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How to See Someone's Followers on Instagram Without an Account [2023]

How to view Instagram followers without account? Get the best tips to see someone's followers on IG without login. Working for both public & private accounts.

Jane > Updated 2023-05-04

It's a wired question - "How to view Instagram followers", right? Exactly, everyone can see someone's followers on Instagram after signing in, including followers count, usernames and posts if you enter someone's profile page. But the real troubles of questioners is how to view Instagram followers without account and whether it is possbile to see followers of someone, who make the account private, without login.

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Here, we collect the best solutions to view Instagram followers without an account, that are working for both public and private accounts. 

How to View Instagram Followers of Public Accounts Without Login?

You might have come across several online tools to see Instagram followers without an account. But what's a good way to calculate your Instagram follower stats? It is indeed nearly impossible to view someone's followers on Instagram without login. You can use several third-party web apps or tools to search and view public Instagram profiles without an account. is one of those useful tools and apps. It provides unlimited and free access to view Instagram followers without an account. Its users would not need any password. It's risk-free as it is 100% real. This site also provides you the facility to view the number of followers in only 2 steps.

How to Use GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers to View Instagram Followers

Step 1: Get the online tool of Instagram followers checking:

Step 2: Input the Instagram username you want to view followers. Click Get It Now to see the result.

View Instagram Followers Without Logging In Online

Why to Choose GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers?

This free online Instagram followers checker boasts several significant features. 

Easy and quick. It offers the easiest and most straightforward method to view Instagram followers without an account login. What you should provide is only the username. In just seconds, you can get followers to count without hassle. 

100% clean and safe. Unlike some other free online tools which are filled with ads, it is clean with no annoying pieces of stuff at all. And, it is tested as a 100% safe site so that you will never involve in the risk of being hacked or catching viruses when using it. No password and survey required also helps protect your privacy. 

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Bonus Time: Getinsfollowers also develops the app - GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers - allowing you to view Instagram followers on iOS/Android devices as well as helping you get free Instagram follower no trial as easy as a pie. 

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How does GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers work?

Improved Algorithm. It offers an algorithm with advanced features compared to conventional followers increasing algorithms. The accounts are also real. Here the users have to earn coins by performing some simple tasks of liking the posts of other real users. By using these coins, you get free Instagram followers.

High-quality Followers. It also provides its users high-quality Instagram followers from real and active accounts. You will be sure that the number of increased followers won't decrease as they are all genuine followers.

Privacy. Compared to other free Instagram followers apps, which does not guarantee your privacy and security of your data, GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers has a very strict privacy policy. It never forces you to share any kind of unnecessary personal information with its system.

How to use GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers?

It is easy to view Instagram followers with this app. First of all, you should download it on your device.

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Then, register and login an account of this app > add the Instagram account (5 accounts at most) > check Instagram followers count. 

Further, for getting followers on Instagram, you should earn wins for an exchange. Finish the tasks to follower someone for 100 coins and like others' posts for 20 coins. After earning enough coins, click on Get Followers and select the number of followers they want. Wait a few minutes and then check the number of followers. It is unlimited free.

Use Ins followers app to View Instagram Followers

More Apps Like GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers to Get and View Instagram Followers

In addition to GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers, there are also some other good apps for you to view Instagram followers without an account and get real Instagram followers and likes. To help you get the best suitable option, here is a list of four good GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers alternatives for your reference.

#1 GetInsita

GetInsita is a popular Instagram followers viewer & increaser on the market, to help users keep track of their Instagram follower count while growing the number. Because of its versatility on multiple operating systems, GetInsita becomes a practical apps covering the largest number of users. When being named GetInsita on Android, this tool is titled Getinsup on the Apple App Store. Emphasizing the highest security and simplicity, GetInsita will deliver you the best user experience.

#2 Followers Gallery

The brand-new Followers Gallery is here, as a preferred choice among its counterparts. With the core function of giving free Instagram followers and likes, Followers Gallery is essentially an Instagram growth app. But once you type an Instagram username into this tool, it will directly display the Instagram follower number without extra sign-in. Try Followers Gallery for iOS or its Android version (GetInstta) to check the Instagram followers count of any account easily.

#3 Getinself

As an iOS-only IG service platform, Getinself allows users to get free Instagram followers & likes with coins. Daily Instagram followers and auto Instagram likes are also available within the app as well. Besides, Getinself is able to refill your gap if unfollowing occurs. Now, just have a try and you will be surprised by the increasing number of Instagram followers & likes.

#4 InsBottle

InsBottle is well-known as an excellent iOS app to get auto and instant Instagram followers. And its development team has rolled out the same service on Android, which is called GetInssta. Like the two GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers alternatives above, InsBottle works as an Instagram followers viewer and booster at the same. You can use it as a good backup to view Instagram followers of public accounts without an account.

#4 InsReports+

InsReorts+ is another perfect app to get Instagram followers and likes. It is a well-known Instagram analytics app that helps attract Instagram followers through analyze the performance of your Instagram account and providing you a comprehensive IG report.

How to View Instagram Followers of Private Accounts Without Login?

The option to have a private account came into play well before 2023 by the Instagram team to protect their users from viewing Instagram followers' private profiles. You can not see the photos or videos of people having a private account. So, you have to request to follow the particular user. Here at this point, they get to decide if they will accept or reject them. If the other user accepts the request, they become followers and can see all their posts.

The users of Instagram understand the restrictions to protect the privacy of Instagram users. However, if anyone wishes to view Instagram follower's accounts privately, there are ways to do so.

Do you know that "View Instagram profile anonymously" and "How to view private Instagram profiles" are the hot search terms in search engines?

That's something pretty creepy. Instagram applies some security measures; still, there are a few online tools to view Instagram follower's profiles. You can view the posts, photos, and videos of private Instagram profiles with just a click of the mouse. Here are some of them:


Iconsquare provides its users two amazing options of free and paid tools. These are very helpful in tracking and viewing Instagram followers. It also helps its users to improve account activity, audience engagement, account settings, and content strategy.


Instagram Insights

This tool is very helpful for users having a business Instagram account. The users can enjoy free access to Instagram Insights. Being Instagram's native analytics tool, it’s good to show data on follower demographics and actions. It works well in accessing data for your account as a whole, each post, and your stories. It also provides information on the followers like gender, age group, and location.

Instagram Insights


It is an amazing tool offering free in-depth analytics. These analytics provide you access to metrics on your recent posts and growth. You can have a monthly analysis and a history of your posts. This information is delivered on an hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly basis. You can also get more insights into your communities' preferences and interests. Squarelovin is also helpful to suggest your best and worst times to post.



It is seemingly pretty difficult to view Instagram followers without account; still, there is a solution for this. Using a good third-party web app, you can easily search and see someone's followers on Instagram without an account. There are a few mind-blowing services to do so, which are free. is such an amazing platform to do so.

GetInsFollowers is an Instagram followers platform available for online users as well as iOS/Android users. This is a safe way to view Instagram followers without an account. Also, the app, GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers  provides users with the success on Instagram they need by helping hack Instagram followers 10k or more. Working with professional team of experts, it shows off the best service to get high-quality followers instantly. If you are trying to quickly build influence on Instagram, GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers can be a good choice.

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