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Hack Instagram Reels Like with Top 5 Instagram Reels Auto Liker

Instagram Reels likes hack with the top 5 Instagram Reels auto liker 2023. Check this passage and hack free likes right now!

Dale > Updated 2022-12-30

Since it has been introduced to the public last August, Instagram Reels has been wildly welcomed by Instagram users. Instagrammers from all over the world have come up with creative and interesting ideas, hoping to get more views and likes for their Instagram Reels. A fast and easy way to do so is to use tools like Instagram Reels auto liker to get Instagram reels like hack easily. This article will show you 5 of the best Instagram Reels auto liker that all provide high-quality and fast services. Besides, the price they provide are quite affordable and there are even free packages for your option. Come read and choose your best partner!

Instagram Reels Auto Liker

What Is & Why Use Insatgram Reels Auto Liker

Instagram Reels need views and likes just as Instagram posts and stories do, and Instagram Reels Auto Liker is such a tool to help Instagrammers get Instagram Reels like hack easily for their Reels.

As everyone knows, it's not easy to bring traffic to your Instagram posts, and Instagram Reels are no different. Without the help of any tools, chances are your creative Instagram Reels will just stay at your feed quietly and waiting for you to delete it someday in the future, which would be a big blow to your passion for Instagram Reels as well posts.

But things could be changed radically through Instagram Reels auto liker. Ever since you start to use it, people will watch and like your Instagram Reels automatically, and many new followers will you get at the same time! Let’s cut to the chase.

An Overview of the Top 5 Instagram Reels Auto Liker

The following is a brief comparison of the 5 Instagram Reels auto liker, you can have a basic knowledge of the price, service and compatibility of them after checking this sheet.

Price/100 likes






Android, Windows, Mac & Google Chrome

GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers

Free or Paid

likes & followers

Android, iOS & Windows


Free or Paid

likes, followers & Story views



Free or Paid

likes & followers

Android & iOS

Real Fasn


like & followers


To sum up, in terms of price, GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is the most affordable one, it has various free and easy ways to get likes or followers, users can completely get free likes without like others back!

As for services they provide, Likebusters offers a Story view service that none of the other four offers. But in fact, people can hack Instagram Reels views successfully when the followers and likes increased, which most of the apps mentioned can achieve so.

As to the devices they support, two of them are Instagram Reels liker APK that can be used only on your Android devices, be sure to take this into consideration before making your choice. Let's stop here and see the detailed introduction of them right now! 

Instagram Reels Like Hack with the 5 Instagram Reels Auto Liker


Like4like works just like its name say - like for like. In this way, people can hack Instagram Reels likes through this community without a penny. However, one user can only get 25 likes a day unless you choose to watch an ad for 2 more likes. While if you want is an app to increase Instagram followers as well as likes, Like4Like would be not suitable for you since only likes can be hacked here.

Instagram Reels Auto Liker APK

Step 1. Login with your IG username and password.

Step 2. Tap “Earn likes” and choose posts to like.

Step 3. Switch to “Withdraw likes” and choose the post you need likes and enter a number below 25 a day.

Pros: √ Totally free.

         √ Support Mac, Windows, Android and Google Chrome.

Cons: × Ask for IG password.

          × No followers can be hacked here.

          × There’s no way to buy likes with money directly.

          × It takes a while for the system to find a post for users to like. 

          × No more than 25 likes can be hacked a day unless you choose to watch an ad for 2 more.

GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers

GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is a reliable Instagram Reels auto liker. Unlike Like4Like mentioned above, it can help people hack free Instagram likes and followers as well. Unlike some limited auto liker like the Insta followers pro works only on iOS, it is equipped with good compatibility that allows people to use it on their Android, iOS and Windows devices.

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  • Choose multiple Instagram Reels to get likes at the same time.

The biggest advantage of this Instagram Reels likes hack free tool is the multiple sources of free coins. It is surely the best app to get free real Instagram followers and likes among the five. You can easily hack unlimited free likes for Instagram Reels here with coins earned through multiple easy tasks like the daily reward, lucky box, lucky draw, etc.

Step 1. Download it to your phone and register with your email.

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Step 2. Login and add 1 to 5 IG usernames to receive unlimited coins.

Instagram Reels Auto Liker APK

Step 3. Hack Instagram Reels likes free with coins fast!

