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Can You Copy Instagram Followers? How to Copy Someone’s Followers on Instagram 2021?

How to copy someone's followers on Instagram? Here're 3 tricks to copy and transfer Instagram followers. Or, use app to copy followers on Instagram easily.

Jane > Updated 2021-08-24

Followers amount is one of the symbols showing how popular you are on Instagram. For people who aim to promote brands or business, massive followers are essential. However, the other factor they should consider is who are target audiences and how many they are in the followers list. In order to boost engagement or further increase sales, some Instagrammers start seeking for intended audiences from competitors’ followers list with the hope of transfer followers to their accounts. 

How to Copy Someone's Followers on Instagram

How to copy someone’s followers on Instagram? That's what we would like to discuss here. 

Can You Copy Someone’s Followers on Instagram

The doubts of the possibility to copy someone’s followers on Instagram emerges from time to time. It is seemingly quite difficult to steal target audiences from others because the behavior of real human is unpredictable. Many people try hard to send DMs to others with the hope of getting followers but fail at most time.

Well, failure doesn’t mean impossibility. You can get others’ followers followed with the guide here of how to copy someone’s followers on Instagram. And, here’s a notice that you should hold patience and enthusiasm for a success.

How to Copy Someone’s Followers on Instagram

Rather than a guide of how to copy someone's followers on Instagram, there’re many tricks helping you gain more target audiences to follow your account. Now, please use the tricks one by one.

Trick 1. Discover Competitors Whom You Can Copy Followers From

Competitors embracing hundreds of audiences who are interested in their brands or products similar to yours on Instagram is the best target. Maybe some of you have sorted the biggest competitors, while some other newbies are still seeking for a real competitor. If you have no idea the competitor whom you’d better copy followers from, use hashtags efficiently. For example, search #platinumrings on Instagram to dig out the brands which are competitive with you. 

It’s the first step to discover competitors and then you should pick the most valuable competitors to track their followers. How to get the best competitors from who you can copy followers? There’re several points. 

  1. The account should have a good engagement rate, that equals (likes + comments) / followers x 100. Many research says that an engagement on Instagram between 1% and 3% is an average or generally good. 

  2. The account is active having lots of posts and post new ones frequently, for example, everyday. 

Trick 2. Export Followers List of Someone Whom You Want to Copy From

After the list of competitors is prepared, the next list you should get is followers of those competitors. You can’t directly export someone’s followers for Instagram natively lacks of this feature unless using a third-party tool. 

Picodash is one online tool to export Instagram data, including followers, posts and so on, to CSV which can be opened in Excel or Google sheets. It is easy to use, just in a few of clicks.

  1. Select what you want to export (followers) from Instagram and give the username. 

  2. Next, the CSV spreadsheet which can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets will be sent to your Email for a fee. 

Certainly, there’re many similar tools in the market. You can also search a free one for exporting followers with $0.

It’s not an end to export competitor’s followers list. You should track followers to pick out who are the ones interact with competitors and use Instagram frequently and sort them into a new sheet. Now, they are your target followers you should attract.

Trick 3. Use Tips to Attract Target Followers from Competitors

The next step of how to copy someone’s followers on Instagram is to engage target audiences you dig out from competitors. 

  1. Follow someone or like posts. It is the basic and simplest way to draw someone’s attention. Follow people who are the most likely to follow you back (for example, users with a 1:1 ratio of followers and following) and like their recent posts. However, there is a little probability to get a back following. A text says "2-3 new followers for every 100 photos you like".

  2. Make your profile, posts and captions more appealing. Track and analyze what competitors’ followers want to see and give the related captions. What’s more, hashtags are key factors to attract target audiences. Use hashtags exactly and correctly.

  3. Use call to action to engage with competitor’s followers. A survey or request for feedback can motivate audiences interaction better than plain text. Also, you can create a poll on Instagram Story to increase engagement. 

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Best App to Copy Instagram Followers [Easiest Way]

How to copy someone’s followers on Instagram? Follow the above tricks and you may enjoy a good result. However, as mentioned above, you should insist on stealing someone’s followers day by day with spending lots of energy and time. 

Can you get a fast and easy way to copy Instagram followers? Try to use app.

{GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app, a professional app to get Instagram followers available on iOS and Android, can help you copy Instagram followers with ease. It features providing real and active followers from other Instagrammers’ list. It can deliver all Instagram followers you’re trying to copy from instantly. Also, daily delivery is available to make the growth more naturally and organically. It’s a 100% safe app bundled on virus or threatened stuffs. What’s more, requiring no password and survey, your privacy can be perfectly protected. 

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How to use the best app to copy Instagram followers?

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Step 2. Sign up or sign in your account of {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app. And then, add your Instagram account. You can add up to 5 accounts.

Step 3. Follow someone or like post to win coins.

Step 4. Go to Followers page. There are two available plans, One-Time Plan with instant delivery and Daily Plan with gradual delivery. Select one plan and choose the number of followers you want to get. Tap on Get Followers Now to enjoy followers growth later. 

Best App to Copy Instagram Followers

The Bottom Line

Tricks of how to copy someone’s followers on Instagram are listed here. You can use them to win more target audiences to increase engagement and scale business. Otherwise, instead of taking patience to get followers, you can use the best app, {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app, to copy Instagram followers instantly in a safe way.  

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