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How to See Your Instagram Profile Views or Find Who Views Your Instagram

Are you curious about who views your Instagram profile? Here are proven tricks to check Instagram profile views and the certain person who visits your profile.

Vita > Updated 2023-05-11

You have a hunch that someone keeps visiting your Instagram Instagram but there is no trace to prove that, so you try to check who has viewed your Instagram profile recently; out of curiosity, you want to know how many people have tapped into and browse your profiles in secret. There is always a reason why people want to know their Instagram profile views.

Can you see who views your Instagram profile? Regularly, the answer is no. Instagram doesn’t give an option for users to check these silent viewers at all. The good part is, fortunately, easy and feasible tricks are available to find out the number of views on your Instagram profile and even the Instagram usernames of these viewers. Let’s scroll down for details.

Instagram Profile Views

How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile on Instagram

Whilst a third-party app for Instagram profile views is more likely to be the first hack coming to mind for most people, some seemingly irrelevant options on Instagram may be the better way to go, to see who views your Instagram profile. Here we are talking about are Instagram Stories/Highlights and the Insights feature. With the two Instagram features respectively, you can see who views your profiles specifically or the number of views on your profile.

See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile Using Instagram Stories/Highlights

Instagram allows users to see who viewed their Instagram stories and highlights. You can make use of this feature to find out a part of people who visited your profile. After all, when one wants to acquire knowledge of others on Instagram without being known, the best way is to browse people’s posts, especially the likes of stories and highlights that display the latest moments.

To check the viewers on your story, just open the video and swipe up. You will see the number of views and the Instagram username of people who have viewed this video; to check views on your highlights, open a highlight video and tap the Seen by button in the bottom-left section.

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

Remarkably, Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, along with the views option. Highlights can live on your profile permanently, but the Seen by feature is only limited to a 48-hour duration. Please check it before the expiration.

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See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile Using Insights

Instagram Insights is a feature for Instagram business accounts and it helps users get access to overview stats on the profiles. This feature doesn’t display who viewed your page, but lets you know how many views you have got. The Instagram profile views count will be significant if you want to create a successful business on this brand-driven platform.

If you want to check the Instagram profiles views on your personal account, it is necessary to switch it to a business account. Here is the how-to:

Step 1. Open the Instagram app, go to Settings > Account.

Step 2. Scroll down and select Switch to Professional Account.

Switch to Professional Account and Views IG Profiles

Step 3. Tap Continue, select categories that can describe your account, then tap Done.

Step 4. Select Business. Follow the instructions to connect a Facebook page and add your info, or skip these steps if you only want to access the Insight feature. Now you have successfully created a business account.

Select Bussiness for Instagram Profile Views

Step 5. An Insight option will be displayed above the newsfeed. Tap it to see how many people reached your profile.

Check Instagram Profile Views with Insights

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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile Using Third-Party Apps

If you except an accurate app to see who views your Instagram profile, you will be disappointed. Instagram doesn’t make the views data open to any third-party agency, so as to maintain user privacy and more importantly, retain users. A good number of people simply use the Instagram app to observe others' lives and don’t want to be noticed. If the Instagram profile view feature is available, many people may uninstall this app.

Third-party apps that claim to let you see who views your Instagram profiles are mostly braggarts. Although a few Instagram profile views apps may work to some extent, they just display results by analyzing public engagement static on your pages. For example, when one likes your images, follows your profiles, or leaves comments on your posts, such tools would regard the person as a profile viewer and display the username.

Third-party Apps to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

If you insist on using apps to see who views your Instagram profile, you may take the latter option. Despite being inaccurate, they may give you a hint. The following are some popular choices.

Who Viewed - my Insta Profile

Who Viewed - my Insta Profile

This is a quick Instagram follower analysis application for users to know who followed and unfollowed recently. An easy batch follow & unfollow tool is available for users to manage followers. Meanwhile, this app says it helps users to find the person who looked at your profile.

Supported platform: iOS

Visitors Pro

See Instagram Profile Views with Vistors Pro

iOS users can also take advantage of Visitors Pro to find out who is most active on your profile. The best part of Visitors Pro is, it will rank the top 5 engaged Instagram followers, the top 100 visitors, and find out who liked and commented on your posts most actively. With these figures in hand, you will be more easily locate target audiences.

Supported platform: iOS

FollowMeter for Instagram

Find out Who Your Secret Viewers Are

FollowersMeter for Instagram is a specialized Android Instagram insight app, which enables you to have a deep understanding of account analytics, including followers, likes, views, and engagement on your pages. One of its features is uncovering your secret admirers. Instead of displaying Instagram private viewers, however, this features shows who views or likes your posts the most. You need to upgrade to the Plus Subscription to access all features.

Supported platform: Android

InMyStalker - Who Viewed My Profile for Instagram

InMyStalker - Who Viewed My Profile for Instagram

Being greeted by 1 million downloads so far, InMyStalker gets massive popularity on Google Play. InMyStalker is an Instagram follower analysis program that claims to find out who views your profile. A good number of good remarks from actual users regarding this feature help increase the reliability. Although there is no way to check the full list of Instagram profile viewers within third-party applications in principle, InMyStalker makes a deeper analysis of users’ Instagram profiles to depict a more complete illustration. You may try your luck with this app.

Supported platform: iOS

Extra Method: How to Increase Instagram Profile Views?

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Sum up

Currently, there is no direct way to display the complete list of your secret audiences, even if you use an app for Instagram profile views. However, you can use Instagram Stories and Highlights to check out some visitors or make use of the Insights feature to see the total views. Some third-party tools are also available to display the usernames of people who visit your page and engage with your content.

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