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Safe Instagram Followers Jailbreak Tweaks/Apps

Want to know how to jailbreak Instagram on your phone? Check out this article for the complete guide on jailbreaking the Instagram app for Android and iOS.

Tom > Updated 2022-08-08

You might have heard the terms "jailbreak Instagram" or "Instagram jailbreak tweaks", and you might wonder what its advantages are. There are many advantages to why users want to jailbreak Instagram, such as gaining organic followers (real followers), downloading users' posts, adding extra filters to images, posting to multiple accounts simultaneously, and more.

Jailbreak Instagram

However, with the extra features provided by jailbreaking Instagram, there are privacy and security concerns. That's why in this article, we will introduce you to some safe Instagram jailbreak tools that you can use. We will also guide you on installing and using those Instagram jailbreak tweaks and apps.

Section 1: What Is Instagram Jailbreak?

After knowing the advantages of Instagram jailbreak, you might be wondering what is Instagram jailbreak. To jailbreak an app is to free it from its constraints, in this instance, it is the limits that Instagram has placed on its users.

As we mentioned, jailbreaking Instagram gives you some advantages like real followers and the ability to download photos or videos. Users commonly jailbreak Instagram because they want to access those features. There are a few methods that you can use to jailbreak Instagram, which we will be covering in the next section.

Section 2: How to Jailbreak Instagram

After getting to know what is Instagram jailbreak and its advantages, you should now be curious about how to jailbreak Instagram. There are a few methods that you can use to jailbreak Instagram, such as:

1. With a 3rd-party App

There are many 3rd party apps that you can use to jailbreak Instagram, but as already mentioned, you have to carefully choose the app because it may have security and privacy problems.

2. With Online Tools

There are also many online tools that offer Instagram jailbreak advantages, such as bypassing private accounts, getting followers, analyzing profiles, and more. These websites usually require you to log in or watch some ads to use their Instagram jailbreak features.

3. With Verified Badges

Instagram usually adds unreleased features for verified users (a blue badge with a check).

The most commonly used jailbreak method is with 3rd party apps, and that's why in the next part, we will show you the best app to jailbreak Instagram.

Section 3: Best Jailbreak Instagram Tweaks

As we mentioned before, there are a few methods to jailbreak Instagram, and the common one is using an app. In this part, we will show you some Instagram apps and tweaks that are safe to use.

1. Instagram Followers Jailbreak Tweak - Ins Followers (Android & iOS)

Ins Followers is free Instagram followers jailbreak app for both Android and iOS, you can get Instagram followers for free with coins. Its Android version is called GetInsta, and the iOS version is called INSTABOX.

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The main features this app offers are:

  • Get an infinite number of true, free Instagram followers and likes

With Ins Followers, you can get unlimited free Instagram followers and likes by using free coins.

  • Totally safe and clean. No malware, no risk, no virus

The platform and its Instagram jailbreak app are completely secure and risk-free. Trusted by more than 5 million Instagram users.

  • Real and active service

This platform gathers all real and authentic users to follow each other, no bot involved.

  • Instant & auto service

Once you have exchanged the coins with followers or likes, you will get followers or likes on your account within 24 hours or almost instantly.

Below are steps on how to download and use the Ins Followers.

How to Jailbreak Instagram on Android with Ins Followers

Step 1: Download and install GetInsta from the Play Store.

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Jailbreak Instagram with GetInsita Android App

Step 2: Create an account on the GetInsta app and log in with it. You will get some coins immediately after you log in. Then, add one or more of your Instagram accounts.

Create an Account on GetInsita Jailbreak Instagram App

Step 3: Do some of the tasks, and you will receive coins that can be used to purchase followers and likes.

Earn Coins on GetInsita Jailbreak Instagram App

Step 4: After you have sufficient coins, you can trade them to get more likes or followers.

Get Likes & Followers on GetInsita Jailbreak Instagram App

How to Jailbreak Instagram on Android with Ins Followers

Step 1: Download and install INSTABOX from the App Store. INSTABOX is one of the Instagram followers hack iOS jailbreak tools.

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Jailbreak Instagram with InstaBox iOS App

Step 2: Sign up and then log in with the created account.

Create an Account on InstaBox Jailbreak Instagram App

Step 3: After that, you can collect coins by doing some tasks.

Earn Coins on InstaBox Jailbreak Instagram App

Step 4: Finally, exchange the coins for followers or likes.

Get Likes & Followers on InstaBox Jailbreak Instagram App

2. Jailbreak Instagram Analysis - InsReports+ (iOS)

InsReports+ is an iOS app that specialized in profile analysis and is the best Instagram jailbreaking insight tweak. Below are the InsReports+ features.

