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4 Best Track Instagram Followers Apps for iPhone - Free Tracking & Hacking Followers

4 best track Instagram followers apps for iPhone are available on this page. All are available on iOS 15 and iPhone. Tracking followers’ performance is so easy now.

Kevin > Updated 2022-04-07

Tracking Instagram followers’ performance has become an important part of Instagrammers today and the Instagram app has already provided some insights into your posts and followers so you can learn more about followers and how their reactions to your content. However, these insights are far from inadequate. The app would notify you of how many people have just liked your content or followed you but will not tell you how many followers have just unfollowed your account. And this matters most when you are losing followers and do not why. Therefore, 4 best track Instagram followers apps for iPhone are available on this page. Checking follow or unfollow as well as more analytics on your account could be done in two steps now - open an app and check.

 Best Track Instagram Followers Apps for iPhone


Unfollowers Track

Account Analysis

Post Analysis

Audience Analysis

Followers +


Unfollow for Instagram Profile





Reports+ for Followers & Likes

A chart is above for you to check the main features of these apps more clearly.

#1 Followers + for Instagram⋅- Best Instagram Followers Tracker for iPhone

Followers + for Instagram⋅has a good-looking interface and easy-to-use features. Talking about tracking followers, this app provides various services which can be listed below:

1. Stalkers

Know who likes, comments on your post and views your story every day. This feature requires a subscription to its premium account.

2. Not following me back

Reveal who you already followed but don’t follow you back on Instagram. Account list of you don’t follow back is also available.

3. Audience Insight

Track your followers, following, and their interaction with your profile. You can see how many  followers you have gained and lost with lists. Posts’ performance will also be displayed with a chart in the app.

  Best Track Instagram Followers Apps for iPhone - Followers + for Instagram⋅

#2 Unfollow for Instagram Profile - Best Check Followers Tracker App for iOS

This app requires a subscription to use. It says you can use it for 3 days free but you need to pay for the subscription to enter its app.

Unfollow for Instagram profile has features like:

  • Audience tracking and analysis

This feature also enables you to check the new Instagram followers list and the follower recently lost. Analysis of audiences is also available but few data can be shown to you. The following 2 features have nothing to do with tracking followers but are mentioned here for reference and better for your choice.

  • Hashtag generator

  • Multiple accounts supported

 Best Track Instagram Followers Apps for iPhone - Unfollow for Instagram Profile

#3 InsReports+ - Brand New iPhone App to Track Instagram Followers

This powerful Instagram followers tracking app is finally available on your iPhone Now. Together with its analytics on:

  • Likes and followers you recently received

  • Posts trend

  • Likes trend

  • Hashtags used

  • Comments trends

You are now a fully armed Instagrammer.

More features like My Best Followers to see who are your most active followers, Recent Media Insight to catch up with the trend, Story Views Analysis to boost story performances, Engagement Analysis, and the Best Time Posting, etc.

  Best Track Instagram Followers Apps for iPhone - InsReports+

#4 Reports+ for Followers & Likes - Instagram Unfollowers Insights App for iPhone

This Instagram spy app offers a comprehensive analysis of your Instagram account and some of its features can be listed below:

  • Account Analytics

  • Track Followers Gain/Loss

  • Track Posts Engagements

  • Find out your top admirers

  • Find out who never interact with any of your posts

  • Find out who secretly admires you

  • Ad-free

  • Multiple Accounts Support

Features are basically the same as apps mentioned above, but finding out who never interacts with your content and secret admirers would help you with better creation and posts’ performance. You can see why those people are unwilling to interact with you and what kind of content they are interested in. Secret admirers are also important. You can check who they are and create more content they like to make them your top admirers.

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 Best Free Instagram Followers App for iPhone - Ins Followers

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The Bottom Line

4 best track Instagram followers apps for iPhone have been presented to you and you can select one to try. The chart in the content listed some of their main features’ availability and you need to notice that some features require a subscription to use. In the last paragraph, a free Instagram followers app is mentioned and it asks you for nothing to get free followers and likes. More features like daily followers, auto likes, etc. are also waiting for you to try in GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers. Download the app right away for unlimited followers increase

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