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10 Best Instagram Followers Apps for Android 2023: Free & Fast

This post introduces the 10 best Instagram followers apps for Android in 2023 to increase Instagram followers and likes, which are free & fast & real.

Cici > Updated 2023-03-15

As a social network service platform with global influence, Instagram has millions of active users. People share their lives by uploading photos and videos to gain attention and likes from other users. More followers can bring with more popularity and influence. But if you want to get more followers and see how your followers are changing at any time, it can be difficult. 

Using tools allows you to quickly and easily gain more IG followers, which can help you better manage your IG account. This blog shows you 10 best Instagram followers apps for Android in 2023, and some of them also support iOS. Look through the 10 best Instagram followers apps and choose one app you need to download.

Best Instagram Followers App for Android

GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers: Best Instagram Followers App for Android

On the list of the best Instagram followers apps for Android in 2023, GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers can be a top pick. Through building the most organic Instagram community and following each other, it provides you most authentic followers. With easily 3 steps you can use GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers to earn coins and get unlimited free followers on IG. Then you will benefit from it such as gaining influence, connecting to the world, building your IG account authority and making money.  

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
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Main Features:

1. Get free Instagram followers & likes by earning free coins.

2. Check your GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers & likes growth process at any time. 

3. Multiple IG accounts share the same coins.

4. All GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers users will appear on the ranking list.


1. 100% Free. Get unlimited free Instagram followers with the coins you earned.  

2. No Ads. The page is clean and has no ads, you can get the best user experience.

3. Totally Authentic. All the IG followers are 100% real and active, not robots. 

4. Instant. You can get Instagram followers instantly.

5. Supported Devices: Android and iOS.


Daily coin tasks are limited so you cannot earn coins all the time. 

3-Step to increase free Instagram followers:

Step 1: Download and install the best free Instagram followers app for Android. iOS users also can download and use the app.

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Step 2: Login and get coins for free with kinds of ways: daily reward, share with friends, lucky draw, etc.

Best Android Instagram Followers App

Step 3: Click the button “GET FOLLOWERS NOW” and you will get IG followers instantly.

Best Android App for Increasing IG Followers

GetInsita: Best Free Instagram Followers App for Android

Are you always thinking about “are free Instagram followers real”? Now you may know the answer. GetInsita is another best Instagram followers app for Android. By using GetInsita you can get Instagram followers free and fast. It helps you win popularity and increase your competitiveness. What makes it outstanding is the daily plan, which makes your daily followers grow automatically and legally at a natural rate. It supports Windows, Android and iOS.

Main Features:

1. Support log in with IG username without any password or private information.

2. High-quality and free Instagram followers & likes.

3. Get followers & likes instantly, automatically and daily.  


1. Free. You can get unlimited free Instagram followers & likes with free coins. 

2. Automatic. You can set a plan and get auto IG followers daily.

3. Drop guarantee. When your IG followers drop, it will be timely added for you.

4. Cheap. Reasonable & cheap price and often discounted.


You can not customize the number of followers.

Followers Gallery: Best Instagram Followers App for Android and iOS

Followers Gallery is outstanding free Instagram followers increase app. If you are looking for more real followers but not much budget, this is a great option to increase authentic followers & likes for free. It has 24-hour online customer service to solve your problems. It is also a very secure app that guarantees your account security to the greatest extent. It works well on Android and iOS.

Main Features:

1. Get free Instagram followers & likes.

2. Deliver followers to your Instagram account in several minutes.

3. Set a plan to increase your daily Instagram followers.


1. Free. You can use free coins to increase free Instagram followers & likes.

2. Real & safe. All your Instagram followers & likes are real, not robots.

3. 24/7 Customer Service.


Your Instagram followers may drop because real people may choose to unfollow you for various reasons.

GetInssta: Best IG Followers & Likes Booster

If you are looking for real followers or likes, this best free Instagram followers app for Android allows you to have a great Instagram experience. It is designed by an experienced and professional team to protect your IG account. GetInssta is a free and safe app for Instagram followers, which ensures complete security and privacy. It’s also a fantastic Instagram followers & likes booster. The app for iOS names InsBottle.

Main Features:

1. Get free Instagram followers & likes easily and instantly by using free coins.

2. Multiple models to get IG auto likes.

3. Support both Android and iOS.


1. Free. You can use free coins to get free Instagram followers & likes.

2. 100% safe & clean. No virus, no ads.

3. 100% private. The best security system ensures full security with no leak and risk.


