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Apps & Tricks on How to Get 100K Views on Reels Free 2023

How to get 100k views on Reels free with 5 tricks and tools? The Instagram hashtag is definitely one of the most effective ways, and what else? Check this↓

Dale > Updated 2023-05-08

Instagram Reels have become one of the most effective ways to promote business online, thanks to the ability of short videos to grab attention quickly. But how can you maximize the advantage of IG Reel to reach more people and promote your product? The answer is to get more viewers and followers on Instagram. Great tools and tips are provided to help you reach that. How many Instagram Reels views help you succeed? 1000 Reels views on IG only result in dozens to hundreds of Instagram likes and several sales. 10K Reels views can make hundreds of sales but 100k Reels views on Instagram make you the best.

How to Get 100K Views on Reels

Then you need to figure out the question of how to get 100k views on Reels free and fast. This guide provides you with the best apps and 5 tricks to achieve that goal fast, just check them out!

App 1 - How to Get 100K Views on Reels Free & Fast

In terms of increasing IG Reels views, one should focus on increasing Instagram followers. Only if there is already enough audience for your content that the Instagram algorithm will put your Reel on the front pages of the Explore community, which will help your Reel reach more and more people. 

So, how to get 100k views on Reels free and fast through increasing Instagram followers? Here comes GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, a professional community for Instagrammer to follow and like each other. It is a safe and private app that works on both Android and iOS, and you can even get Instagram followers/likes with it online without downloading an app.

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All real & active users:

This Instagram followers community gathers only real and active Instagrammers. No bot or fake account can enter this app. People who need more audience on Instagram come here to help each other, which guarantees that the views on your Instagram Reels will get up along with your Instagram followers.

Free Instagram followers & likes:

GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers is a 100% free community. People use coins in this community to get what they want. Coins can be easily earned by completing tasks. Tasks are unlimited so people can easily on Instagram hack unlimited followers free with coins, thus unlimited free Instagram Reels viewers are available, too!

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100% safe IG followers provider:

GETINSELFGetInstaAs one of the best Instagram followers apps, Ins Followers is a top safe platform. On the one hand, it increases your Instagram followers at an organic speed, which will never be noticed by the Instagram system. Besides, it is possible to get Instagram followers with GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers without an IG password. All the info you leave here is private and available only for yourself. No virus, no leak.

Fast delivery & super easy to use:

You’ll start to see an increase in your Instagram followers, as well as the number of Instagram Reels views immediately. The delivery starts from the moment you launch your tasks and you don’t need to wait for months or even days to wait for the results, magic happens in minutes! 

Besides, it probably is the easy-to-use “idiot app’”. Just earn coins and get IG followers with your coins, that’s all. Then, how to get 100k views on Reels free with this app? Follow the 3 steps below to get Instagram followers instantly:

Step 1. Download and install the app on your phone.

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Step 2. Earn free coins by completing easy tasks including following others, liking posts, joining the lucky draw, opening the lucky box, receiving the daily reward, etc.

Get 100K Views on Reels Free Through Earning Coins

Step 3. Use your coins to get free Instagram followers as Reels viewers instantly!

Get 100K Views on Reels Free Instantly with Coins

Except for this type of Instagram followers app, there are other fantastic tools that will help people get 100k Reels views easier. Check the following one.

App 2 - How to Get 100K Views on Reels with Analytical Tool

An Instagram analytical tool can help people know their audience well. For example, InsReports+ is such a tool for targeting the audience. What exactly can it help? Basically, it can generate a comprehensive report on your Instagram performance, which includes how many followers, likes, mutual followers, Reel views, and comments you've gotten recently, and calculate which type of your content wins the most attention. In addition to that, appropriate hashtags, trending topics, and suggested followers will all be listed by the report of InsReports+.

Get 100K Views on Reels with Analytical Tool

In this way, how to get 100k views on Reels could be such a simple question that you can easily make it just by following the suggestions given out by InsRports+. Just have a try at this brilliant tool!

Basically, these 2 free Instagram followers and analytical apps can solve your problem of how to get 100k Reels views fast. Besides Instagram auto views apps, you are still suggested to try some Instagram Reel strategies below.

How to Get 100K Views on Reels Organically with 5 tricks

Getting enough Instagram followers is your first step to creating a viral Reel. Then, you can run your Reels business with some practical strategies. The following are 5 effective ways to help grow 100k views on Reels organically:

# Hashtag strategy

The Instagram hashtag is definitely one of the most effective ways to reach free Instagram Reels viewers targeting. Adding 1 to 3 hashtags for each of your IG Reels can help you get 100k views on Reels much easier. Check the best hashtags to increase Reels views.

# Follow the trends

Create Reels related to the trends. Though there’s no trending topics list on Instagram, you can still get this information on TikTok or Twitter. Then, an IG Reel related to these topics can catch people’s attention fast, and 100k Reels views are on the way.

# Publish original vertical Reels

The last strategy mentioned that you should follow the trend, this one is for you to keep your content original. Instead of copying the content of popular videos, add your own creations and ideas to them. Even if you just moved the video from your own TikTok, it's best to remove the watermark. And vertical Reel works better than horizontal ones.

# Hold the Instagram giveaway

Instagram giveaway contest gathers participants fast. Just pick up some nice gifts and set the participation criteria as “watch my latest Reel and tag 3 of your friends”, and your campaign will soon go rival.

# Cooperation brings a win-win situation

It’s well-known that a successful Instagram brand can not stand out without an Influencer. But for influencers themselves, cooperation still matters. Post Reels with other KOLs who share similar social influences can help your followers find and like you both.

Final Words

In short, how to get 100k views on reels free and fast? The key relies on Instagram followers. Because your followers are always the first audience. So, in order to get 100k Reels views fast, you can try tools like GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, which is professional in providing free Instagram followers unlimited as your Reels viewers. Besides, using strategies is still important to run a Reel successfully. Just pick up these suggestions mentioned above and start to make your viral Reel right now!

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
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