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How to Stop Instagram Followers Dropping - 5 Fixes 2023

Instagram followers dropping is easy to fix using 5 ways featuring Ins Followers.You can increase IG followers free and fast to compensate the follower loss.

Kevin > Updated 2023-03-09

For an Instagram user, nothing could be worse than to lose their followers suddenly. If you have not met or thought of such a situation, it is time for take it into account, because Instagram followers dropping really weakens your Instagram ranking, brand, business and more. If you have already suffered from that hardship, it is also time to know why your Instagram followers drop, and how to prevent it from happening next time. 

How to Prevent Instagram Followers Dropping

Now, everything you need to know about stopping Instagram follower loss suddenly is illustrated in this article. There are 5 effective methods for your reference. You can choose any of them to prevent your Instagram followers dropping and realize a consistent increase of your IG audience.

Keep Your Instagram Content Updated

If you are still wondering “why did my Instagram followers suddenly drop”, check your Instagram content first and see whether it has been updated. Honestly speaking, there are too many posts on Instagram that have not be refreshed since they were released. Remember not to be a member of that group, otherwise, it will make a bad influence on your Instagram account, because nobody is willing to see a post whose title still features 2021 while it is already 2022. The same goes for Instagram algorithm.

Thus, in order to prevent Instagram followers dropping, make a clear update plan for your Instagram posts. If any changes or new strategies appear, update and include them in your IG content immediately. Only then can Instagram algorithm recognize your content and recommend it to people all around the world.

Produce Your Instagram Content to Users’ Interest

Have you ever found that you may have posted many Instagram stories, but they don’t work as you expect? If you don’t want your Instagram followers drop, it is time to stop and check whether your content is created based on users’ interest. Before each post writing, have you made a comprehensive analysis of the targeted users you aim to attract and know what they are fond of? If you have done nothing instead of mechanical output, I am sorry to tell you that you are at risk,

What is the second Instagram followers drop protection? From now on, think clearly before releasing each IG story and make a better understanding of your readers, such as what they like and what difficulties they have met. Only when you start from users’ angle and help them solve their problems, you can get their support and following.

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Engage with Your IG Followers Actively

Many people ask “Why did my Instagram followers suddenly drop”? Have you ever interacted with your Instagram followers, answered their questions, or made a conversation with them? If not, it indicates that lack of engagement is the main cause for your Instagram followers drop. Nobody would like to follow an account without any engagement. A high-quality IG account is the platform where followers communicate.

To stop your Instagram followers dropping, do everything you can to raise the engagement rate of your Instagram account. For example, you can make IG information such as saves, shares, likes, comments, followers visible to your audience, and release an open-ended question by inviting IG audience to share their opinions, from which you can also find more topics and create your IG content.

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Optimize Your IG Hashtags

The fourth solution for Instagram followers dropping is hashtag optimization. As the main access to your Instagram content, a hashtag plays an important role to navigate your IG followers on your website. If you don’t add any hashtag to your IG stories, or the hashtags are not so clear that your IG audience may be confused, you’d better make some adjustment to your Instagram content, otherwise, Instagram followers dropping is unstoppable.

It is necessary to give striking and clear hashtag to your Instagram content, so that people can search what they want quickly and exactly. When you optimize your IG hashtags to increase Rees views, remember to take people’s search habits into account, then you will be able to attract your IG followers easily. By the way, don’t adopt repetitive hashtags for all your content, and try to make each hashtag matched with your Instagram pictures, videos, stories, etc.

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