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2021 Top 3 Instagram Likes Viewers - View Likes on Instagram with Ease

Instagram has hidden the ability to view likes on other's accounts. This article features 3 top Instagram likes viewers that aid in viewing likes with ease.

Jane > Updated 2022-01-20

Instagram settles itself within one of the most consumed social media platforms of all time. With millions of daily users across the planet, Instagram features a contemporary system of user privacy. Not only does it help provide privacy of users, but it also lets them hide likes in 2021. However, you always feel the curiosity to see the likes count of such users.

Instagram Likes Viewer

To counter such situations, different techniques were introduced to view someone’s likes on Instagram. Instagram likes viewer is the best method that guides users in viewing likes across different Instagram accounts with ease. This article shall cover 3 top-notch Instagram likes viewers with excellent features available to view Instagram like counts.

Why Do You Need to View Instagram Likes

You might question whether it is really necessary to view someone’s likes on Instagram. Well, if you are here for a cause, then you surely need to have a good analysis of likes of Instagram profiles that are in your competition. In other cases, you may just need to view Instagram likes to assess the condition of a profile.

There are many reasons associated with the need to view Instagram likes. A few are mentioned as follows:

  • You may need to keep an eye out on your loved ones and observe if they are involved in some suspicious activities.

  • It may be necessary to view likes on Instagram for analyzing the performance of your competitor’s profile.

  • To get to know more about how well your competitor is performing on Instagram, you may need to verify their engagement rates with Instagram likes viewer.

  • You can get to authenticate the accuracy of what different social media influencers boast about Instagram profile.

3 Top Instagram Likes Viewers in 2021

After you get to know the reasons that would provoke you into viewing Instagram likes, you should proceed towards the medium that makes it possible for you. There are numerous free Instagram likes viewers that can help you fix the issue. Here, three of the best options that can cater to the maximum requirements of the users, are recommended.


Social media networks are quite common among users who seek for managing their accounts effectively. If you wish to increase Instagram likes free or intend to view likes someone receives on Instagram, Hootsuite can offer a feature-rich environment. The platform is known for providing scheduled posting, analytical track records, and accessibility and integration to other applications. However, it has been reported that Hootsuite charges expensive packages to its users.

Top Instagram Likes Viewers - Hootsuite


This platform is yet another exquisite remedy to observing Instagram likes Viewer. Along with providing multiple services, this brand has made its mark across the top brands and businesses of today. SocialBakers offers special monitoring of the overall performance that has been recorded by the individual. It also targets more customers with the aid of AI.

SocialBakers is a very powerful option in effective social media management. It is, however, quite expensive as compared to the other platforms available in the market.

Top Instagram Likes Viewers - SocialBakers


AiSchedul has been designed for Instagram users, who intend to perform multiple features across multi-network platforms. This tool allows users to manage all the accounts across a single page. It offers a very extensive list of features, including post and story scheduling, project design for landing page, and the ability to cover multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. This tool can be the perfect haven for Instagram likes viewers. It is not only highly advanced, but it also offers some of the best Instagram services in the market, such as viewing likes across different Instagram accounts.

Top Instagram Likes Viewers - AiSchedul

How to Get More Instagram Likes

Everyone desires a better reach, which is covered with more likes on posts and a very large number of Instagram followers looking into your daily updates. Achieving this through the normal way is quite difficult and time-taking. There is always a quick solution available for such tasks.

INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers is that kind of solution to deliver 500, 1K or more likes for a certain post on Instagram for free. All likes are from active Instagrammers so that your engagement on Instagram can be greatly improved. In addition, it guarantees instant delivery that you can get likes for your Instagram posts within several hours or even minutes. Moreover, this app is also responsible for providing targeted followers who are both enthusiastic and engaging driving you to enjoy better interaction.

INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers is pretty easy to use. Just in a few taps, you can get the required likes.

Step 1: Download and install INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers on your iOS and Android devices.

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Step 2: Login to your account of this app. Then, add your Instagram account that requires more likes. Please note that you are only allowed to add 5 accounts at most.

Step 3: Now, you need to finish some tasks to get coins that are used to exchange likes, for example, to follow someone for 100 coins or like someone’s post for 20 coins.

Step 4: Then, move to Get Likes panel. Choose a post and determine how many likes you want to get. After that, tap on GET LIKES NOW button to gain likes with coins.

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The End

Although Instagram rolls out the feature to hide likes to decrease fake engagement, Instagram likes viewer points out another easy way to check like counts. The best 3 Instagarm likes viewers listed here feature powerful ability helping you check most liked posts or other situations of competitors, loved ones, or celebrities.

On the other hand, it is a necessity to get more likes to boost engagement. INSTABOXGetInstaIns Followers is an expert enpowering you to get real likes and followers for your Instagram account instantly. It also offers the safest method to protect your privacy without requiring a survey or your Instagram password.

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