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Get Instagram Story Views & Reels Views Free Without Login

Is it possible to get Instagram story views for free? Yes. Get unlimited story views and reel views for free without login. Automatic and quick.

Rainer > Updated 2023-05-04

Instagram stories are reaching 500 million people a day. Influencers share their amazing life moments with fans; Businesses display their new products and advertisements in the story videos. Instagram stories give people more space to show creativity and spread personal charm.

When someone has been to your stories, there would leave traces, the story views. Instagram story view is an evaluation index for Instagram popularity and a reflection of your real activity and fans. Also, the Instagram story views free and Instagram reels views free without login mentioned in this guide means you are able to automatically get the organic growth of IG story views, which is also free, just with the following methods.

Instagram Auto Story Reels Views Free

Does Instagram Show Story Views?

Yes, it does. You are allowed to see your own story viewers and view counts.

How to See Your Own Story Views?

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and click your one of stories.
Step 2: Slide up and there will be a list of viewers in the lower left corner, where you can see who viewed your story.

See Free Instagram Story Views

How to See Someone’s Story View Counts?

Well, you can see neither others’ story views counts and viewers for privacy protection.

Nevertheless, the views counts will still be recorded by Instagram algorithm to influence your account activity and engagement, which is also why people are still keen to get free Insta story views automatically. Another reason for that is story views can boost your IG followers, likes and other metrics, too. Therefore, IG story views do help to improve your Instagram popularity even not showing, and auto Instagram views free tool make it easier and more effective!

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What Are Instagram Story Views Free Based on?

There are roughly two sources for your Instagram story views: views from followers and views from strangers who know nothing about you and have never visited your profiles or stories. But most story views always should be generated by your Instagram followers.

Based on this, it’s more clear to know how to get free Instagram story views actually. To get the views of strangers, you could use an Instagram auto story views free apk or site to directly grow views; To get mass views from followers, you're recommended to grow followers with free Instagram followers app first, and then gain Instagram story views, Instagram Reels views naturally.

Keep read on to know the two methods of getting free Instagram story views from followers and from strangers respectively.

Get lnstagram Story Views Free Without Login - Site

To directly get free Insta story views is not easy, because most IG view app and apk only allow people to buy IG story views not free views. While, this guide finds an Instagram story views free without login site with free trials, VivoLiker, where a 100 free views trial is offered.

So if you are willing to enjoy getting a few free views, try this method!

Step 1: Reach to the VivoLiker official website, scroll down to find Free Instagram Services and click.
Step 2: Scroll down again to tap Instagram Auto Views, click USE INSTAGRAM VIEWS.
Step 3: Click USE on the new page and enter URL, your Instagram username, and an email to contact, then 100 free Instagram story views will send to your Instagram after being ordered successfully.

Auto Instagram Story Views Free Site

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Free lnsta Story Views App - Unlimited Story Views Instagram Free

Since most of your views are generated by your followers, so to get substantial views, you need to have many followers first. Secondly, compared with the method of directly growing free Insta story views, an additional benefit of increasing views by boosting followers is that this is not a one-time deal but each of your stories and reels later will have the opportunity to be viewed by them. It is also a cost-effective transaction. Thirdly, free Instagram followers apps often provide more free trials relatively or even unlimited free followers and story views than free Instagram story views apps. And the one to recommend here is GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers, an unlimited free Insta story views app with followers.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
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GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is a real IG followers app compatible with Android and iOS. In GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers, you can earn coins by following people or liking photos to get 100 coins or 20 coins for once, which can be used to exchange for free Instagram followers. After that, your story will appear in their story bar, more conveniently for them to notice and click in time. And when they show curiosity about your story, they would click in and increase your free Instagram story views.

Why GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is the best and recommended free Instagram story views app?

1. Unlimited free Instagram story views

Only unlimited Instagram story views free to keep your story viewers and activity stable. However, you can only get 100 free views trials in most Instagram story views free without login apps, apks or sites, which is far from enough to increase your account participation or make money on ins. While GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers can make it by providing unlimited free views with followers! And you can hack Instagram followers 10k free and more easily.

2. Continuous and stable views for your later story

Followers are the basis of all activity on Instagram. Unlimited free followers of GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers are dynamic and real people can bring endless views, not only story views, and not limited to your certain story, but boost all views including Instagram live views free of your account and content, past and future.

3. IG auto story views without login, no risks, no verification

GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers won’t need your Instagram password to login and doesn’t have human or email verification that might involve you in risks. You can find it in Google Play or App Store, with no virus or malicious plug-in.

How to Get Unlimited, Auto, Free Insta Story Views?

Step 1: Download GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers to your phone and sign up to get rewarded coins by the system.

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Step 2: Click ‘Get Followers Now’ to spend coins to get Instagram followers instantly.
Step 3: When you run out of all coins, reach to the coin page to earn more coins, and then get unlimited free followers by implementing step 2 again.

Get Auto Free Insta Story Views and Followers

Inbottle is another great free Instagram story views free without login app with real followers on the iOS device, in which you could do coin tasks like in GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers. It’s also unlimited free to get Instagram story views with real followers. You could download it safely in App Store.

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End up

It's not easy to get Instagram story views free even with automatic tools as most of them only offer a few trials. This guide provides another way to increase free auto IG story views from the perspective of followers growth. This method allows you not only to get unlimited Instagram story views free without login, but also get free video views, Instagram reels views free without login, free followers & likes, etc, enhancing participation and popularity of your Instagram account in an all-round way. Over the long term, it will be a safer, organic and sustainable way to grow unlimited story views Instagram free. Don't miss to download and try it!

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