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How to Get Instagram IGTools Views 1000 Free on Story, Video & Live

How to get free IG views? Come to get views free! Include IGTools views story/video/reels views. And more free followers & likes other than views!

Rainer > Updated 2021-09-23

With the new video function of Instagram, such as 24-hour story, highlight reels, dedicated IGTV channel and live, Instagram views enter the public view and take an increasingly dominant role on Instagram. As the same importance of likes and comments to Instagram posts, Instagram views also take an important role to Instagram stories and Instagram videos.

IGTools Views Free

Instagram views, with followers, likes and other metrics reflect the engagement and popularity of an Instagram account together. If your has very few views on videos, it will not attract others to click. Therefore, to promote your video and story to be seen by more people, first you need to have a 'good views counts' look.
Of course, It is not easy to get mass views naturally, but with the help of some automatic tools, getting Instagram views becomes more easily. The automatic tool to be tested in this review is IGTools, for whether you can really get IGTools views free from or not.

What Is

IGTools is a website that provides Instagram social services, with a simple interface and easy-to-use operations. IGTools's Instagram services include Instagram views, followers, likes, saves, poll votes, emoji comments, comments likes. And the reason why has always been popular among Instagrammers is that its services are free. Yes, you can get free Instagram views, followers and likes here, but certainly the number is limited.

IGTools Views Followers and Likes

How About IGTools Views?

Coming to the topic, this guide will focus on IGTools views.
1. Types of IGTools views:
IGTools views Instagram provided by contains three categories: IGTools views story, IGTools views video and IGTools views live, but without IGTools reels views free and IGTools views IGTV. Hope that IGTools could develop more views services for IGTools views IGTV and IGTools reels views free, especially the recent hot Instagram reels views. Look forward to it!
2. Quantity of IGTools views:
You can get 40 IGTools views video, 100 IGTools net story views, or 40 IGTools views live for every submit.

IGTools allows you to get an extra quantity of IGTools Views (both 3 categories). Click on the extra quantity on the page and you will be asked to subscribe to a YouTube account. After subscribing, you will get 60 IGTools views video/live, and 150 IGTools net story views.

3. Price of IGTools views:
IGTools only provides free Instagram views, and on its website, no buy service to reach. So, you could spend $0 to get IGTools free views.
4. Is it safe to get IGTools views?
In this test, no great danger was found. But it is very likely that the views you get are from bots, not real users. And for some services you have to log in to your account, which may cause some problems. However, if you just need a few IGTools free views trials, no need to log in. Besides that, you’d better not enter any password lightly.

How to Get IGTools Free Views?

Step 1: Open website first, move mouse to ‘views’ and there are video views, story views and live views offered for you.
Step 2: Click the type of IGTools views you want to increase and finish a human verification.
Step 3: Paste your Instagram video URL or username and click Submit. You will get IGTools views in nearly 2-3 minutes.

Get IGTools Views Video Free

After the test, this guide suggests that if you are not a new account and just want to get a small amount of Instagram views free trial, IGTools is a try. But to keep getting free Instagram views continuously, there is another better {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app below.
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[100% Free] How to Get More Than Just IGTools Views...

You can obtain 40 views in a short period, but it is limited and you can't get more free Instagram views. In addition, it hasn't been proved that what you get is real views, nor can it guarantee the security of your Instagram and information.
For these reasons, this guide provides another review of the best alternatives to IGTools views and other IG tools Instagram views, so that you can get more and more real, free IG views steadily, as well as free IG followers. This is {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app.

What Is {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app?

{GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is a tool that provides free Instagram service like, but the difference is that {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app also provides cheap Instargam purchase service. Especially its hack Instagram followers 10k free service, not only you can get free views, followers and likes, but also these are real people and active accounts, so using {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app to grow views, followers and likes is absolutely safe. In addition to the website, it also has a convenient app for easy use. 

Insfollowers app: Get Free Instagram Followers
  • Get real Instagram followers from all over the world
  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
  • Promote Instagram account from every aspects that you can imagine

Why It Is Better than IGTools?

  • Unlimited free IG Tools Instagram views, followers & likes

The maximum Instagram views you can get at is 150, but there is no limit in the {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app. You can get unlimited free views, free followers and likes by earning coins.
Why should you increase Ins views and likes by growing followers? This is because the views you get directly are mostly fake views or views from bots, and it is only one-time views, not reaching your new stories, videos or reels. But you can get real followers directly. Once you release a great video or story, these active followers will boost more views and likes to you, including IGTools views story, and all other Instagram views.

  • Real, active IG Tools Instagram views, followers & likes

{GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app provides real IG tools Instagram views and followers, you can try it for free and check their profile page. They are all active Instagram users with posts or stories, not zombie fans who can't bring you views at all.

  • 100% Safe to get IG Tools Instagram views, followers & likes

Since {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app provides real IG tools views and followers, you don’t have to worry about being punished by Instagram for buying fake followers.
And in the process of obtaining free IG views/followers/likes, you do not need to enter your Ins password to log in, human verification or email verification.
Additionally, {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is on Google Play and App Store, so you won't download an installation package that may contain viruses or plug-ins.

3 Steps to Get More Real IG Tools Views, Followers & Likes:

Step 1: Download {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app from Google Play or App Store to your phone (both available on Android and iOS).

Step 2: Open it to create an account if you are a new user, add your Instagram username then you will accept rewarded coins by the system.
Step 3: Turn to followers page and tap ‘Get Followers Now’ to spend free coins to get Instagram followers instantly

Get More IG Tools Views and Followers

After that, your new followers will build your stories and videos views counts. To get more Instagram story views quickly, you also need to put your creative thought into the video.
When you run out of all coins, it’s easy to earn more coins by following others or like someone’s post at the coins page. That's also why you can get unlimited free IG views,  followers and likes.
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The End

With, you can only get very few IGTools views free, which is not enough and unsafe. To get more IGTools free views safely, {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app is the best alternative to IGTools views. Try {GetInsta-iOS}{GetInsta-Android}Insfollowers app and you will get unlimited free IG tools Instagram views, as well as free IG Tool likes and followers.

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