It is difficult to buy a large number of followers in a short time by doing coin tasks.

Turbo Followers: Increase Followers on Instagram

Next on the list of best Android app for increasing Instagram followers is Turbo Followers. No matter how many followers you have, whether you are satisfied with the number or not, you can get thousands of real followers for a low price by using this app. It is available on Google Play and App Store.

Best Android App for Increasing Instagram Followers

Main Features:

1. Get a lot of IG followers for dirt cheap.

2. Support view real-time status reports for your orders.

3. Often updates to solve the problem.


1. Real and high-quality Instagram followers.

2. Constant updates on Instagram.

3. Cheap IG followers.


Not 100% free, some functions need to pay.

Followers & Unfollowers: Instagram Followers and Track App 

Another best Instagram followers app on Android is Followers & Unfollowers, which lets you see insights on your Instagram profile. It enables you to track your IG followers' situation. You can choose to follow those who follow you or unfollow others. This is a good tool to help you manage your list. Both Android and iOS are supported. 

Best Instagram Followers App on Android

Main Features:

1. View people who don't follow you back on Instagram.

2. View people who unfollowed you recently.

3. Unfollow up to 50 people with a single action.


1. Time-saving and convenient. Unfollow a certain amount of people within a day.

2. Easy to use. It has a clean interface and you can easily operate it. 

3. Support logging into different Instagram accounts.


1. There are some pop-up ads.

2. Sometimes your data fails to sync.

Insights - Follower Analyzer For Instagram

Let’s look at the next best app to track Instagram followers on Android. Insights - Follow Analyzer for Instagram is a great tool to track your IG followers and unfollowers. You can use it to monitor your new and lost followers daily and easily track your followers. 

Main Features:

1. Track your followers and unfollowers.

2. View the most/least popular posts and new relations.

3. Track top followers, ghost followers and secret admirers.


1. Free. You get access to features without any payment.

2. Various functions. You can know all the activities done on your Instagram. 

3. It’s a very well-made tool.


1. It's a little slow and can be unresponsive.

2. It has some ads.

3. It only supports Android devices.

Crowdfire: Best Social Media Manager IG Followers App 

Crowdfire is a popular powerful social media management tool that suits social media managers, brands, businesses, agencies, startups and individuals. It provides a 14-day free trial. You can use Crowdfire for content curation, scheduling, bulk scheduling, analytics, mentions and accounts. Both Android and iOS are available.

Best IG Followers Management App

Main Features:

1. It offers a selection of analytics, giving you a clear indication.

2. Post a wide range of content across all of your social channels.

3. It supports social listening and competitor analysis.


1. Content curation. Help you prepare content for sharing and mixing in collated content from many sources.

2. Manage multiple accounts and ensure your safety.

3. Easy-to-use, clean interface.


You have to buy a paid plan to use some functions.

Followers Plus: Android Instagram Followers App

The next best Android Instagram followers app on the list is Followers Plus. It is a fast and accurate followers analytics tool for Instagram. By using it you can track your followers and get a comprehensive analysis of your IG account and your posts' performance. It has both Android and iOS devices.

Main Features:

1. Track new followers or followers lost and gained on graphical charts.

2. Track Instagram followers that don't follow you back and you don’t follow back.

3. View your most & least popular posts.


1. Enjoy multiple account tracking.

2. Ability to save list data to CSV files.

3. The app is free to download and use.


1. It doesn’t support accounts with more than 200,000 followers or following users.

2. Some in-app items will require payment.

InsTrack: Instagram Followers App to Analyze IG Followers

This best app for tracking Instagram followers is the most popular app. InsTrack is a social networking analytics app that offers powerful in-depth analytics and actionable insights. It provides detailed statistics of your Instagram account including followers/unfollowers data, the total number of likes, comments, and subscribers. It is perfectly suited for brands, influencers and agencies. Both Android and iOS are supported.

Main Features:

1. Gain instant in-depth insights on any Instagram account.

2. Track Instagram highlights using this application.

3. Intuitive goals tracker.


1. Personalized recommendations for improvement.

2. Multiple accounts can be used.

3. Easy to use. Just enter your username and specify the date range.


1. It is not free to use.

2. You need to have a professional account when using this application.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best Instagram followers apps for Android in 2022 that you need to pick. If you don’t have a lot of Instagram followers but you always dream to be popular and famous, try the most time-saving and money-saving way and download one Instagram auto followers app - GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, then you can see your IG followers and likes boost.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
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