way. Now plenty of followers APKs appear online to help grow Instagram.

Top Follow Mod APK

In this blog, you will learn how to get followers with top follow mod APK unlimited coins. Now let’s check them.

#1 Top Follow Mod APK Unlimited Coins: TopFollow for Instagram Followers

If you are looking for the best app to increase Instagram followers, TopFollow mod APK shouldn’t be missed. It builds a safe platform, gathering plenty of Instagram users to follow or like each other. You can easily get real Instagram followers from these real users, instead of auto-bots. What’s important, it allows you to get free followers with unlimited coins, which is achieved by the model of “Follow for Follow” on TopFollow.

TopFollow: Mod APK for Free Insta Followers


  1. You can get free followers on this TopFollow mod APK with unlimited coins.

  2. All followers are active from real Instagram users.

  3. This Instagram followers APK is legal and safe.


  1. It requires a password when you use it.

  2. It takes a little time to earn enough coins for free. 

How Should You Get TopFollow Mod APK Unlimited Coins?

Once you download a Top Follow Mod APK, you can easily get free Instagram followers by paying coins there. Luckily, Top Follow provides 3 ways to earn free coins. After downloading it free and log in, you can choose the following ways to earn coins.

  • Doing Tasks

The most used way is doing tasks to get top follow mod APK unlimited coins. Once you click “Start”, TopFollow will make your accounts auto-follow other people or like posts. The only fly in the ointment is that you can’t skip the account you are not interested in when auto-following. If you are caring about this, you can check the 2nd APK directly.

Get Top Follow Mod APK Unlimited Coins

  • Bonus Coins

You can get some bonus coins after following 20 accounts per day. 

  • Invite New Users

You can invite a new user by a referral code. In that case, you will get 10% coins from the order they place.

#2 Top Follow Mod APK Unlimited Coins: Ins Followers Free & Instantly

As mentioned above, although TopFollow can be considered one of the best, it is not very easy to earn free coins there. If you want to get free followers more easily and quickly, you can tryIns Followers, designed by GetInsFollowers Team, published in 2021, too. According to the experience of using them, we found Ins Followers offers users a simpler and faster way to get free Instagram followers. Besides, it is also highly praised for the following features:

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine

100% Free: Get Unlimited Coins More Easily

Similar to TopFollow, Ins Followers doesn’t require you to pay money. Instead, you could pay coins to get followers. Compared to the other followers APKs, Ins Followers offers more and easier ways to earn free coins. It means you can get free Instagram followers more easily.

Fast Delivery: Get Followers Within Seconds

Ins Followers can guarantee the industry-leading speed to send followers. Usually, you will see an increase within seconds. Even if you order thousands of followers or more, all followers will be sent within 24 hours.

Active and High-Quality Followers

It builds the platform gathering over 5M+ active users. It guarantees that all followers are 100% real. Even they will like or comment with you if you post something attractive.

Safety and Privacy Protection: No Password & No Verification

Ins Followers won’t collect any information from you. You don’t need to worry about the leakage of information. And you can even get followers without a password. Only a username is enough.

How to Get Free Followers with Ins Followers?

Step 1. Download top follow mod APK and launch it on your device. Then you need to register a new account with an email and log in. Importantly, you don’t need to verify the email. 

Step 2. Enter an account with a username only and choose an order you want.

Step 3. Click “Get Followers Now” and just wait for followers. You will see an increase instantly.

Get Followers With GetInsFollowers App

How to Get Top Follow Mod APK Unlimited Coins Free?

As top follow mod APK, Ins Followers offers you more ways to get coins. It means you can get followers more easily here. After you download it and log in, just check the following ways to get unlimited coins for free:

  • Doing Tasks

Ins Followers gives you the task to earn more valuable coins. You can get unlimited coins by following others or like their posts swiftly. Luckily, you can choose to like and follow the one you are interested in. Or you can skip.

Doing Tasks on Top Follow Mod APK

  • Sign in

Unlike TopFollow, you can sign in on Ins Followers to get coins per day. What’s more, there is no premise that you need to do some tasks.

  • Lucky Draw

You can join the Lucky Draw per day to earn coins from 100 to 69K. Once you log in to APK first in a day, you will receive the window to Lucky Draw.

  • Lucky Box

Similar to Lucky Draw, you can also open the lucky box to get free coins. It allows you to take part in it every 2 hours.

Open Lucky Box to Get Unlimited Coins

Comparison of Top Follow Mod APK: Ins Followers & TopFollow

Before showing the detailed difference, let’s check the comparison table of these 2 top follow mod APKs.

TopFollowIns Followers
CompatibilityAndroidAndroid & iOS
Delivery speedFast Few seconds
Real followersYesYes
Ways for free coins3 kinds4 kinds

How Long Will You Spend Earning Enough Coins for 10 Followers?

According to the experience of using them, we found that if you want to get 10 followers by doing tasks there, you need to follow 20 people on TopFollow, while you will only need to follow 10 people on Ins Followers. If you want top follow mod APK unlimited coins, Ins Followers can be a better choice.

How Long Will They Take to Send the Followers?

In fact, both of these Top Follow Mod APK take almost the same time to deliver followers. If the order contains only tens of followers, they can send all followers within 1 minute. You can easily get 1k followers in 5 minutes, even 5,000 followers.

Which One Will Send More Followers Based on the Same Order?

These 2 followers APK give you the anti-drop services by sending more followers than the order. According to our test, after placing the same order (10 followers), we received 16 followers from TopFollow and 17 followers + 17 likes from Ins Followers. Besides extra bouns likes on Ins Followers, there is not much difference between the two products in this respect.

Which One Is Safer to Get Free Followers?

Actually, both of them are legal products to get real Instagram followers. They don’t offer the auto service to grow Instagram. Thus, you don’t need to worry about violating Instagram’s rules or getting fake followers. But if you just want to get followers without following, you’d better use Ins Followers. It will not require your password.

Sum up

Don’t just try the traditional way to grow Instagram. Instead, with excellent tools, you can get Instagram followers easily. Believe you have learned about the top follow mod APK, Ins Followers & TopFollow. Both of them are trusted by plenty of users for their advantages. Now you can choose one to boost your Instagram popularity.

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