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[Quick Answers] Why Do My Instagram Followers Fluctuate 2022?

Why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down? Find reasons and solutions to gain organic and stable Ins followers every day.

Tom > Updated 2022-08-10

The fluctuation of followers is very normal for every user of Instagram because every day people follow or unfollow your account for some reason. This situation is more obvious for personal or business accounts that possess a great number of followers.

Most of time there is nothing to worry about unless your account suddenly has a severe abnormal fluctuation of followers. For example, your account quickly lost a huge amount of followers, or the total number of followers keeps declining significantly. At this point, you may ask: "Why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down?"

Why Do My Instagram Followers Keep Going Up and Down

This article will explain the reasons behind Instagram followers going up and down. After comprehending the reasons, you can solve the undulation of your followers easily. In addition, this article also provides a solution that can help you increase organic followers on Instagram on a stable basis.

Let's dive right to the point!

Why Do My Instagram Followers Going Up and Down?

Instagram followers going up and down is common. It is often the legit result of changes in your audience's interests or platform algorithms. The followers from third-party bots or fake accounts can also contribute to the inflow and outflow of your followers.

Read below to know more details and correct your mistakes (if you have any).

1. You are not active on Instagram.

The most important principles of success on social media include posting regularly and consistently and being interactive. As a result, you get more exposure to your audience and boost the performance of your posts. If the status of your account is inactive a lot, you probably see your followers are leaving you without question.

2. Your account is followed by third-party bots or fake accounts.

Many agencies use automated bots or create fake accounts to build followers for their clients. If your profile is experiencing an unusual influx of followers and that's maybe because you have become the target of bots and these zombie accounts. They will hurt your engagement performance and your followers will decline down the road.

Fake Instagram Account

3. Instagram is experiencing algorithm changes.

Like any other social media service, Instagram constantly adjusts its algorithms to enhance user satisfaction. This may include occasional changes to your posts being seen on Instagram. That can result in a sudden growth or drop of your followers. In addition, Instagram is cracking down on Interaction Automation Services (Bots) consistently.

4. People are doing the follow-unfollow method.

Follow-unfollow is a very common method among Instagram users to get more fans. An individual follows you hoping you will follow him or her back. Then unfollow you even though you have followed back. The unfollow can happen in seconds, days, or sometimes weeks later. The follow/unfollow game will result in fluctuations in your follower count.

Besides the mentioned reasons, other factors could influence the growth of your followers on Instagram too. How to stop Instagram followers from going up and down and have a steady increase in follower count? Keep reading to find solutions.

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How to Stop Instagram Followers Going Up and Down?

The basic rule of solving "why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down" is to reflect on the mistakes mentioned above and try the following ways to have a stable growth rate.

1. Be more active

You should both post and respond regularly and actively, which helps you retain your current followers. By posting different types of posts and catching up with the latest trends and hashtags frequently, you are boosting the chance that one day one of your posts will go viral and gain a lot of followers to your Instagram account.

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2. Remove fake accounts and bots

A big quantity of dead accounts and fake accounts will hurt your account and might get your account punished by Instagram. You can get rid of them by checking your follower list and blocking those suspicious accounts. A small number of fake followers won't hurt and you don't have to worry about it though.

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3. Post valuable content

First, you should stick to the theme of your account and make most or all of your content relative because that's the reason why your fans follow your profile. If you are off the topic too often, of course, your followers will leave you. Moreover, post content that will add value to your viewers like sharable tips, tricks, and information not only entertaining nonsense.

4. Interact with your audience

Treat your fans on Instagram like your real-life friends. Be engaged with your audience and sincerely respond to their comments. This not only helps you build a relationship with your audience to gain many loyal followers but also improves the performance of your future post.

How to Increase Organic Followers on Instagram?

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There is nothing to worry about the inflow and outflow of the followers count on Instagram unless you have a steep rise or fall. Many elements can influence Instagram followers going up and down such as inactive status, platform algorithm changes, an influx of fake accounts, and the result of the follow/unfollow game.

The principle of solving "why do my Instagram followers keep going up and down" is to stay away from mistakes and be quality-oriented. You have to admit that success on Instagram needs a bit of luck, but GETINSELFGetInstaIns Followers maximizes your chance of becoming popular on Instagram by providing organic, safe, and zero-cost followers to your account. Try this excellent tool today and get unlimited followers every day.

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