Here are some things that the InsReports+ analytics dashboard can do that Instagram can’t:

  • Show you data from the distant past

  • Compare metrics over specific time periods to get a historical perspective

  • Show you the best posting time based on post engagement, reach, and click-through data

  • Generate detailed custom reports

  • Look at specific post performance using your preferred metrics

  • Monitor your account’s response time in customer service conversations

  • Rank Instagram comments by sentiment (positive or negative)

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3. Jailbreak Instagram Features - Instagram Rocket IPA (IPA)

Instagram Rocket IPA is a modification for the iOS Instagram app that adds several additional capabilities to Instagram.

Main features of Instagram Rocket IPA

  • Download videos, photos, and stories to your phone.

  • View Instagram photos or videos in high resolution.

  • View profile pictures of any account in high quality in full screen.

  • Hide Ads.

  • Mute/Unmute followers from the feed.

  • View the date and time of a post.

  • Mark stories as seen.

  • View stories without marking them as seen.

  • Read messages without marking as seen.

  • Download stories of the users.

  • Browse home feed in the grid layout.

  • Show the following status in Profile.

  • Download posts from your feed.

  • Repost any post from your feed.

  • Long press on posts to zoom.

  • Copy post captions from your feed.

  • Download all Stories on Instagram.

  • Save videos from IGTV.

  • View Stories without notifying others.

  • Mute and unmute Stories.

  • Disable Auto-Advance in Stories.

  • Hide Stories from your feed.

  • Play in high quality on Mobile Data.

  • Long press on the profile photo to zoom.

  • Disable read receipts in DM.

  • Disable Screenshot notifications in DM.

  • Disable Read Receipts in DM

How to install Instagram Rocket IPA

Step 1: Install AltStore on your iOS device.

Step 2: Delete your old Instagram app.

Step 3: After that, download Instagram Rocket IPA.

Step 4: Open the Instagram Rocket IPA from the "Downloads" app.

Download and Open the Instagram Rocket IPA to Jailbreak Instagram

Step 5: Click the share icon and choose AltStore.

Install the Instagram Rocket IPA to Jailbreak Instagram

Step 6: Wait until the AltStore finishes installing the Instagram Rocket IPA.

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4. Jailbreak Instagram Download - Rhino (IPA)

Rhino is a powerful extension for the official Instagram app that enables users to download photos, videos, and even live videos from the News Feed.

Main features of Rhino

  • View messages without marking yourself seen.

  • Anonymously view stories.

  • View Profile picture view in full.

  • Download images or videos from profile or search feed.

  • Live videos download.

  • Stories can be downloaded.

  • Disappearing messages can be seen unlimited times.

To install rhino instagram ipa on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Follow these steps below.

Step 1. Download the Rhino IPA file from Google.

Step 2. Go to our Altstore page and follow the instructions there to install the IPA file on your phone.

Those are some safe Instagram jailbreak tweaks or apps that you can install. Still, before installing one of them, you may have some questions regarding jailbreak Instagram, continue reading for the FAQ about jailbreak Instagram.

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Section 4: FAQ About Jailbreak Instagram

Before you follow one of the guides from the previous section and install the Instagram jailbreak tweak or app. Here are some FAQs regarding Instagram jailbreak for you to know.

1. Where to get jailbreak Instagram tweaks?

You can get Instagram tweaks from TweakBox, Appizmo, and some unofficial stores for Android and iOS.

2. Is jailbreak Instagram safe?

The tweaks we mentioned above are safe to use. However, you should be aware that using these tweaks always runs the risk of getting your account banned.

3. How to get unblocked on Instagram?

You can try contacting the individual who blocked you first.

Ask a friend you have in common to get in touch with the blocker on your behalf.

Another option is to try sending a direct message to the person who blocked you.

If all fails, you can try complaining to Instagram.


Instagram jailbreak is a method to free the Instagram app from its constraints. There are benefits of jailbreaking the Instagram app, such as gaining real followers, downloading users' posts, and more. The most common method to jailbreak Instagram is through a 3rd party app. There are many 3rd party apps that you can use, such as Ins Followers, Rhino, Instagram Rocket, and more.

We recommend you to use Ins Followers because you can use it on your Android (GetInsita) and iOS (InstaBox) devices. You only have to follow a few steps, and you should be able to get free coins that you can trade for followers and likes. Head to your device's app store and download Ins Followers to start tweaking your Instagram.

Ins Followers: Get Free Instagram Followers
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  • Increase Instagram likes from Instagram users who like your content
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