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Top 6 Best Auto Like and Followers Instagram App for iPhone (iOS) [Free]

Here are the top 6 best auto like and followers Instagram apps for iPhone covered in this article. Check it out and find out your best one

Albert > Updated 2022-06-17

Are you looking to get auto followers on Instagram for iPhone? Look no further! This article is going to give you 6 best auto like and followers Instagram apps choices that will be worth your time. Whether you’d like to get your new Instagram account off the ground or break through the plateau that your old account has been struggling with, these apps can help you build your way to have a massive following and bump up plenty of likes simultaneously. Now, let’s check it out and choose the best one that meets your needs.

Auto Like and Followers Instagram App for iPhone (iOS)

1. Getinsup - Best Auto Followers Instagram App (iOS)

Getinsup is a top and full-fledged Instagram followers app for iPhone users. This app believes quality is a priority over quantity. So, it’s committed to helping Instagrammers make building a real and engaging following easier. For most accounts, they can’t reach enough other accounts, resulting in poor follower count and neither likes nor views. 

Thankfully, this auto followers Instagram app for iOS can help you break through the barrier by analyzing your account and giving your page significant exposure to potential followers in its community (with more than 800,000 daily active users). That way, your page will be no longer demoralizing. Instead, you can effectively get a massive number of real auto followers and likes. 


  • It’s easy and free to use.

  • No login: only requires IG username.

  • Real Instagram followers and likes.

  • Safe and secure.

  • Community-based auto followers Instagram app for iPhone.

  • Auto like Instagram APK / iPhone. Android version is named GetInsita(APK).


  • Get auto Instagram followers and likes slower than other competitors. That’s because it helps users increase real ones.

2. Followers Gallery - Auto Followers Instagram for iPhone [Free]

Followers Gallery is also a dedicated Instagram followers increase app to ramp up auto followers on Instagram for iOS. Followers Gallery understands that Instagram has been crowded like never before. So, to gain a lot of new followers and likes, your profile should appear in front of more people. This app is a tailor-made app to cater to this desire. It boosts your account discovery potential by sending your posts or profiles right to hyper-relevant accounts which end up more followers, likes and views. 

In short, with this auto followers Instagram app, you will not worry about your content being buried or no one seeing your account. Conversely, you can use it to have a much bigger reach and hack 10k Instagram followers fast for free. 


  • Free auto followers Instagram service for iPhone.

  • Genuine and engaged followers.

  • Real Instagram likes.

  • Drive engagement up effectively.


  • It’s limited free to get Instagram followers and likes. To get full access to its premium service, payment is necessary.

3. Turbo Followers for Instagram - Auto Followers Instagram App

If you want to find a quick way to grow your follower base, Turbo Followers for Instagram iOS can be your other go-to app. Unlike other auto followers Instagram apps for iPhone, this app stands out for its follow-for-follow mode. That being said, it gathers thousands of people with shared interests to help each other get Instagram followers instantly. In this app, you don’t have to worry that you can’t get returned the favor when you mass follow other accounts. You can get massive auto followers as long as you follow many other accounts.

Turbo Followers for Instagram

Compared with other apps, Turbo followers for Instagram’s follow-for-follow feature obviously take more time to help you build a big following. But the truth is, you can rely on this app to get massive returns if you work hard!


  • Easy and free to use.

  • Real followers and likes.

  • Sign up withing pretty simple steps.

  • Available on Android and iOS.


  • IG password is required.

  • It’s time-consuming to follow other accounts.

4. InstaBox - Auto Like and Followers Instagram App (iOS)

For average Instagram users, it’s inevitable to face the time their accounts get stuck in growing. Do you also have no idea to make a significant change in a short time when you’re in this awkward situation? Luckily, GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers app, whose Android version is GetinsFollow and the iOS version named InstaBox, is a well-designed auto best iOS Instagram followers app to help you fix the real barriers that are hard to grow Instagram followers and likes at a steady rate. 

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It works to boost your follower count by bringing you scores of potential followers who are likely to hit the follow button to your account, making it easy to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. If you’re looking to quickly grow your Instagram followers number to a 6-figure number, InstaBox can absolutely help you with that.


  • Premium auto like and followers Instagram service.

  • Daily Instagram followers option available.

  • Real auto likes and followers for Instagram.

  • Simple but stunning interface.


  • It’s not free. You need to pay for the premium services.

5. InsBottle - Free Instagram Auto Followers App for iPhone

InsBottle is another auto followers Instagram app for iOS that works great. Like other top-notch free Instagram followers apps, InsBottle helps speed up building a large follower base. By tapping into its traffic-driven approach (boost your profile exposure significantly to a wider audience), you will have a heap of opportunities to hack a lot of engaged followers fast. So, if you want to watch your like and follower count skyrocketing, this app makes it easier to help you hit the 10k, 50k, 100k milestones and much more. 


  • Free auto follower Instagram service.

  • No fake, no bots. 100 Real.

  • Safe and trusted app.

  • Help to have far better engagement rates.


  • Only offers limited free auto Instagram followers per day.

6. Getinself - Auto Like Instagram for iOS [Free]

Lastly, here comes the Getinself, a well-performing auto like Instagram iPhone app. Although it’s a relatively new auto like app for iOS, it still gained wide popularity for its dedicated auto like Instagram free service. With this app, you can drastically increase real Instagram likes easily. More than that, Getinself still stands as a go-to auto followers Instagram app. You can take advantage of it to experience the follower-boosting service to get 4k auto followers on Instagram fast. Consequently, you can both boost your Instagram followers and likes in one place.

In short, InsBottle isn’t the best-knowing app in the industry. But this Instagram likes app store can quicken your Instagram growth process when you’re tied to the slow game.


  • Free auto like and follower Instagram service.

  • Instagram auto liker without login.

  • Daily followers service available.

  • Safe and clean.

  • Easy to use.


  • It’s a new auto like and followers Instagram app. It needs time to enhance function and improve the user experience.

The Bottom Line

This article listed 6 best auto like and followers Instagram apps for iPhone. Whether you’d like to get a lot of auto likes or followers on Instagram, this article gives you various options. If you’re ready to build a large Instagram following and hack Instagram likes, download an auto followers Instagram app covered above that caters to your requirements and use it to make your page take off.

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