Instagram Reels Liker APK

Pros: √ Free & unlimited.

         √ All from real people.

         √ Support iOS, Android and Windows devices.

         √ Reasonable speed of delivery avoid been punished by Instagram

         √ No password is needed unless you choose to follow or like with this account.

Cons: × No Mac version.

           × Free likes would be given when you buy followers, while there are no free giveaways when you buy likes.


Likebusters is a helpful Instagram Reels auto liker APK that allows users to hack Instagram followers, likes and Story views here. This community uses “diamond” as their money and people can earn diamonds through like, follow and watch Stories, which guaranteed a 100% real user experience.

Instagram Reels Auto Liker APK

Step 1. Login with your IG username and password.

Step 2. Earn diamonds through like posts, follow users, watch Stories or buy with cash.

Step 3. Use these diamonds to buy likes for your Instagram Reels.

Pros: √ Free.

         √ All from real people.

Cons: × Android only.

          × Ask for IG password.

          × Comparatively expensive.


Likulator is a free tool to help add Instagram followers and likes. You can buy coins here with following or liking tasks and cashes both. It is helpful especially in adding IG likes but a little bit troublesome when adding followers since it requires a link instead of just click “ My Profile”. The price of it is affordable with $4 of 100 likes, but if people want to hack coins for free, things turned time-consuming to like 300 posts and there’s no other way to do so.

Auto Liker for Instagram Reels

Step 1. Login with your IG username and password as well.

Step 2. Like others for 1 coin each or buy coins with cash directly.

Step 3. Buy likes you need for your chosen feed.

Pros: √ Likes are all from real people.

         √ Users are allowed to choose the speed of delivery.

Cons: × No Mac version.

          × Ask for IG password.

          × Only one way to get free coins.

          × Hacking free Instagram likes is time-consuming here.

Real Fasn

Real Fasn is a paid Instagram Reels auto liker APK. It does have ways to earn free coins like daily check and rate 5 stars, but the number of coins can you hacked through them is poorly small. But if you are willing to spend the money, it could be a nice helper for your Instagram Reels. And the price of it is the most affordable except for GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers.

Instagram Reels Auto Liker APK

Step 1. Login with IG username only.

Step 2. Buy coins with cash.

Step 3. Buy likes with the coins you have.

Pros: √ Comparatively cheap.

Cons: × Android only.

          × Ask for IG password.

          × Only two ways to get free coins.

          × It's almost impossible to get free likes here.

That’s all the information about the 5 Instagram Reels auto liker. As the competition on Instagram becomes more and more intense, except for hacking Instagram Reels likes, buy engaged Instagram followers should also be taken into consideration. Only when the overall engagement rate of your account increased will your account be better developed. Thus GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is more recommended in overall consideration of service, budget, compatibility, etc. Just have a try!

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Is It Safe or Not to get Instagram Reels Like Hack

When hacking Instagram Reels likes, you should pay special attention to the safety problems. If Instagram noticed your behavior, your account could be in danger of being banned. So, is Instagram Reels auto liker a safe tool for likes? It depends on the soundness of the tool itself.

Password security

It is understandable that if you earn coins through follow or like others, you need to login to your IG account. But if you have other chooses to gain IG likes or followers, you’d better kept that that number secure.

Real users interaction

The first thing you should take into account is that whether the likes you buy from them are from real users. If you gain a huge number of likes suddenly from all bot accounts, you might be noticed by Instagram.

Speed of delivery

Another important factor is the speed with which likes are delivered. In spite of tools like Likulator that allow users to choose the speed of delivery. Instagram Reels Liker like GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers that emphasizes organically growth is reliable in this aspect too.

So, when you make your decision of choosing which one to help your Instagram Reels, be sure to take all these factors into consideration.

The Bottom Line

That’s all the information about the 5 Instagram Reels auto liker, hoping you find it’s useful. There are plenty of platforms nowadays that offer these kinds of Instagram auto followers and likes services, but users need to be especially careful when selecting them in order to avoid putting their accounts at unnecessary risk. From the information of the above five apps, you’ve known that each of them is special in its own way. But when you take the price, the compatibility, the security and the perfection of them into consideration, it is not hard to see that GetinselfGetInstaIns Followers is more helpful. Just have a try and boost your Instagram Reels easily!

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