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Top 10 Best Get Followers Apps on App Store - Increase Insta Followers Likes with Ease

Open your App Store to download the Instagram followers app on App Store. Free Instagram followers app and paid but practical followers app in App Store.

Tom > Updated 2022-05-06

As a result of Instagram's rapid growth, thousands of Instagram applications have emerged with the aim of providing the user with new apps and tools that help you get Instagram followers and likes in this popular social network. As for iOS users, there are lots of choices to get followers App Store. How to choose an Instagram followers app in App Store? Which one is the best Instagram followers App Store? Is there any free Instagram followers app in App Store?

Get Followers App Store

Keep reading. You will figure out all the questions about the Instagram followers app store. All the apps that come to be introduced in the following text are free Instagram followers apps in the App Store, but some of them offer some paid but extremely useful Instagram followers services within the app.

Here are the great follower apps from App Store:

Get Followers App Store #1. InstaBox

Get Followers App Store - Number 1 InstaBox

Developed by INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers for iOS users, InstaBox is a powerful follower analytic tool that helps you track new followers and lost followers, get a comprehensive analysis of your Instagram account. It is not only an analysis app but also one of the best Instagram followers app in the App Store to boost your followers, likes, and comments on Instagram that get high ratings.

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All the free Instagram followers likes are from 100% real active users. You can get 1000 Instagram followers in 5 minutes at a reasonably cheap price. This is number one compared to the rest as they provide real followers and start to deliver instantly once you request followers.

iPhone Screenshots

Getinsup-App Store-iPhone Screenshots

InstaBox is a completely free Instagram follower service available in the market. You can effortlessly get free followers for Instagram in seconds. It is a very simple and user-friendly service. Do you want to get 1000 Instagram followers now? Get the app by clicking the follow button.

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InstaBox is the best application available in both stores, Apple App Store and Google Play, also, it has a PC version named GetInsta. You can download it for free and get free followers and hack Instagram likes iOS on your Instagram account.

Get Followers App Store #2. Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery claims to be an app that helps you create high-quality social posts. It is more than a free photo editor that offers different kinds of effects, filters, and styles for enhancing pictures, which also works well as an Instagram followers gainer app that enables you to get followers on Instagram easily and quickly.

iPhone Screenshots

Followers Gallery App Store - iPhone Screenshots

Free Instagram Followers App Store #3. InsBottle

InsBottle is another top followers app that aims to help you make new friends from all over the world and learn about different cultures. Besides this feature, it is also a coin follower getting app. You can increase the volume of Instagram likes, and Instagram followers according to your own wishes, on top of that, without any penny. You can get 100 coins by doing a follow task and 20 coins for a like task. Also, you can collect more coins through Daily Bonus, Lucky Draw, and more easy ways. This is a 100% Freeway to get free Instagram followers with ease.

Get Followers App Store #4. Getinsup

Get Followers App Store - Number 4 Getinsup

This is the Instagram followers increase help app, which includes the sticker maker, popular symbol, and line breaker to help make your posts more attractive and interesting so that to attract more potential followers. Besides spare effort on your posts, it offers you a direct way to get Instagram followers faster.

Get Followers App Store #5. Followers Track

Get Followers App Store - Number 5 Followers Track

Followers tracking and reports, a fast and powerful analyzer in one place. This app gives you the possibility to detect who blocked and unfollowed you, who liked your photos and videos, to find your secret fans, admirers, and best followers. With our app, you can catch your ghost followers and ghost unfollowers. The app lets you see hidden story viewers and spy followers.

Instagram Followers App Store #6. FilCam

FilCam claims as the best filter app or hashtags to tag your photos or videos to get more likes and followers. A great way to reach the number of people on Instagram is to use a perfect mix of filters and hashtags. That’s why this provider combined these two important factors in 1 perfect app. It's not an app that can help you grow your Instagram followers directly, but it helps you make it indirectly.

Instagram Followers App Store #7. Analyzer Plus - Insta Followers

Instagram Followers App Store - Number 7 Analyzer Plus

This is a comprehensive application that integrates various functions, such as:

Some users review there are lots of bugs like the not following me back to unfollow them not working at all, even nothing working. It is normal for an application that has some bugs, it is a process of continuous improvement. However, you can try it by yourself.

Instagram Followers App Store #8. Reports+ Pro for Instagram

Instagram Followers App Store - Number 8 Reports+ Pro for Instagram

It is another analytic data application for Instagram on App Store. You can download it for free and get full reports and analyses of your Instagram account. In a report, you can check the following aspects:

- Track New Followers

- Track New UnFollowers

- Track Followers you don’t Follow Back

- Track Users you Follow that Don’t Follow You

- Track who delete your likes/comments/photo tag

- Find out who your best fans

- Which of your friend did like your posts most

- Which of your friend did comment on your posts most

- Which of your friend did watch your story

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Instagram Followers App Store #9. Unfollowers & Followers track

Another great app and Instagram followers for your iOS device, unfortunately, Android users are not available in Google Play. It is the app that keeps track of your followers with the best follower analytic tool for Instagram. See who unfollows you and who doesn't follow you back. See a ranking of your best followers and who likes you the most.

What makes users annoyed is that the only free service is the unfollows part, and you have to manually unfollow each of your unfollowers.

Instagram Followers App Store #10. InsTake

Instagram Followers App Store - Number 10 InsTake

It's another great app on APP Store you may like and offers Main characteristics including reposting Instagram posts, stories, videos; tracking new followers, new likes, lost followers, etc., and more. It is more like an Instagram tracker for all components of your Instagram. 

Comparison Table of the 10 Followers App in App Store

App in App Store
RatingsCompatibilityPriceAndroid Version
InstaBox4.5iOS 10.0 or laterFreeNo
Followers Gallery3.6iOS 12.0 or laterFreeGetInstta
Getinsup4.1iOS 12.0 or laterFreeNo
InsBottle3.8iOS 12.0 or laterFreeNo
Followers Track4.4iOS 13.0 or laterFreeNo
FilCam4.3iOS 11.0 or laterFreeNo
Analyzer Plus4.3iOS 12.0 or laterFreeNo
Reports+ Pro for Instagram3.6iOS 12.0 or laterFreeNo
Unfollowers & Followers track3.7iOS 9.0 or laterFreeNo
4.7iOS 9.0 or laterFreeNo

People Also Ask Questions about Followers APP Store

Is followers a legit app?

Yes. All the apps mentioned in this article are legit apps. You can get them from the App Store.

What is the best follower app?

The criteria to judge the best app are different for different users. An Instagram follower app that can meet your needs, solve your problems, help get Instagram followers likes, is the best followers app.

Can you trust Instagram follower apps?

You can trust. Instagram follower apps work well for you to get followers on Instagram.

What app gives you followers?

InstaBox, Followers Gallery, Getinsup, and InsBottle are apps that can give you followers directly.

How can I get 1000 followers fast?

Try out the followers app in this guide, you can get 1000 followers in 5 minutes.

The Bottom Line

That's all for the get followers app in App Store. Try out these apps to analyze your Instagram, track your follows & unfollows, and increase your followers and post likes on Instagram.

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